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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Twenty-Three- Annihilation

Me and Grey run up the deserted path to the Tribeheads house which towers above us like a stone giant. How can the Tribehead live in a huge house-mansion-and leave his Tribe members living in run-down huts that appear to be made out of mud, and are only slightly taller then a person? We are walking through a strange alley, walls on both mine and Greys sides. Torches are mounted on the walls and in front of us I can see the familiar gritty sand make way for a field of fresh green grass, upon which the Tribeheads domain sits. I gasp as I step through golden gates and out onto the field. Even in the dark, it is truly beautiful. In front of us is an n shaped bridge that curves up over a small river that runs underneath it. The river is shimmering silver and it looks breathtaking in the moonlight.

"How? How is this possible?" I ask Grey in a faint breath.

"I don't know. I've never been up here before. I hadn't a clue it was like this..." Grey says trailing off, his voice has hidden venom running ever so faintly in it. The sun is rising in an orange sky behind the house making this place look even more fairytale. The only thing that spoils this are the screams coming from behind us and the occasional firing of a gun. I shudder as I hear peoples tortured moans of death and I'm standing here admiring the river.

"D'you think the Tribehead's here?" I ask Grey cautiously.

I hear him draw breath, as if to prepare himself for something, "Yes."

"Ok," I say faintly, "Could we kill him?"

"No, not if you want to walk out alive."

I don't care about me walking out alive.

Me and Grey cross over the stone bridge and I catch his hand in mine.

"Together," Grey says to himself.

"What?" I ask.

"Oh...nothing. We're just going into this together."

"Well, what is it that we're going into together?"

"No clue."

Great. I look up at the Tribeheads house and see a wooden stage outside of the great manor.

"You sure you've never seen this place before?" I ask Grey.

"Well I have but I've never SEEN it. If the Tribehead made a speech I was never able to see over the crowds of people and there was always a feeling of...dread in the air. I'd say even if I could have seen it, I wouldn't have enjoyed it."

Something on the stage catches my eye. A man standing on the stage. Holding a long gun. I hear creaking as the gates leading back down the alley behind us are drawn shut. Someone grabs Grey, causing him to go mad and he pulls out his sword and swings it through the air in a mad flurry. Grey and the man who grabbed him fall to the ground, the man on top of Grey being armed with only a small knife.

"Who are you girl and what makes you think you can just walk onto my land?" the guy on the stage shouts down at me, demanding answers.

"I-I-" I'm stammering like an idiot, frozen where I am shaking wildly.

"Are you from a Tribe?" the man shouts down at me. I'm guessing he is the Tribehead. A torch behind him illuminates him to me and he looks quite young, about late twenties, early thirties.

I hear the struggle with Grey and the man stop. I risk a look and see Grey has a sword at the mans throat. I look away as Grey slices it across the mans throat.

"I'm a deserter," I say, trying to keep the Tribeheads (or whoever he is) attention away from Grey.

"From where?" he asks.

What do I do? What do I say? Do I lie? How can I give Grey time to get out of this.

Tell him you're a Faith. My head tells me.

Do I go with that? I'll be killed! But will Grey... No, he could escape or kill the Tribehead while he is distracted. Either or.

But then I think of something just that bit better then me being a Faith.

"I'm a Salvation," I say, standing solidly where I am, knowing what's to come.

"No..." I hear Grey whisper faintly from off to my right a bit. I can tell that one's hit home.

The man makes a disgusted sound, "How dare you set foot on my land you Salvation swine!"

"I was sent here to kill you after my Tribe heard about you killing one of our members," I say, remembering the bounty hunters story, "I called myself a deserter to get in. And I've killed those still loyal to you and I ENJOYED it," I spit up at the man vehemently. That was all it took to get him mad.

I see him position his gun, I can tell he has it pointing at my neck. Kill shot.

Every atom in my body screams at me to run, but even if I did, he'd kill me eventually. The gates are locked...

"Gilia, move! Stop being stupid!" I hear Grey cry out. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could.

"Run!" I hiss at Grey. I hear him get up and he does indeed run.

The Tribehead-random guy, whoever he is-pulls the trigger.

I hear the shot. I'm getting sick of that noise.

I feel myself pushed to the ground as Grey shoves me out of the way.

Yes, he did run. Straight to me.

Grey's still standing right in the line of the Tribeheads fire and I can almost see the bullet head for his heart.

"No!" I scream, the word is just a weird noise from my mouth. A cry of death from an animal. This is what it sounds like when your heart is torn apart.

