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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirteen- Death Sentences


I desperatly look around for Gilia as I am falling through the air. This is it, we're going to die. I finally find her and even now I am breathtaken by her beauty. Her long, glossy, golden hair is flying upwards in crazy waves and her beautiful, sparkling green eyes are desperatly trying to lock onto mine. I see her reach her hand out to me and I fling out my arm to try and hold onto her. Just as my fingers are about too brush her soft skin, Gilia's momentum slows as if she has been picked up by a wind. I look up and see Gilia suspended in mid-air. Then, with a burst of bright silver light, she is gone. No. How? How could she be taken away from me so quickly. I feel as if my heart has been shattered in a single moment. The pain of my heartache is terrible but it doesn't last long as I hit the ground and hear a sickening snap just before I feel the force of my impact with the earth. I feel a tidal wave of pain start at my right leg and spread out across my whole body. I have definatly broken my leg and, judging by the pain when I breath, maybe a rib too. I let the pain overcome me and let my world slip away.

"You crazy, murderous excuses for human beings! Let me go! What is your problem, huh? She's gone, it's finished. You malicious monsters have got what you wanted, now leave us alone!" I try too open my heavy eyes when I hear Finch's crazed voice. My eyes open the slightest fraction, causing everything to be dark and hazy. The soft glow of torches slightly illuminates the world for me. I see Finch down on his knees on the ground as two people behind him are tying his arms together. A man stands in front of him and he crouches down in front of Finch.

"It is no way near over. We will find her and her pathetic excuse of a guardian. She's lost, in every way possible," The guy says, his voice a quiet murmur. Then he straightens up, pulls back his knee and smashes it into Finch's face, causing Finch's body too go lifeless. The two men holding Finch haul him up between them.

"What should we do with him?" one of them asks.

The guy who kicked Finch replies, "Take him back to the Tribe, I'm sure he'll be usefull for something,"

"And the other one?" The same man asks nodding towards me.

"I'll take care of him, or what's left of him anyway. You just make sure that he doesn't escape. And keep an eye out for the boy," I then hear the two men walk off slowly and I realise that I'm now here alone with a Salvation maniac.After the other two mens footsteps can no longer be heared, I hear the guy approach me. I fully shut my eyes and hope I'll pass for dead. I can't let this guy kill me. From what I have heard, it sounds like Gilia is indeed alive and lost. And I have to find her, before Salvation does. I hear the guy laugh lightly as he stops just as he reaches me, "If only it were that simple..." he says to himself. Suddenly I feel myself kicked hard in my ribs, causing them to scream at me as the pain I felt earlier returns with a vengance. The power the guy put behind his kick has caused me to roll over the sand for a while before I finally stop, my stomach to the ground. My leg feels as if it is being twisted forwards after all the tumbling. I feel a lump rise in my throat and I push myself up with my arms and begin coughing painfully, blood coming out of my mouth as I cough, Which splatters over the sand and eventually forms a small pool of red. The guy waits until I stop coughing blood before he approachs me again.

"Who are you?" the guy asks in a whisper that sounds like a hiss, "You're certainatly not that annoying Guardian boy. But you seem too mean something to her." I don't answer him, not wanting too tell him anything. I feel my shaking arms fail and I fall back onto my stomach at this guys feet.

"I said who are you?" he repeats as he brings his foot down against my broken leg really hard, causing me too cry out in pain.

"Grey," I choke out.

"I meant what Tribe are you from, stupid boy," the guy is still preasing down hard on my leg.

"Faith, but I deserted," more pain is creeping into my voice but I try to control it.

"Well Grey it seems this is your final bow. Oh and rest assured, your friends will join you soon enough ," the guy says, finally pulling his foot off my leg.

"You will never kill Gilia, or Finch!" I say and I pull the guy by his leg, causing him to fall, and take the knife from his belt and press it against his neck,"Now it's your turn. Who are you?" I ask with a sneer.

"Adrian Salvation. What does it matter to you, you're dead anyway!"

"I'd like to know who to look for when I come to find you. No one threatens my girlfriend and-" but I stop myself. Girlfriend? Is that what she is to me now? Adrian then takes advantage of my hesitation and pushes his legs into my chest, sending me flying through the air backwards. My back hits the ground with a painful thump and I feel the knife fly out of my hand. I see Adrian get up and pick up his knife. Then he's coming for me again, with knife in hand. He grabs me by my top and looks at me like I'm the most pathetic creature he has ever seen.

"Do you know and interesting little fact?" Adrian says, and he lightly runs his knife down the side of my face, creating a shallow but long cut which creates small droplets of blood that run down my face, "Predators have a keen sense of smell and can smell blood from miles off," he says as his eyes are drawn to the spot on my top where my wound had soaked my top with blood. He grins evily as he plunges his knife into my still open wound. I scream from the pain, which causes Adrians smile to widen, "I'll think you'll make a nice midnight snack for the wolves." he says as he gets up and walks away. My hands are wrapped around the knifes handle and I'm trying too summon the courage to pull it out. Slowly, which makes it more painful, I pull the knife out while I feel my eyes watering. I cast the knife to the side and put my head against the sand, panting. I look up at the sky and notice that, already, vultures are beginning to circle the sky above my head. I'm as good as dead anyway.


Authors Note- I know this is short but I needed to do this chapter or else there would be MAJOR confusion. If anyone thinks I didn't do Greys point of view right, tell me and I'll change it. Thanks!


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