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The Day He Died (Orginally called Not Another Ordinary Girl)

Novel By: Aniee

Laurel isn't like other girls her age, she goes to a new school in a completely different country from which she once came, she can't speak the language, and most of all she misses her home. But will certain events in her new life break her, or will she overcome them? View table of contents...


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It was the first day back at school, actually no. This was a different school. When I was eight I remember how my mom always promised that we would move to France, I never really believed her, until now.

I woke up each morning to the soft fragrance of the roses outside my window, and the subtle smell of Pancakes that my father always made before heading out to work. I pushed the covers swiftly off my bed in a single kick and jumped up and pulled on some clothes before heading downstairs to get ready.

My daily routine was to take a shower, have breakfast and brush my teeth, then well. Put on my school uniform. But, today was different. I hadn't been to this school ever; I had some real preparing to do. I had to do my makeup, and my hair! And oh gosh, I had to practice some French otherwise I'd be clueless.

I looked down at my timetable and saw I had 4 classes throughout the day. For the first class I had Algebra, and then after that we had lunch. After lunch I'd have English and then Physics, and lastly at the end of the day I would do H.P.E.

When it was time to catch the bus I quickly brushed on some blush and applied some cherry flavoured lip gloss to my lips. I drooled at the taste.

The bus trip was fairly long, and I have to admit, quite boring. On the good side, I met a few people on it, a guy named Justin who seemed fairly nice, and a girl who looked about my age. By the time I got to school the bell had already rung. I cursed the bus for being late as I rushed into Algebra.

The class was quiet as I walked in. Awkwardly quiet to be honest. Thankfully the teacher broke into a chuckle and welcomed me to her class. She later introduced me to everyone and gave me a seat next to some girl who I later found out that her name was Cassie. I gave her a warm smile as I slouched down onto my seat. "Great." I thought "School once again" I excused my thoughts with a sigh as I pulled out my Algebra book and started taking notes down.

Just as I did this, a note flied past saying "Hi, what was your name again :)?" I looked around for who had thrown this at me, but no one gave anything away. I replied and wrote "Laurel" on the paper, and after class left it on my desk.

I stayed behind awhile, just to see who would pick it up. But no one did, "weird" I thought to myself as I ran to my next class and barely got there in time. Today was going to be a long day.


"Mum!" I yelled, annoyed and irritated. "Did you take my mascara, I can't find it anywhere?" She rushed into my room with a guilty smile on her face. "Where are you going?" I laughed and snatched the makeup from her.

"I have to go into town, but I'll be back tomorrow night." She said with a toothy grin. "Your father will be home early tonight, so don't worry." I folded my arms and looked at her with a filthy glare before turning back to the bathroom mirror.

"But mum, you said that we were going to go see the pictures tonight, remember?" I sighed, whilst applying the mascara. "What possibly could be that important?"

I heard a loud noise coming from her purse, her phone obviously. I always had hated her ringtone. It was so loud and annoying, and well just plain stupid; and did I say annoying? When she first got it I use to cover my ears with my palms and tell her to turn it off. After a while, I got used to it. But that doesn't mean I like it.

She flicked her phone open and pressed it to her ear, mumbling something along the lines of "Mm, yes. Of course, no don't worry! I'll be there quite soon." And hanged up. I sighed and finished off my makeup before grabbing my bag and heading out the door. "Bye" I managed to squeak before the door slammed behind me.

"You should feel bad" I thought to myself. "You never have any time for me" I quickly cleared this thought from my mind as I waited for the bus. It took ages to come, to be more precise, about 20 minutes. As I got on the bus I breathed in and let out an annoyed huff. School really isn't going to be any more fun than it was yesterday I agreed with myself. Not normal Laurel got to stop doing that.

When we arrived at school, surprisingly we were early, and I have no clue how that even works out? I later asked a girl who happened to be walking by and she told me that first class was cancelled. So that meant I had English. I couldn't argue with that. I was quite good at English, unlike the other people in the class. Normally, we'd be studying "French" but I chose to study "English" instead, why you ask? Because I had a way better advantage then everyone else. I laughed at this.

In English I sit next to the guy I met on the bus. I believe his name was Justin. I purposely chose to sit next to him seeing as I knew no one else. After a while I found out he was born in Scotland and moved over here because it was way too cold over there. I also found out that his last name was "Dujeski" or something strange like that. I still can't pronounce it.

"Dew-Jess-Key" He explained. "That's an easier way to say it." I laughed at this. "Well, then" he said "What is your last name?"

"Prince" I laughed. "How Ironic, I know. But just because I'm from England, does not mean anything" He snickered at this.

"Well when I'm older I'd like to go to England" he explained "My grandfather lived there, he moved when he was just 3. And every month he'd send me a blog about what it was like to live there, very beautiful he would say"

This made me blush. "Well my mum didn't like it at all, she was in love with France. Long ago she told me of a time she met her true love here, and never saw him again. That's when she met dad, in England, at the time she was travelling everywhere when I was still in her stomach" I smiled at the non-existent memory.

"And now I'm here." I finished. By the time our conversation was over, so was English. I was glad for this.

Soon enough, the day too finished. And once again I walked to the bus stop, and went home.

When I got home after a long stressful day I signed onto Facebook to see if I had any friend requests, strangely I didn't. I shrugged this off. But when I looked again I saw I had a message, it was from Justin asking to hangout tomorrow because it was a public holiday. Of course I had said yes.


Here I am, still in bed and I have to get ready and be there by 12. It's already 10:30 so I quickly get up and freshen myself off, and then I'm out.

I meet Justin at the Theme park called "Frisson " In French this means "Thrill". When I got there it was huge. I mean, gigantic. There were massive rollercoasters in every part of the park, and heaps of arcade games.

"Shall we be on our way then?" Justin asked with a shy smile whilst grabbing me by the hand. "There's a heap to see" We both laughed and went to explore the park.

The first thing we decided to go on was the "Junkie Ride" which was this big tower that dropped when it got to the top. To be honest with you, I nearly pissed myself. It was that scary! After that we went onto one of the rollercoasters, and after that sat down for lunch.

Justin ordered Vegetarian Nachos while I had a ham and cheese sandwich with a coke. After scoffing down our meals, we went to the kids' area of the park and went on all the small kid rides, while laughing our head off.

By the time I got home it was 4. Dad was sitting down watching the cricket having a beer. "Where is mum?" I asked.

"Oh, her" he said with a distasteful face. "I don't know, she will be home when he is." I looked at him weirdly and then walked away. Why was he in such a foul mood?


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