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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Three- Confession

Somehow, Finch manages to coax a nice meal out of my kill. Roasted hyena and some strange fruit that Grey found served as a kind of stew. Seriously, I don't know how we would survive without Finch. Our food would be horrible if he wasn't here. There seems to be a strange feel hanging in the air. Finch keeps staring pointedly at Grey, exchanging looks with him. I think I must have missed something. I may corner Grey later and find out what that's about. I hate being out of the loop.

We eat dinner in silence, but not the awkward kind, but the peaceful kind. Even though no conversation is exchanged, there is always a good atmosphere during dinner. Just being around Grey and Finch makes me happy. I don't remember much of being alone, but somehow I remember the crushing, hopeless feeling that filled me when I was alone. It made me feel as if I was dying inside. Things have never really been awkward between me, Grey and Finch. Finch has always treated me like a little sister. And Grey, well Grey was always so...shy around me it seemed but he would never hesitate to talk to me non-stop. He always acts so glad to see me every morning and would always say he missed me during the night. Ha. Well that's just what Grey is like, and his weird traits will never make sense to me and I have long since accepted this. If he ever said or did anything weird I would simply think to myself, thats Grey for you. No other explanation needed. But tonight felt different. I was used to the weirdness in our little group being contained only to Grey, but it seems this time, Grey has included Finch in it and, what is worse, Finch seems to know whats going on in Greys weird mind.

After our meal, which passed in silence, with a lot of weird looks passed between Grey and Finch, I go to our little house. Well, we call it a house but its actually the ruins of a large shed. In it, lying in heaps on the ground, we have some patchy sleeping bags, that we found broken when we moved into this place, that Finch had tried to salvage by sewing them together with bits of tumbleweed. Grey had tried to fix the gaping hole in the roof by attempting to replicate what he said was the cement mixture used in tribes. The roof had fallen in twice with Greys failed mixture. Luckily we had placed our sleeping bags in at the walls of the house and the hole is in the middle of the roof. I look up at the patchy roof now that Grey has finally managed to fix and wonder how old this structure is. My mind begins to make sharp turns as I try to figure out how long the world has been like this. I know it hasn't been like this forever, Grey said of tales of an old world. Of course, these could just be legends running through tribes. It'd be easier to say if I knew the first thing about a tribe. And, although it is only early afternoon, I feel a sudden wave of exhaustian overcome me as I try to find the answers to my questions, and fall into a deep sleep as soon as I lie on the rough material of the sleeping bag.

I feel my arm being shaken and am unwillingly dragged out of my dreamless sleep. I open my eyes and find myself staring up into Grey's deep brown ones. I let out a small squel as Grey's proximity takes me by surprise. He raises his eyebrows at me in a questioning manner and then smiles slightly.

"Whats wrong? Why did you wake me up?" My voice is a bit harsh as I demand answers out of Grey. I'm not mad at him. Just worried about what would cause him to wake me up.

"The moons really beautiful tonight." Says Grey softly. What? Grey wakes me up just to tell me how beautiful the moon looks? What is wrong with him? I feel as if I could hit him. Seriously, sometimes I think it would be impossible too find someone more stupid then Grey. I think the opposite sometimes as well, but his kowledge and his stupidity seem too cancel each other out. "It would be a great night too look at it." Grey continues. Now he's telling me his plans for tonight.

"Have fun!" I reply and put my head back under the fur blanket covering me. I wonder who put that over me. Most likely Grey, I can't imagine Finch doing it without asking Grey to do it first. Grey pulls the blanket back off of me looking agitated.

"The moons really beautiful tonight." He repeats, looking at me expectantly. It hadn't occured to me until now that Grey was hinting at me to go outside with him. I am being slow tonight. I get up and follow Grey outside, who appears too be grinning madly, and wonder to myself why he wants me to look at the moon with him so much. Finch probably has a fair idea. Finch...who is back at our little home. Is this about us looking at the moon, or Grey getting me in private for a couple of hours?

Grey guides me away from the camp, crawling through the cacti before me so he can help me out, and leads me up a hill where we do indeed get a great view of the moon, which hangs in the black sky looking like an enourmous, but very fragile object that could shatter at the tiniest provocation. Truly, it is beautiful.

"Wow, you're right Grey, this is really beautiful." I breath out. I turn to Grey and find him staring at me in awe. His eyes seem to look deep into me, as if he is gazing into my very soul. I stare back at him, trying to get my eyes to look as far into him as his are into me so I can get some idea of what he's looking at. Looking at Grey in this way seems to fill me with powerful waves of many different emotions that takes my breath away. I feel myself begining to get hot. I try to tear my gaze away from his, but Grey seems intent on holding it, keeping me trapped under his influence. After what feels like an eternity of us staring at each other in this strange manner, we both seem to break from each others hold at the same time. Waves of embarrasment seem to crash over me and also a strange sense of longing. I look up and see Grey gazing up at me through his eyelashes shyly. I never noticed how long his eyelashes are, weird. I feel my mouth pulling into a smile.

