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Novel By: angellynn

Submission to guitarplayer's Mythical creature's Challenge! View table of contents...


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A baby is abandoned on the doorsteps, where two trolls discover she is a changeling. Eli and Emily Troll, a couple who dwell inside the tree, find her there and take her in. After discovering what she was. They were forced to keep her. They gave her the name Willow. Willow was different from all the other creaturers of the forest. What will happen when Willow discovers her disability will be her greatest ability. Will the forest creatures finally accept her for what she is?

Chapter One

It was a dark and windy night. The only source of light was a cluster of lightening bugs flickering above the tree branches. Leaves twirled in a funnel across the forest floor, as the wind ever so gently swept them up only to toss them here and there.

A tiny set of footsteps scurried through them, as they stopped at a single stepping stone at the thresh-hold of a large oak tree.

A frantic fairy placed a wicker basket gently upon the step and rapped upon the door, as she quickly disappeared into the darkness of the forest.

Inside the basket a low whimper barely heard, demanded nourishment. After not getting her needs met. The whimpers became sharp and frustrated cries. The baby's demands echoed through the forest scarring the lightening bugs, as they flew away leaving only the glow of the moon to light the night.

The baby was cold and very hungry. She needed her mother. But her mother abandoned her there, in hopes the occupants would care for her.

Slowly, the door opened by a mere crack. A large and bumpy nose stuck half way out and began to sniff in search of a scent. Sensing there was no danger, the door flew open and a short elderly troll appeared.

He looked down at the basket and then out along the forrest, up and down and back down at the basket. The baby continued to cry for food. His ears wiggled at the displeasing noise coming from the basket.

" What is it, Eli? " A soft sweet voice asked from behind him.

" I dont know! " Eli told his wife, as she brushed past him to see.

" Why its a baby! " She laughed happily.

" Oh no! " Eli retorted. " We're not keeping this baby! "

" You dont have to be so defensive, husband." Emily frowned. " Besides, theres nothing we can do with her tonight."

Eli grumbled and slammed the door shut. Emily placed the basket beside the fire to warm the baby as she prepared the baby some milk.

Eli peered inside the basket at the baby. She was beautiful. Her hair was as white as the snow in the winter, and her eyes were as blue as the sky in the summer. But there was something else about the baby. Something Eli noticed as Emily picked her up to feed her.

" What in the name of Mother Nature is that? " He gasped as he jumped back nearly falling over.

Emily held the baby up and saw a one inch tail pertruding from the lower end of her backbone. ' Why she is a changeling! " She gasped.

" A changeling? " Eli replied still in shock.

" Do you know what this means, Eli? "

Emily held the baby close, and began to tell Eli everything she knew about changelings. A changeling is a baby born with diabilities. It is an offspring of a fairy. A changeling is replaced with a baby with no disabilities and abandoned.

" That sounds pretty harsh." Eli frowned. ' So this child was left here by a fairy? "

" Seems so." Emily sighed.

Eli and Emily covered the now satisfied and sleeping baby and quietly slipped upstairs to bed. They barely spoke as they finally drifted off to sleep. Emily knew what Eli was thinking and Eli knew Emily's mind. He knew she wanted to keep the child not having any of her own, and Emily knew she would have to persuade Eli to let her keep her.


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