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One Step at a Time

Novel By: Anonymous23

***I am re-writing this...again. This time instead of starting the POV change randomly, it's going to be there from the start...and I'm changing some of the story as well**** Sipora is the newest student at Crystlwood High School. Her power is one of the rarest around and when a group of people try to destroy all that she holds dear lots of secrets pop up. Including a hot guidence councelor and a great cast of classmates its a story full of the confusion of being different and getting over it. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: My First Day
I stepped out of the cab and onto the sidewalk.
The building in front of me was huge…lots bigger than my last school.
I sighed and started up the few steps to the doorway that loomed over my 5'4" frame.
Crystlwood High School-my new home.
My bags had been sent the morning before so the only thing I carried was my small purse.
I opened the door and walked into a typical school entryway while looking for the guidance office.
I found it right there next to the entrance and walked into the office.
The woman behind the desk smiled and asked what I needed.
"Hi I'm new here…I'm supposed to se…" I looked down at the paper as I pulled it from my purse "Torrence"
The woman smiled again "Down that hall…it's the last door on the right"
I smiled back and thanked her while I began walking down the hall.
I arrived at an open door and an empty office.
I knew I had to see this counselor to get my schedule and other stuff so I walked into the office and sat in front of the large desk.
After waiting for what seemed like 20 or 30 minutes to me a man with light green hair walked into the room and offered his hand.
"Haydlen Torrence…nice to meet you…Miss Williams right?"
I nodded and shook his hand, he was tall, dressed casually in dress pants and a button up shirt, and he had the brownest eyes I'd ever seen.
I mean it…they were like melted chocolate.
I forced myself to tear my eyes away from his own and looked at the rest of his face.
He looked young-early 20's at most-and was partially Latino looking.
I finally found my voice again "Sipora…and nice to meet you as well Mr. Torrence"
He laughed "Mr. Torrence was my father…just call me Haydlen…I'm not that old just yet"
I found myself giggling "Haydlen then"
He moved and sat behind his desk "Well…first off welcome to Crystlwood…secondly, I'll need your full name if you don't mind"
He pulled out a form and a pen
"Sipora Illine Williams, age 18, classification: Mirror, transferring from California campus to Arizona campus"
This wasn't my first transfer…but hopefully it would be my last.
He had followed my words and had copied my information onto the sheet.
He looked up "I see this isn't your first transfer…can I ask why you've been transferred?"
I blushed "Well the first time was because one of my classmates attacked me before I fully understood my powers and I didn't feel safe afterward because of threats and such…the other 3 were because…well…" I sighed "Switching foster homes…I'm 18 now and this school has a dorm…so this time should be more permanent I hope"
Haydlen just nodded "Alright…well let me explain how things work here…you'll have 4 classes a day…lunch is between blocks 2 and 3, your first 2 classes will be core such as English or history. Your last 2 blocks will pertain to you and your ability. Curfew is 11PM, midnight on weekends. Normal humans also attend this school because of funding so please don't show off or stuff like that."
He continued on with more counselor stuff and I just watched him. He was very good looking…young, athletic, and he seemed like a nice guy…I wonder what ability he has…
He stopped to look at something and I decided to ask
"Excuse me Mr. Torrence-I mean Haydlen-if you don't find this rude…may I ask for your classification?"
I pushed a strand of silver hair behind my ear.
He smiled-he had a beautiful smile…nice white, even teeth…
Suddenly my chair was about a foot in the air and my purse was unzipping itself.
I gasped and then my chair was back on the floor and my purse re-zipped itself.
My hair tie floated up and began to tie my long hair up and off my neck.
His smile never faltered.
I stared right at him "You're telekinetic"
It wasn't a question
He nodded "I move things with my mind…yes"
"That's not a common ability"
"It's not rare either…not like yours"
I blushed
"The ability to reflect anything…projectiles, other abilities, and possibly more..."
A mirror only comes along once every 50 years…it was a very rare ability
After a short silence, he stood.
"Well Sipora…here's your schedule…you have first block English with Mrs. H"
I nodded and he handed me a slip of paper
"If you come back at the end of the day I'll give you your dorm info."
"Ok" I was a little nervous as I stood and walked towards the hall
I stopped in his doorway "Umm…could you take me to first block? I don't know where it is"
He stepped from behind his desk "Sure…I'm sorry…I forgot you were new for a moment there"
He led me out into the main entry way to the left hall…
Gosh he was tall….really tall…like at least 6 foot or so…
We walked down a ways until he stopped outside a door.
"Ready?" he asked
"I hope so"
He politely knocked and an older woman opened the door
"Mr. Torrence! What brings you here?"
He smiled "You've got a new student" he moved me in front of him "This is Sipora…Sipora…this is Mrs. H"
