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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven-Tribes

"I wonder what Tribe you're from." Grey says dreamily as I am treating his wound.

"Grey I don't even know if I'm from a Tribe." I reply flatley.

"Well, what's your last name?" Grey asks me.

"Last name?" I say, my voice climbing to a curious note.

"Yeah. In the old world they were used to seperate families, but after the war they were all but lost so the Tribes picked them up again but used them as tribal names, to highlight what Tribe you're from." Grey explains. He knows so much about this kind of thing.

"So whats your last name?" I question as I finish washing down Greys injury.

"Faith." He replies.

"So your name's Grey Faith?" I say testing out the name and laughing lightly as I do.

"Yes, or it was. Because I left the Tribe I guess my last names kind of...invalid. So now I'm just Grey."

"Just Grey." I repeat smirking.

"I wonder if you're a Salvation..." he says to himself.

"A what?" I reply dressing Greys wound. And I used to call Finch crazy when he said we should all carry around spare bandages and things like that, but in all honesty it did sound quite stupid at the time.

"Salvation. That's another Tribe. I can't imagine you being from there though, they're such a ruthless Tribe. They're the Tribe that everyone looks down on,"


"I don't really know. They are such a mercilous people, apparantly they frequently attack a smaller Tribe. No other Tribe's really attack each other. But here's where the story gets unbelievable. Apparantly they can control magic or, as they call them, "powers". When I was in my Tribe I also heard rumours that they were looking for someone,"

"Looking for someone?" I repeat, remebering Finchs words from earlier.

"Yeah, I've heard that they're looking for that person so that they can "restore the world". Ha, can you believe that? A whole Tribe looking for one person. Everyone thinks that Salvation are nuts so when Tribes hear tales of the Salvation Tribe, they tend to ignore them," Grey says. It does all sound pretty unbelievable actually. After a short silence, Grey's talking again.

"I think that you're probably a Guardian," he says triumphuntly.

"Is that another Tribe?"

"Yes and from what I know they are a quiet, small Tribe just tucked away in the corner of the desert. They're the Tribe that get attacked by Salvation, and from the tales other Tribes have heard, Salvation kidnapped a lot of the members and some just fled the Tribe. It would make a whole lot of sense if that's where your from, its just such a shame you can't remember. I wish I knew how to help you," Grey says sweetly.

"How about you help me now by focusing on getting better. I don't care what happened in the past, as long as you're ok and here with me in the future," I say as I lean in close to Grey.

"What's going on with us Gilia?" Grey asks me, a pleading tone entering his voice.

"Something really special," I reply and kiss his lips softly. Grey smiles at me but then I hear him draw a sharp intake of breath and his hands fly down to his stomach.

"Oh, Grey I'm so sorry!" I say as I realise that I am leaning on his injury. I quickly pull myself off of him.

"It's ok, don't worry, I'm fine! It's just a little sore," Grey says through gritted teeth.

"Grey stop talking, please, you'll hurt yourself!" I exclaim, my tone bordering on madness.

"Hardly! I haven't seen anyone for days, and then you show up and save me, I think. Trust me, I feel ok as long as you're here," I feel myself blush as Grey says this. Does he even realise how sweet and perfect he is? And here I am, tongue-tied under Greys gaze. Why can't I say what I want to say around him? I always end up saying the exact opposite when I try!

"Grey I...You're so... You're so wonderful I can't put it into words and I'm just so... I'm so..." I try to find the right words but I can't, I just can't! Ugh, why won't my head work when I'm around Grey? Grey then grabs my face between his hands and makes me look at him.

"Gilia," Grey begins, his brown eyes sparkling from the silver light illuminated by the walls. "I'll tell you what you are. You are the girl who was...hurled into my life. You're the girl whos eye I have been forever trying to catch. But, most importantly, you're the girl who I love and more then I deserve. I think I finally figured you out. You're so...Guarded, so scared of loss and hurt. You don't want to let anyone into your heart in case they...Rip it apart. I understand that now, when I was thinking about what you had said to me when I told you I love you. I'm sorry I was so stupid, throwing that all on you!" Grey looks worn as he says this. Now I feel myself crying.

