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Night's Shine

Novel By: Anonymous23

Angelrose6 has a story named Daylight's Shadow...she asked me to write this version of the story in Kiara's POV instead of Dilana's
the 2 stories will be very similar but at the same time...they each have their own storylines to follow
and plz read both versions and commment!!!!!! View table of contents...


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My friend and I lived in the same orphanage for seventeen years. We've always been together, ever since we were little. We refused to be adopted if the other wasn't going to be adopted too. The strange thing about us being so close is that we were opposites in every way; both in personality and in appearance.
Many thought it was strange that two completely different people could be so close. A person or two, who believed in past lives, said that we've must have known each other in a past life and our souls recognized each other. I thought that people like that might be right in some ways…but who really knows? We were just friends, Dilana and I. There probably wasn't a magical past life connection between us or whatever psychics called it. We just enjoyed each other's company.
I've always thought about whether or not I've ever had a past life. I've heard about them and stories of people looking through eyes that weren't their own. But when we die are we really reborn into someone else? Or was this something created to explain why people experience déjà vu or having dreams of running through an alley of a city that is now in ruins? To have a past life just sounds a bit farfetched and a bit too much to dream of for me.
I was walking through the orphanage hallways thinking to myself.
In a few months Dilana would be turning 18 and leaving both me and this place…here.
She was 7 months older than I was…I didn't want her to leave.
I knew she would…and I knew how I would feel…incomplete.
Throughout our lives…I'd always felt like we had a soul connection…like we were destined to be friends.
We completed each other…I was what she wasn't…and vice versa.
She was mature, collected, calm, a day-person at heart; while I on the other hand was Childish, emotionally unstable, hyper, and lived for the night.
She wasn't all that touchy-feely…but I loved to give out hugs to everyone I met…it gave me a sense of security…of…I don't know…love.
Even our appearances were practically opposite.
She was mostly a blond with curly hair, while I was a brunette that had more of wavy hair than anything else. Her eyes were green…mine were brown. She was pale…I had more of an olive tone.
I arrived in her room to find her sitting on her bed….daydreaming again.
"You know, I don't see how you can stay in a quiet room by yourself. I would be bored out of my mind."
She looked over.
I smiled and plopped down on her bed…resting my head on her tummy.
"Jeez, it's a wonder why people around here think we're lesbians." She stated
I laughed "Let them think what they want. I'm confident enough in my sexuality to do things that would make people think I'm gay. Since I'm not, their comments don't even bother me. Actually I laugh at the rumors. They're funny."
She looked down "Yeah…I guess"
I stopped smiling "Are you worried about leaving me here?"
She nodded "Yeah"
"Don't be. It's only seven months. By then you'll probably have a job and maybe an apartment. Then when I get out of here, I'll get a job and we'll pay the rent together."
She smiled "Why don't we do something? Spend the last bit of time we have together, until those seven months are over and we're out in the real world." She said
"Like what?" I asked
I was curious about what she had planned.
She smiled and looked exited "Tomorrow…let's go to the beach"
She read my mind "Sure…why not?"
For the rest of the day we talked about what the future was going to be like. It was summer vacation; we had just graduated this year. When we leave here we were hoping that we could go to college. We didn't know if our grades were good enough to get us any scholarships, but college was worth a try. If we couldn't get into college, then we would get jobs and a nice little apartment. It would be nice if Dilana and I could stay together forever, but eventually we would meet a couple of guys, fall in love, get married, and babysit each other's children.
That is…if she doesn't move away first…
I felt something shaking me….and heard Dilana's voice telling me we were going to the beach today.
I groaned "What time is it?"
"10 o'clock"
"Ugh!!!! It's too early…let me go back to sleep"
The covers were torn off of me. "No"
"Fine, fine…I'm up…I'm up"
I stood and walked over to the dresser.
Dilana had gotten in the shower….and I was still sleepy.
I leaned up against the dresser….I started falling asleep.
Next thing I knew I got hit in the face w/ a wet towel.
"What was that for!?"
"Just take a shower. It'll help wake you up." She laughed
I gave her a dirty look and stomped off…muttering under my breath "Stupid bitch…telling me what to do…I hate taking showers in the morning"
I stepped in the shower and felt the warm water rush over me…you see this is why I hate showers in the morning…they wake me up.
I stepped out and walked back to the room…Dilana was already done…I pulled on my bathing suit then put a black halter top and a pair of jean short shorts on over it.
I didn't even bother with my hair…there was no help for it…there never really was.
We left the orphanage. As we walked to the beach…I put on my sunglasses.
I hate the sun…love the heat…but hate the sun…it's too doggone bright.
When we got to the beach…it was practically empty.
I guess it's a good thing we got up so early.
Before I even got to put my feet on the sand Dilana made me put on sunscreen.
I hate sunscreen…but I guess she had a point. I don't really tan at all…I burn…and burn more….that's it.
We started walking along the shore line…I looked out over the ocean…it was really beautiful…and so peaceful…I wonder what it would look like at night.
I heard someone yell "Watch out!!!!!"
I turned around to see Dilana get hit in the head with a volleyball.
Damn volleyball players…they need to watch where they're hitting that shit
Four guys ran towards us…tanned…muscular…volleyball players.
The one with dark brown hair apologized to Dilana…I guess I can let it go as an honest mistake.
Then the blond opened his mouth and asked if we wanted to come play with them.
Over my dead body. "Sorry guys…but we're not interested" I picked up the ball and threw it back to them.
A bleached blond decided to press his luck "Oh, come on. Don't you want to have a little fun?"
Alright…I know how to handle this.
"Sorry guys…but we just don't swing that way" I grabbed Dilana from behind and wrapped her in a hug….and just to prove my point I reached up her tank top a little…not enough to touch anything…but to convince the guys I was serious.
"I don't appreciate you hitting on me and my girlfriend. If you don't stop, I'll kick all of your asses." That convinced them alright…
The auburn haired one looked shocked "Sure, sorry, we didn't mean to offend you."
As they walked off I overheard one of them say "I can't believe they're gay"
As soon as they were out of earshot Dilana pushed me off"Never do that again. Please, if I didn't know you were straight I would…I don't know what I would do…just don't do that again."
I laughed "Sure. Like I said, I'm confident in my sexuality, I can do things that look gay and still remain straight."
She started walking off and muttered "Whatever"
She'd get over it….she always did.
We started walking towards a giant hill made of rocks…it was huge!!!
I wanted to climb it…I had a weird sense of adventure like that.
I started towards the hill
"Where are you going?" I heard Dilana ask
"I'm going towards the rocks"
"Why?" she started following me
"I want to climb them"
"Are you crazy?! You could get hurt!"
Oh here she goes again…miss worrywart
"Come on…where's your sense of adventure?"
That seemed to win her over…we climbed to the top of the rocks.
As I stood at the top I yelled "I win!!!"
"I didn't know we were racing." She said, "Okay now we're at the top, now can we go?"
"No, I want to stay a bit longer"
"Come on, I don't want something bad to happen." She sounded worried
"What's the worst that could happen?" I asked
She sighed and grabbed my arm…I couldn't keep my balance like that so I pushed her off me…then she started falling…I reached out for her….we both ended up going off the hill.
The last thing I remember was hitting the beach….hard.
Then darkness overtook me.


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