"So beautiful." Says Grey, staring into the distance, looking at neither the moon or me as he says this.

"Yeah." I agree. Grey knows that i'm not talking about the moon as I glance out of the corner of my eye at him. He caches my look and gives me my favourite side smile of his.

"Do you want to see this special place of mine?" Grey asks me. Grey disappears somewhere quite often so of course i'm curious.

"Ok. Is it far?" I ask.

"For a great hunter like you, it will be nothing!" Grey teases me. He gets up and holds his hand out to me to help me up. I got over the deja vu of this months ago. I take it, smiling up at him as if i'm mad.

Grey leads me through the desert for about an hour until we reach the rocky face of a cliff. I am surprised when Grey begins to climb this. I watch him, my mouth hanging open, for what feels like hours, until I finally see Grey heaving himself into a dip in the rocks about a quarter of the way up. Grey looks down at me expectantly over the edge.

"Come on up, it's safe." Grey calls down to me. It's not the climb that i'm worried about. It's the space that Grey's in. Already I am guessing its a small, enclosed cave where moving's a great task to be able t accomplish. I'm claustrophobic, so of course going up into a cave makes me feel nervous. Of course, I don't think Grey's leading me into danger so I begin to climb the face of the wall so Grey doesn't realise i'm claustrophobic, that is if he already hasn't. It's actually quite easy to get a foothold on this wall. It proves easy to find the right places to position my hands and feet. In just a few minutes, I am pulling myself up over the rocky surface and into a small, cave like structure. It is quite cool inside, and I do not get the feeling of being trapped in here. But the biggest miracle of the cave is the walls. They shimmer silver in a magical way and light up the cave with their soft hue. The walls give off the impression that someone has carefully sewn glowing, silver strands all through the interior of the cave. It is truly magical and special and radiates a peaceful aura. This place feels as if it is protected by some unseen force.

"So? What do you think?" Asks Grey, his voice full of pride. I'm still overwhelmed by the beauty of this place that I am not able to answer him. Instead I make a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan of longing. Grey must take this as a suitable answer as he continues. "I found this place when I was avoiding Finch for a while. But that was long ago. I think he just wanted me to leave him alone for a couple of weeks. So I stayed here then found him again after he cooled off." Grey's statement pulled me back to my senses.

"Why were you avoiding Finch?" I ask curiosly.Grey bites his lip at this question.

"That's kinda Finch's business that he wants to keep private. Sorry."

"That's ok. I understand." I say.What has Finch got to hide? I find myself thinking. I'm pondering this question when I hear Grey saying something.

"Must have been around for ages. It's got a weird feeling to it too. Like it's sacred or something."

"Grey what happened to the old world?" I can see that my question has caught him off guard.

"Well I only know the tribe tales but I don't know if their true." Says Grey. He crosses the cave and sits against the wall. I get in next to him, like the first night I met him, to try to get him to talk. "Lets just say they are." I say in what I think is an alluring voice. This makes him talk, as always. "Well apparantly a great war had started that involved the whole world. It was called the third world war..."

"The THIRD!" I interupt.

"Yeah, their were two before it." Says Grey. "No wonder the worlds in this state." I say. "Yeah I know. Anyway, it was apparantly was provoked by the major differences in the world. It was hard to tell who was against who as no part of the world seemed to have an ally. After years of war, a peace meeting was called in an effort to stop the war. This worked very well as the war almost immediatly stopped. But one squad of fighters from the south side of the world had gone missing during the war. Coincidently this was the squad with the weapon. Now all the soldiers fighting in th war had guns, weapons that could hit far off targets, kind of like the bow and arrow. But this squad, they were really large, they had thousands of soldiers. They were sent off to unmarked territory, the place they went wasn't even on the map, and they built a base to keep this weapon safe. The weapon they had was called a nuclear bomb, it could totally destroy large amounts of land when unleashed. The squad with the bomb was told when to release it and no one was able to communicate with them as they were so secluded. So, of course, they didn't know the war was over. The bomb was unleashed, and the world turned into...this. No one knows how. The bomn was definatly more powerful then intended though, no one would want this fate to befall the world. The people who survived started up the tribes for a sense of community and safety. Well, that's the tale the tribes tell. But I don't believe that. What has happened to the world Gilia?" I think Grey means this as an actual question, so I answer as best as I can.

"I don't know Grey. But i'm going to save this world." I meant the last part as a joke so I am expecting a smart remark out of Grey and am surprised by his answer.

"I know. And i'll help you do it."

"Why?" I ask, meaning to ask why he is humouring me, but Greys answer to this is even more unexoected.

"Because I love you." He says this like this is the simplest answer in the world to him. I cannot make anything move, Grey has turned me into a living statue with his words. I can only form one thought that floats around my empty head, that's Grey for you.


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