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Taylin Perit

Novel By: aria aiedail

Taylin thought everything was finally going to work out for her. She was getting away from her mother, moving to a grand city and going to attend the best school in the world. But things never work out the way she wants it too. View table of contents...



Submitted:May 26, 2010    Reads: 100    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

"Benict," their father barked, "Taylin!" The unlikely twins went to their father in his study. Benict was a tall but soft looking individual, he had floppy brown hair and soft brown eyes to match, still wearing his sparring clothes from his fencing practice. Taylin was in every way oppisite to her brother. Short with sandy blondy hair and mysterious grey eyes that could hide her emotions as effectively as a shroud over her face could, her favorite dress flowing with her movements. They entered the luxurious study quickly, knowing how impatient he could be. He had a stern expression, lips tight and appraising. It was a look his children were expecting to see. He sat at his desk with a rigid back and a cold stare, he wore a decorated shirt that looked freshly made, they both knew he'd had for years. The Perit Family wasn't as rich as it used to be.

"Yes, Father?" they intoned. Benict was obviously more uncomfortable, glancing at the bookcases, rugs, the pens lined up on the desk, and his twin sister for reassurance. She stood still like a stone, an emotionless look held in place. They waited patiently for their father to say something. Seconds ticked by as his cold blue eyes switched from Taylin to Benict and back. He took in a slow breath as he leaned back slightly.

"Since you have both turned sixteen I've decided that we will be moving to Ceritul for schooling," he informed them calmly, "I already asked Teris to go ahead of us and prepare our estate there. He left this morning and I am hoping that you two will be packed by the end of the week." They didn't answer as they absorbed the information. "Understand?" he barked impatiently.

"Yes," they said in unison, Benict jumped uneasily while Taylin had a glazed, uncaring tone. Their father nodded and they left, knowing when they were dismissed. Immediately Benict started complaining, "Why must we go to Ceritul for schooling? Why can't we stay here in Hedicta?" He didn't want to go anywhere, Julia was starting to warm up to him. He'd been planning to ask her out next week.

"Because, my misguided Benict," she teased, "Ceritul is the home of the Great Library and the greatest house of learning known to human kind! Terica!" She trilled, suddenly bouncing around excitedly. "I can't believe he's willing to spend so much money on our education!" A sparkle that Benict hadn't seen in a long time was shining in her eyes; what was more she was actually smiling.

Thier father was very frugal, or so he said. Taylin had another word for it: cheap. He spent every minute of his life trying to think of ways to keep the Perit family from becoming 'Middle Class' as he put it. Spending money on them was at the bottom of his list of things to do. She could hardly believe that they would be going to be schooled in Terica, rumour had it that more Mages came from that school than anywhere else in the world.

"I guess," Benict agreed reluctantly, the truth was he already knew that they were going to Ceritul. His father pulled him aside and they talked for a few minutes. The thing was, he didn't want to be the one to tell Taylin she wouldn't be going to school. She was wrong in thinking both of them would be attending Terica. She didn't notice his attitude and went to start packing immediately.

He had a bad feeling about the coming year already.


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