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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Hey! I wanted to leave all fans of Arid Land with a teaser for book two, I keep you wanting more! Don't ever deny it. Anywasy, hope you enjoy. Bya!

The Arid Land Pentalogy

New Terrain

Chapter One- On The Hunt


Stupid girl. She's gone. Slipped through our fingers again!

Oh well, all the worse for her.

I've found something anyway, an instrument of torture if you will. And she led us right to it.

Oh I will get her and her stupid guardian, but I'll make them pay first. This involves taming my new pet.

I can't believe how stupid people are. Do they ever realise they are playing right into your hands or that they have left the key to their destruction at your feet? Do they do it on purpose for the thrill?

I'd thought raiding Faith was pointless, everyone was dead. We'd been searching the Tribe, looking under every rock, from dusk till dawn. But I KNEW something worthwhile was there.

We'd even went up to the Tribeheads house, although I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to go up there, and had found a whole load of nothing.

Everyone had left but I kept searching. I knew we had missed SOMETHING. And I was right. Why won't everyone learn I'm always right, that's why I should be Salvations Tribehead.

This is BRILLIANT! I actually can't believe it! Searching for a needle in a haystack has its perks. I hadn't found a needle, but I had found a gold string. Well, a metaphorical gold string.

No, they're more then a gold string, they're a MAGNET!

That girl has no one left. She has no memory of the guardian, I saw to that.

I HATE her guardian! He's the biggest traitor imaginable! And we nearly had him! If I was in charge, him and the girl would be dead already, but I'm not. My blood feels as if it is boiling.

Now I'm outside the Tribe that me and some other idiot, Kyle, have burnt to the ground. I lay back against the sand watching the Tribe burn and a smile plays on my face. Night has fallen but the flaming Tribe lights the night.

"Burn baby, burn!" I mutter to myself.

"Adrian," I hear Kyle begin.

I turn on my side to look at him, "What?" I ask.

"What do we do with him?" Kyle asks nervously, pointing to the idiot we caught in the Tribe.

I smirk. He should've expected to be caught. Runnning around all angry and waving his little sword. To easy to find and catch. Idiot. Everyone's an idiot. Sometimes I feel like the only sane person.

The boy looks at me, hate burning in his eyes, looking at me like he knows me all to well. I don't know him but I class someone looking at me as someone knowing me to well. He stopped fighting hours ago. Like training a dog. You "discipline" them and they learn, slowly.

"I'll sort it out in the morning Kyle, he's had enough for today, haven't you boy?" I taunt him as if he is a dog. He actually growls at me and I burst out laughing.

I'm surprised he still has the strength to do anything. I beat him bloody and there doesn't seem to be a single part of his body where he doesn't have a bruise. He's been injured by the war, but not enough to die. Unfortunatly for him.

"Yeah but what do we DO with him? Should I feed him?" Kyle asks.

"Don't!" I hiss at him angrily.

"Well why did you bother keeping him alive if you're just going to starve him?"

"I know what I'm doing and I'm not going to starve him! You don't die from not eating for a day."

"No but you get weak."

"So? That's kinda the point."

"He won't be able to walk."

"Walk, dragged, doesn't make a difference to me," I say looking directly at the boy, trying to scare him. His eyes hold no fear as he continues to stare at me. I stare back at him. That boy's freaky, most people would try to run when I look at them, but not him. He just holds and returns my stare. We stare at each other a while longer. He's annoying me. I use my powers to try to get into his thoughts, he somehow blocks me out. As soon as I feel myself hit a wall when I try to look into his mind I'm shocked. How's he still strong enough to do that?

This annoys me enough to make me get up, cross over to him and pull him up by his shirt.

"Why are you doing that you idiot?" I demand.

"For the simple reason that I hate you," he replies bravely. I throw him to the ground and kick him hard. He moans and holds his stomach.

"You stupid little boy!" I hiss.

"I'm not a boy!"

He may not be, but I don't care. No one talks back to me! Why isn't that little freak SCARED of me? I draw back my leg and kick him hard around the face. He doesn't even allow himself moans of pain as he spits out blood. He's defiant anyway.

I go sit back down and try to relax, but that boy's staring at me again. His eyes are narrowed and he looks at me like a rat, something not dangerous but annoying. He's driving me crazy! Why can't I break him? He's supposed to be huddled up in a corner as far away from me as possible. What is he trying to acheive?

Why did I bother taking him prisoner? He's useless and annoying!

He keeps staring at me, his eyes pushing all the hatred he feels towards me into my own. Dammit I've had enough!

"Fine! Fine, Kyle give him some food. And boy if you keep staring at me, wolves are going to be well fed!" I seem to have a thing for using wolves as a threat. I love wolves, I'd happily feed them. The boys eyes grow wide, but not in fear. More so in curiosity. Kyle gives him some of OUR stew and also gives him a look. I don't like that look. He's looking at the boy sadly and in a reassuring way.

Despite all the fuss, the boy doesn't touch the food and eventually he falls asleep. Kyle keeps looking at him.

I don't like Kyle. He has no powers and all he can do is cook.

I wait until Kyle's asleep then I very silently get up and stand over Kyle, drawing my gun. I aim the gun at his head.

"Traitor," I mutter as I pull the trigger. The bang is loud and wakes up the boy who looks at me fearfully.

I smile at him, "You're in my hospitality now. Play by my rules, and you'll be fine. Understood?"

The boy nods madly. I've finally scared him. I wait till the boy seems to be drifting off again before I shoot at Kyles body again.

The boy sits bolt up and looks around as if scared. Then he sees me and his face tells me he's woken from a dream into a nightmare.


Just to tell everyone in advance, chapter one MAY change. Anyway, it won't be up for a while so I felt as if I should leave you all with this!


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