"What are you on about?" I say as I let my tears flow. "You don't deserve me? Do you realise how wrong you are. It's me that doesn't deserve you! And I should have realised before that there was something going on with us, I had no cause to BE so guarded in the first place. I belong with you, I'm just to selfish to realise that, but you deserve better then me! But I guess you don't have much of a pick anyway."

"Even if I could pick from billions of girls I'd still choose you in a heartbeat," Grey says weakly. What he has just said is making my heart flutter madly, but I notice the weakness in his voice. I look at Grey more closely in alarm and realise that all the talking must have took all his energy out of him. Just as well I had the foresight to bring a backpack and fill it with just about eveything. I love these backpacks. We had found four when we had discovered the hut along with four water canteens, some herbs and spices, a large knife (Which Finch now has full command of for cooking) and my twelve knives. All of this we had found inside the cupboard in the hut, along with a picture of an young man who had a young woman and two small children with him. What I found most fascinating about this picture was the amount of greenery that surrounded the hut and snaked up it's walls like skeletal arms. But this picture also unerved me as the man was casually leaning on a long metal tube with wood at the end, which Grey had told me was a gun when I asked him. This sickened me, why would anyone have a weapon near small children?

I rummage around in the bag and pull out two wrapped up blankets, then I unstrap a third from the bottom. I unroll one and spread it out on the floor and then help Grey lie down on it. Then I throw the other two over him.

"Stay there," I say as I get up and go to the ledge of the cave.

"Where are you going?" Grey says in an almost helpless voice.

"Nowhere, I'll be back in a minute, just please, don't move," I then rush out before Grey can protest again and am met by the bittingly cold wind that sends a shiver down my spine. I look up at the sky which has an overcast of dark grey clouds covering the moon and the stars, causing me to lose nearly all sight, the only light coming from the soft glow of the silver hued walls inside the cave. My throat hurts as I breath in the icy night air. I am squinting as I look around, trying to see something, and a soft glow in the distance catches my eye. I try to focus on it and realise it is a fire in the distance, and from here it looks the size of a normal fire in a pit, so it must be pretty big. A shiver crawls up my spine, but it's not from the cold. Something's happening, and something is never good, especially if I am somehow involved. I watch the black smoke from the fire curl upwards into the sky like monstorous fingers. What is going on? I know it is terrible to think it, but I hope with all my heart that it is Tribes fighting. Maybe that Salvation Tribe is attacking the Guardian Tribe. But somehow, thinking of a Tribe being this near too us scares me. What if they were too find me and Grey? We would most likely be killed instantly, and even if it was Greys old Tribe we would still be murdered. Actually, I think that if it was Greys Tribe, there would be no chance of us getting away, especially Grey, as I think they would feel more passionatly about ending him then another Tribe would. The way Grey has told it is that you don't just LEAVE a Tribe and get away with it. Suddenly I am thinking of what Grey said to me a while ago, about me being from a Tribe, Guardian I think he said. What if he's right? If I am indeed from a Tribe, would they label me as a deserter and try too kill me? Welcome me back with open arms? I feel myself zone out of real life as I begin too wonder whether, if I am from a Tribe, there was anyone I left behind, anyone who was upset when I disappeared. I hope not anyway. I am sick of hurting people.

I am pulled out of my thoughts when I hear Greys slightly panicked voice, "Gilia, are you ok?" I turn around slowly and see Grey, still in the bed I have made him, staring at me, concern heavy in his gorgeous brown eyes. I walk back into the cave and sit with my back against the wall next too where he is lying on the ground. I remain silent as I lean against the uneven surface of the wall, trying not too think about the things I will never know. "Please tell me you have more blankets in that bag," Grey says in an almost despairng tone.

