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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Nineteen- Replaced

I feel someone grab my shoulder and flip me onto my back, quite gently actually. I didn't even hear them approach. I see a woman looking down at me as if confused. Her dark skin is almost covered in scars, which makes her automatically seem formidable. Scars scare me, they mean someone fights a lot and wins. The womans brown eyes scan over my face.

"Why are you raiding my camp?" she asks in a soft voice.

"I'm not raiding your camp!" I reply desperatly.

"Well then what were you doing?" she inquires.

"I wanted to see if you're ok. I don't see many people out here."

The woman frowns at me almost sadly, "I'm sorry honey I can't take the chance," she says and she gets up and looks down at me rather then leaning over me. She reaches into her belt and pulls out a small, dark metal thing which easily fits in her hand. The word gun rings through my head. She points the gun at me.

"I'm truly sorry," she says. I have been frozen with fear since I first saw the gun. The woman has her finger on the trigger when I hear a load of rustling from the tree Greys a hostage in. The woman looks behind her to see what caused the noise. She doesn't seem to find anything as she turns back to me pointing the gun in my face. Then there's more rustling, which sounds more furious now. The woman actually walks under the tree and looks up to see what ir is. After a second, her mouth falls open.

"Grey?!" she exclaims still looking up.

"Leave him alone!" I shout at her.The woman gets a knife and cuts at the rope that holds Grey up there, some of the mechanism runs down the tree trunk. As soon as she cuts this Grey falls to the ground where he lands in a heap. The woman cuts the rope around his ankles and helps him up.

"You ok?" she asks Grey. Grey nods in reply, I think if he opens his mouth he'll be sick. Grey is as white as a ghost and he is shaking furiously. He comes over to me and falls down next to where I am as his legs give way. Despite his shaking, Grey carefully pulls the annoying little hooks out of me which causes the wire to practically sping off me. I take the backpack off my back, this thing has been surviving a lot, and hand Grey a canteen. Grey drinks from it almost cautiously for a second then hands it back to me.

"Thanks," he says weakly.

"No problem ," I reply. Grey grabs one of my arms firmly.

"I am NEVER letting you out of my sight again," he says and I know he means it.

"Who's she?" I ask Grey who still looks pale.

"That's Star," Grey replies slowly. I get up and walk over to the woman.

"How do you know Grey?" I demand.

She holds her hands up, "Calm down honey, I'm not a bounty hunter. Me and Grey were in the same foraging group back in Faith. That is before he decided to disappear"

"If you're from Faith why are you out here?" I ask, my voice still guarded.

"Looking for deserters," Star says almost cheerily.

"Then you are a bounty hunter!" I hiss at her as I put my hand on my knife. I don't care if she's a friend of Greys, if she's a bounty hunter I will kill her.

"No it's not like that. I want to find more people who are willing to join the opposing side of the war going on in Faith."

"Opposing side?"

"The side that wants liberation from the unfair treatment of Tribes."

"Who could possibly be leading that side?"

"Some boy who wandered into the Tribe one day. Hmm...What was his name? I think he said Flynn...or maybe Finn..."

"Finch?!" Grey yells out in almost excitment.

"That's it, Finch!" Star confirms.

"How is he even alive?" Grey asks.

"Beats me," Star says. And then she walks over the small hill to the fire. That was odd. I exchange a look with Grey, who now looks like he's going to start dancing. He gets up and bounds over to me happily, all the shaking has gone and his face has colour in it once more. Grey picks me up and spins me around.

"Easy!" I say laughing madly as he puts me back down.

"I can't believe it, Finch is alive!" Grey exclaims.

"Does that mean the explosion we heard near Salvation yesterday, was that Finch?"

"I don't know but he's alive!"

"What do we do about Star?"

"I think we should stick with her. She knows her stuff. She's a brilliant trapmaster!"

"Really? I never would have guessed!" I snap at Grey. Grey looks slightly hurt.

"Gilia she's ok, really. Well, once you get to know her."

"Once she's stopped hanging her friends from trees?"

"Gilia how was she meant to know I'd come along?" Grey asks me. I don't actually think that there was anyway for her to know but I don't really like her. I didn't like her since she pulled out that gun. I don't like guns... Grey grabs my arm and tows me over the hill after Star. As soon as we have got over the small rise of the hill I see Star crouching down in front of a fire and stirring something in a pot. Star turns when she hears us approach her.

"So are you two staying with me?" Star asks Grey.

"Yeah we thought we might annoy you for a while," Grey jokes. I just stand where I am looking miserable.

"Lucky I planned for guests," says Star as she spoons something that looks like soup into a few bowls. She hands one to Grey and holds another out to me. I stare at the bowl as if it's going to fly.

"Ah come on now honey, I'm not going to poison you or anything," Star says. I wish she'd stop calling me honey. I pull my arm out of Greys hold and walk off further towards where the Tribe would be. From Stars camp, you can just about make out the wooden wall surrounding the Tribe. I sit down in the sand and listen to the never-ending fighting coming from the Tribe, feeling anxious to join in now that I know Finch is in there fighting. After a minute I hear Grey approach me and sit down next to me.

"I know it's hard for you to like Star but a bit of common courtesy wouldn't kill you," he says almost disapprovingly.

"Common courtesy!" I exclaim, "To the woman who had us in a trap and just coincidently knows you?"

"Please don't tell me you're jealous," Grey says.

"I don't know. Some guys like older women..." I say.

"I'm into blondes myself," Says Grey, his mouth tugging into a half-smile.

I smile at Grey, "I'm into the tall and dark kinds. You know, dark hair, dark eyes, extremely handsome. A shame I don't know anyone like that," I joke.

"It's lucky you don't know anyone like that, I'd say that guy would be hard to contend with," Grey says quite seriously. I grab Greys neck and pull him in close to me.

"You're really stupid sometimes," I say before I kiss him.

"I've heard girls find it cute. Apparantly that's true," Grey says as he weaves his fingers through my hair and lightly pulls me to the ground. Grey kisses me and I feel his fire rage through my body. I love him so much, I love every bit of him. I don't know how long we've been like this, about a minute, when I hear someone stop near us.

"Oh, sorry I didn't realise that you two would be...busy," Star says. I yelp as I hear her voice but Grey doesn't seem to care as he keeps on kissing my neck. I push him off me.

"Grey!" I exclaim as he leans down to kiss me again as soon as I have pushed him off.

"What?" he asks in a faint whisper and looks up to see Star, "Hey!" he says acknowledging Star before his lips are at mine again.

"Should I come back again soon....like in an hour?" Star asks uncertainatly.

"That'd be great," Grey says thankfully as he plays with my top. I just stare at Grey for a moment then look over at Star, who's containing laughter. She lets out a weird spluttering noise as she can't seem to hold back her laugh anymore and me and her go into fits of giggles. Grey looks down at me as if confused.

"What's so funny?" he asks.

"You!" me and Star say at the same time. Grey gets up off me and helps me up as well.

"And what is so funny about me?" Grey asks, directing his question at Star.

"You seem to have no restraint," Star says seriously.

Grey frowns at her, "Of course I have restraint! I stopped didn't I?"

"Well most people wouldn't try and carry on in front of company," Star says.

"I didn't ask you to watch."

"I didn't think I'd find you doing that. Would you two like to eat?"

Grey opens his mouth, "N-" he begins.

"Yeah, please." I say over Grey. Grey looks at me, "Have you never heard of common courtesy?" I manage to say before laughing at the look on Greys face. We all head beck to the fire and Star hands us our bowls. I sit down and cautiously sip at a spoonful of the soup. It has a nice warming, tangy taste. Well, at least Star can cook.


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