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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Twenty- Liberater

After our first night with Star I had come to accept her as a reliable ally when I woke up in the morning and was still alive. Star's ok. I don't know if she particularly likes me but she is kind. Last night she offered to keep watch while me and Grey slept, not that I think either of us got any sleep. All night I was listening to the ensuing war taking place in Faith. I know that sleep won't come easy for me and Grey as long as we know that Finch is fighting night and day inside the Tribes walls. I am actually astonished that Finch has convinced people to fight with him and find myself wondering if the amount of people helping him is large. I know what Finch would say if he was around for me to ask that question to. He'd say it's not the number, but the support of the people that is important. That's true, but before you get to the stage of a war. It's all well and good that people will join in protests, but when it comes to fighting I'd say a vast majority would turn their backs. People are quite cowardice when their lives are threatened, like me for example. Now me, Star and Grey are sitting around Stars small fire eating a stew. It has the same sweet tangy flavor as the soup we had yesterday, it must be the same meat. For some reason, I wonder where the buck that me and Grey saw went. I put my bowl down in the sand and lean forward, my arms on my legs, as I notice Star staring at me. I see Grey look over at me, but then he returns his attention to his stew, sipping at it slowly and carefully. He knows that I plan to have a conversation that will not play in Stars favor and he's deciding to back out of it before it starts.

"So Star what exactly happened with Finch?" I ask leaning forward more as if intently.

"Ok, so he shows up in the Tribe early one evening. The guy looks a state. Seeing as people were out and about, a few of them grab him and start to take him to the Tribeheadshouse. All the while the boy, Finch, is yelling about how Tribes should be and what he aims to do to change their current state. Some people, of course, laughed at him and mocked him, saying that his life will end before the day is out. But most other people, including me, heard and agreed with what Finch was saying and followed him to the Tribeheads house, many people joining as we went. By the time we reached the Tribeheads house, more then half the Tribe were behind Finch, already demanding he be let go,"Star says, her eyes obtaining a certain twinkle as she tells the story. I can tell she loves telling tales, but she doesn't seem to be particularly good at it.

"More then half?" I ask, nearly falling over myself as I am now genuinely leaning forward in earnest.

"Only Finch..." Mutters Grey, turning his focus back to the stew as soon as he has said this.

"So anyway, the Tribehead had decided to make a holy show of Finch and pulled him up to the wooden stage outside his house. He'd tied the boys wrists-" Star says before I interrupt her.

"Finch," I say, loving the moment I get to correct Star.

"Finch," she says, putting emphasis on his name, "And had put a gun at his head when Finch had started shouting out battle plans, and how he would lead whoever was willing to join him to victory and freedom from the injustice Tribe. He then said he would create a new Tribe, ruled by a group of people, called Liberation. The Tribehead had got sick of listening to him and was about to pull the trigger when some women had climbed up the stage and threw herself at him. She'd knocked the Tribehead to the ground and they struggled on the floor until he managed to shoot her. As soon as that woman drew her last breath, all hell broke loose. The Spokesmans son had climbed onto the stage and cut Finch free and then the two of them called for the people willing to fight against the Tribes to join them. Nearly everyone who had followed Finch there rallied with him. I decided to leave the Tribe to look for more willing fighters, I camp out here for a day, set some traps, then find you two caught in them," Star finishes and gasps as if out of breath. I can tell that I must look so confused.

"Liberation..." Grey breaths out.

Star turns to him before he can tune out of the conversation again, "Are you willing to fight for it?"

"Yes!" I say, and Star turns to me and smiles even though it wasn't me she had asked.

"No!" Grey says indignantly, "Gilia you're not running into a war. We'd both be killed for sure."

"Of course we would but our sacrifice would be to free an entire Tribe!" I say firmly but I nearly cry when I think that Grey could easily die in that war if we joined it. I'm going to die anyway, with two (Well one if Finch succeeds) Tribes after me. But sending Grey into a war, I may as well ask Star to shoot him now.

"Grey it's for Finch!"

"He wouldn't be too happy if you died either."

"He wouldn't care as long as you're alive," I say sadly, my tone holding a slight edge of jealousy.

Grey opens his mouth, about to protest, but thinks better of it. Then he tries another angle, "And since when do you think I'll let you simply walk into deaths arms?" Grey asks me.

"And since when did you think I'd sit back and let people suffer?"

"I swore to be your guardian," he says. I can't believe he took a promise made through tears to heart so much.

"Which would involve you protecting me through whatever I do. That would not give you rights to stop me."

"I could always make you stay," Grey says as he gets up and crosses the short distance between us.

"How?" I ask.

"I don't know. Hold you down," He says as he catches both my wrists gently in one of his hands. Then Grey leans in so his lips are at mine, "Distract you," he says, my lips moving with his as he talks then he starts kissing me, which does indeed distract me as it causes me to feel lightheaded. Greys lips move with and around mine as if they are some weird, attachable part of my body. I'm still sitting up as Grey'skissing me and he pulls me sideways to the sand, his lips not leaving mine. I think we are starting to take this a bit to far as I feel Grey attempt to pull my shirt off me.

"Seriously!" Star exclaims from behind us, "You actually don't care who's watching, do you Grey?"

"Shut up Star, you've seen worse," Grey says making my mouth move with his again as he seems unwilling to draw away from me.