"I'm okay. N-not even cold," I reply, not even wanting too let this argument start.

"Gilia, you're shaking. Take one of my blankets," Grey says. I look down at my body and realise that I am indeed violently shaking. My whole body is numb with the cold. I look over at Grey and realise that his skin is a slight shade paler then usual and his full lips have taken on a tinge of blue. And, as much as he is trying too control it, Grey is also shaking from the cold, even though he has the two blankets.

I shake my head at him. "N-no way! You need them m-more then I d-do!" I say, struggling too make my chattering teeth stop.

I hear Grey sigh, he's probably realising that he won't win this fight, and he puts an arm around my waist and easily pulls me over to him, lifting up the blankets and throwing them over me and him. "Better?" he asks.

"Not e-even close!" I say, and I wrap my arms around Grey and allow myself to sink into his body. Immediatly a powerful warmth courses through my body. "That's w-way better!" I say, causing Grey too laugh softly.

"It's better for me too," Grey says. After a short pause, I hear him say something. "Do you think this is normal?" Grey asks.

"Do I think what is normal?"

"Us," Grey replies simply. Oh. That.

"Of course it isn't normal! But does it really make any difference?"

"I guess it doesn't," Grey says as he plays with my hair.

"I've been thinking, maybe we should make our own little Tribe. But, you know, do it right,"

"Not many members in our Tribe," Grey replies jockingly.

"Well I'd call it cosy..." I begin.

"Cosy? Really?" Grey says smiling down at me.

"What else are we? I think we have it kind of good. Nice little hut, nice location..."

"A small, fairytale hut tucked away in the beautiful sandy regions of the world..." Grey begins, he has changed his voice too a high-pitch as he jokes. I put an arm around Greys neck.

"You better not be making fun of my Tribe," I say playfully.

"Wouldn't dare too," he replies as he pulls me in closer to him and very softly kisses me. I kiss him back for about a second before I decide too pull away from him in case I inflict more injuries onto him like before. "And what woud our Tribe be called?" Grey asks still carrying on the joke.

I actually take a moment too seriously think about that before I reply with certainty, "Dawn."

"Isn't that more of an actual name?"

I shrug and say dreamily, "I like it. It's a beautiful name."

"I truly love you so much," Grey says as he pulls me in closer to him, which I didn't think was achievable. I rest my head aginst Greys chest and close my eyes. This has been such a long day. I feel Grey rest his head on top of mine and I think I actually fall asleep like this.

I don't know how long it has been, an hour at most, before I am woken by a faint noise. I open my eyes and look around the cave which is illuminated by the walls soft silver glow. I can't see anything. I try too move, but I realise that Grey is still holding me and he is fast asleep. Great. Instead of getting up I try too focus on the sound. It sounds like a weird dragging noise, and every now and again I hear...grunting? What IS that? Then I see a hand grab at the ledge of the cave and I scream, causing Grey too sit bolt up, his eyes wide.

"Gilia what's wrong?" Grey asks me. Before I can answer, somebody pulls themself up onto the ledge outside the cave and they just lay there for a second panting. I try too see who it is, but it's too dark too tell. Grey tries too get up too see who it is, but I just cling to him tightly whenever he tries too get up. I'm so scared that it's the blue-eyed boy who attacked him earlier. After about a minute, the person gets up and walks into the cave. My heart leaps into my mouth in fear and I nearly scream again. But a second later the persons face is illuminated by the silver light radiated from the walls and I laugh lightly in relief.

"Finch? What happened?" Grey asks as he too realises that it is Finch. Finch looks terrible. He appears to have burn marks in places on his bare arms, his face is covered in cuts and some of his hair has been burnt. Finch runs a hand through his hair anxiously, and some of it seems too almost disintergrate in his hand.

"They...they burnt down our camp and tried too take me down with it. I don't know who they are, but a Tribe is coming," Finch says, then he looks directly at me and his tone turns more somber, "A Tribe is coming, and they're...they're after you Gilia."


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