I smiled
The older woman made room for me to pass "Come in, come in…"
I nodded and walked in while she spoke to Haydlen and shut the door
She shook my hand "I'm Mrs. H…everyone! This is Sipora"
Everyone did the whole…hi-thing, and then I sat in the only empty desk
Mrs. H continued to write something on the board
I wasn't sure what to do…my bag with school stuff was with my other bags…so I just sat there…waiting for class to end.
Good thing I'd kept all my notes from the California campus…we'd already done this…so I guessed I really wouldn't need my bag today.
"Hey…new girl" came a whisper from beside me
I turned to see a blond girl staring intently at me
"You're one of us right?" she asked
I gave her a questioning look.
She smiled "Gifted"
I nodded
"I guess Susan was right…isn't she always?" She turned more in her seat to look behind me "Eric! Meet the new girl!"
I turned around in my seat to see a boy with black hair pick his head up off his desk to look at me.
He had startling green eyes…almost a lime color.
He yawned then turned to the blond "Well...good job Karina…you've managed to find someone of interest. A mirror is pretty rare"
I understood…the Susan from earlier must be a weak sensor…pretty common actually…she could only tell I had an ability…but this guy-Eric-had to be a powerful sensor to be able to tell my classification like that…and that was pretty uncommon.
The boy went back to sleep as I turned back around.
Before I could even lean back in my seat the blond stuck her hand out "Karina O'Sullivan-lie detector"
I shook her hand "Sipora"
She had the ability to always and without fail tell when someone was lying…another uncommon ability.
After our little introduction, class continued on for another 45 minutes.
A bell sounded and I stood and started making my way to the door.
I was almost there when someone ran into me
I quickly apologized "Sorry"
A girl with a lovely shade of brown skin stood beside me.
She looked around her-as if making sure no one was paying attention-then she smiled "It was my fault, excuse me"
She continued on out the door while I tried to place her accent.
Southern defiantly.
Eric walked up behind me "Isis transferred here from the Alabama campus last year. I'm surprised…she doesn't usually talk to anyone"
My next class was algebra 2 with Mr. Todd.
He spent the entire class asking what the California campus has taught me.
Turns out I was 3 and a half chapter ahead.
So when the bell rang for lunch I headed for the cafeteria along with the rest of my class.
I got a typical school lunch and set off to find a table.
There was one empty table right in the center of the cafeteria.
I sat down and decided to actually eat the food.
Before I even took the first bite I heard a voice behind me call out "Hey! New girl! That's our table!"
I looked over to see a girl with long red hair in a typical tank top and jeans glaring at me.
I moved to grab my tray when a hand appeared on my arm.
A boy with brown hair stood next to me dressed in khaki shorts and a blue polo shirt.
"You don't have to move sweetie…Amber's just a witch"
"Stay out of this Brian!" the girl shouted
We were starting to make a scene-people were staring.
The boy-Brian-didn't say anything.
Another boy-this one dressed in black BDU's and a white t-shirt with orange hair-appeared next to Brian and kissed his cheek.
"Sorry hun…my sister being trouble?"
The girl had suddenly gone into a daze
"You can sit next to me…let Marco take care of her" Brian told me
I sat next to Brian then the orange-haired boy sat on the other side of him
"Hi" he said "I'm Marco Richardson…I see you've already met my boyfriend and my twin sister"
I looked between Marco and his sister and after a moment decided the only thing in common was their eyes which were a beautiful emerald green.
"What did you do to her?" I asked as Amber sat on the other side of the round table
Brian answered me "Marco's and Illusionist…he just made her have a vision of spiders crawling all over her body most likely"
Marco smiled "She's deathly afraid of spiders…so it always works on her"
Illusionists weren't too common but…not unheard of.
We each had a little laugh and after awhile I started eating.
About ¾ of the way through my tray I felt like someone was next to me…
I turned to see a pair of bright blue eyes about an inch from my face
"What the…!" I jumped and almost fell out of my chair
The girl giggled and backed up as I straightened myself.
She had short light pink hair that fell just past her ears.
She was wearing what looked like a little kid's pink jumpsuit and it actually seemed to fit her.
I saw Brian frown "Faerie…that's not very nice…"
Her face suddenly got serious and she looked at me with true concern "My apologies…I didn't harm you did I?"
I shook my head "No…I'm fine…you only startled me…"
After I introduced myself we all continued to eat lunch and I began to feel more comfortable.
Another girl-this one with brown hair-joined the table next to Amber.
Later I found out her name was Katelyn and she was Amber's best friend.
A few minutes after Marco and Brian had a little 'couple' time the bell rang and I checked my schedule for my first one-on-one class.
Faerie smiled "Thompson's real nice usually…unless of course you make her mad or something"
I returned her smile "Thanks" and headed off to class.


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