"Yeah, but not from two teenagers. I should really be making you stop."

"Like the responsible adult you think you are," Grey chuckles. Could he just stop kissing me and talk to Star normally? It feels weird, my mouth moving with the words he says, making me feel as if I'm saying them.

"When did you get into girls so quick?"

"I didn't know a girl like this before."

"You had enough girls after you," Star says, but now Grey ignores her. I'm not at all surprised that other girls wanted him, but it is weird to think of now. He's mines and only mine. Greys hands travel down from my neck, resting on my upper chest. I am unsure what to do as I just lay here and continue to kiss him. Am i meant to say something or do something? Grey being...with me like this feels right but it also feels strange, and I don't like the unfamiliarity of it.

Then Star saves me from my confusion, "Grey either stop assaulting that poor girl or go do it elsewhere. Like I said before, no restraint."

Grey finally pulls away from me, "This is restraint! What am I doing that makes this not restrained?"

"I love your idea of restraint boy. If everyone felt the same we'd have no problem with repopulation."

Grey goes red, "I wasn't going to DO that! Give me some credit, she's like fourteen!"

"Fifteen!" I say, though sometimes I doubt it, that is if I was right about my age in the first place. I want to get as close to Greys age as I'll pass for though, so I jumped it up to fifteen. Well I may be right. What does the age gap matter? Anyway I know that what Star is accusing Grey of is what he was probably going to do. Sometimes I wish Star would go away...

"Honey your age doesn't matter to him, he just wants YOU!" Star says, flicking her dark plaited hair behind her back.

"Yeah and I want him! I don't care what age HE is. Well, to an extent."

"What is it, no administration to over-seventeens?" Grey jokes.

"Basically," I reply.

"Imagine you two in a war..." Star says to herself, "Just start doing all that and people for miles around will be running."

"Then you stop watching!" Grey tells her.

"This is MY camp. And I can't just let you two ruin it with your messed up teenage minds."

"What exactly is your idea of what teenagers think?" I ask her.

"Trust me, I thought I knew before I came across you two. You seem to be the low expectations that used to be held of teenagers, before they became polite and helpful and orderly. But then you two decide to resurrect the old ways..."

Now I decide to have a bit of fun and annoy her. I don't think I would do anything that's not age appropriate but Star is really annoying me. I give Grey a look which he returns to me. He is so thinking the same thing. It's taking us both all we've got not to laugh as we see the idea forming in each others eyes like a small twinkle. Grey leans down to whisper in my ear.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Most likely," I breath out.

"Well then you'll know what to do."

"I definitelyknow what to do," I say, hoping me and Grey do indeed have the same idea. I pull Greys top off him just as he starts kissing me again and I can feel more passion put behind it. I rest my hands on Greys chest. Ok, whoa. Is everyone generally this fit nowadays or is that only Grey? I feel Grey roll me over so I am underneath him and then he starts slowly pulling off my top.

"Ok, you are going to do it. I tried, I can't stop you. Just let me know when you're done!" I hear Star say before she flees. Grey and me get up and start laughing madly.

"Too easy!" I say.

"A bit sorry it didn't go further..." Grey says wistfully. I pull down at the bottom of my shirt as if that will make it harder to get off me.

"You're not going to get my shirt off me! Speaking of which, not to sure if I want to give back yours," I say as I pluck it up and just look at Grey.

"I might need that though," He says reaching for it, but I just pull it back before he can grab it.

"Hardly! It's so hot out here! Besides, I like the view."

"People aren't really going to drop dead from amazement if I enter a war shirtless."

"Girls certainly will, if they're in their right mind anyway. Wait...we're going to join the war?!"

"I guess we are, don't know why I'm letting you though. If things get to bad, maybe we could try Stars suggestion, in that case you would certainly get the shirt off me again."

I flick the shirt over to Grey and watch him put it on, feeling a bit sad as he does. Oh well. Run into war first, get the shirt again after. I make a mental note to destroy the shirt and smile to myself. Maybe my thoughts aren't right for a girl my age, but I don't care.

"Should we tell Star?" Grey asks me. I make a face.

"Just wait a few minutes, she's not going anywhere."

"I'm not sure, you may have traumatized her," Grey says smirking.

"Wasn't just me..." I mumble.

"Our mess we made together."

"A nice mess," I say. Grey is reminding me of someone else lately. My dream from the other night comes into my head again. That boy is annoying me. Maybe he's just something I conjured up that seems to be identical to Grey. But a voice in my head says he's not Grey...

"Gilia,look," Grey says in amazement.

"What?" I ask, my head turning madly. Grey stoops down and plucks something out of a patch of grass. Then he straightens up and holds a single red rose out to me.

"That is strange. It's beautiful, " I murmur as I lean in to inspect it. Grey weaves it through my hair while my head is bent.

"Looks pretty bland when it's on you. You make beautiful things look pathetic in your presence," Grey says as he fixes the rest of my hair.

"I love you so much and you are so perfect, you just don't realize it," I say as I get in close to Grey.

"I'm nothing without you."

"I'd be worth nothing if you weren't with me."

"Well I guess that's a sure sign of how right this is."

"Yeah," I say putting my hand in Greys.

"Come on, we have to tell Star. We will go into that war, side by side-"

My voice is determined as I finish Greys thoughts for him, "And leave it together."


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