I watch Grey fall to the ground and feel as if I'm dying with him. In the distance-which sounds like a world away-I hear the Tribehead shout in annoyance as he had used his last bullet. He'd used it, but I was right about it being a kill shot.

I fall to the ground beside Grey, my eyes heavy with tears. He's not dead yet, but it's not going to be like that for long. Grey tries to say something to me.

"Shut up!" I tell him through my tears as I try to make my stupid powers work. I'm not letting him waste what's left of his life on him saying he loves me! I know that! I don't want to hear it again, I want him. I see my body glow a weird gold but feel excruciating pain accompany it. I quickly put my hand at Greys wound, hoping against hope it will work. What had Rhythian said to me? Something about powers not being strong enough to save someone from dying? Well I don't care, it won't stop me from trying.

I feel my energy drain from me and let out a silent moan of pain as I feel a stab at my heart. I see my hand glow gold with my power and moan again as the stabbing inside me is worse. Grey notices it and tries to push my hand off him.

"Don't you DARE!" I say to him angrily, "I'm selfish Grey! You know what that means? It means I'm not letting you go! I don't care if the world is trying to tear you away from me, it can't have you. You're MINE and I'm not letting you go! I'll follow you to the earths ends, I'd find a way to walk over oceans for you but I won't follow you into death. You know why? Because I don't want you to go there! I'll drag you back from it, I don't care. Go anywhere else just don't go there!" I plead Grey uselessly, my tears dripping down onto his face. Why won't my powers DO something? Grey is still bleeding from his wound and I feel as if someone is twisting a knife in my heart.

"That's why I love you," Grey says, "Your determination! You could move mountains with it! Once you want something, you get it Gilia. But not this. You're killing yourself."

Grey reaches up to my face and his hand brushes under my lower lip and when Grey pulls it away, I can see his hand is covered in my blood. What...

"I don't care!" I say, forcing my powers to go harder, work faster. My head feels like it will explode and my mouth is filled with the taste of blood.

"Gilia stop. For me?"

"I'm doing this for you!" I tell Grey.

"But I don't want this for you. If I have to die here, I want you to carry on my life for me, and more importantly be happy yourself. Find someone who will take care of you, who will love you. They can't be far."

"He's not. He's right here telling me a load of crap I don't want to listen to!"

"Please stop?" Grey asks again.

"No!" I reply. I feel so dizzy and I can swear blood's running from my nose now.

Grey sighs, "You will walk-no run-out of here as fast as you can. You will go find Finch and you will forget everything that happened here. But you can remember the happy memories of us, but not the bad ones. You have to remember them. No matter who you find, I will always love you. Remember that day after the days and days of rain? The first time we kissed?" Grey asks me. My focus wavers as I remember it. Greys lips on mine...the feel of it is so right, "That was the second best day of my life."

"Second?" I ask. I can feel my powers stopping as if it is a reservoir I have used up. As if it's my Oasis that I drank from to quickly, not saving it well enough..

"The first was the day in the cave when you found me. When YOU saved me."

"Why can't I save you again?" I say, my voice slurred slightly.

State of powers-gone.

State of Grey-more or less gone.

State of me-Annihilated from the inside.

"Gilia you can't save everyone. Save yourself. Please?" Grey begs and then he shoves me off him with all the force left in his body. I fly off to the side and land on my back. No. This isn't happening.

Not to Grey.

I get up again and rush over to where he is. He isn't moving. No.

Not to Grey.

I put my hand close to his mouth. Not a wisp of a breath.

Not to Grey. Why can't it be ME?

I put my head at Greys chest where I used to hear the familiar, strong beat of his heart and am greeted with the worst kind of noise. Silence.

Not Grey. Anyone else in the world but Grey.

I get up as if in slow motion and pull a knife from my belt. I hadn't touched them as I didn't want to kill anyone but now I am running on an everlasting fuel.


And it is all directed at the man on the stage.

He see's me and reloads his gun. I toss my knife up in the air and catch it by the blade, the sharp edge digging into my hand. I don't feel a thing.

The man on the stage aims his gun at me, right at my heart. I don't care, it's not there anymore. He destroyed it with a bullet already.

I throw my knife at the same time as the man pulls the trigger. I see my knife catch him in the neck and he falls to the ground. Then I feel his bullet hit me, just above where my heart should be.

I fall to the ground, landing next to Greys body.

It wasn't meant to be like this.

I close my eyes, letting death have me before it even comes looking for me.


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