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A great war has been raged and the world has been destroyed and is now a broken shell of its former self. Very few people are left on the damaged earth. Only a handful of survivors of the great war remain and among them is fifteen-year old Gilia, who cannot remember anything of her past before she met her two companions, Grey and Finch. Together they struggle to survive on their broken planet and yearn to return the world to its former glory. But nothing left on their world is as it seems, least of all its occupants... View table of contents...


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Chapter Four- Rain

I sit there stunned and watch Grey's expression begin too change as he see's me hesitating. He thinks I was meant too know this and expects an answer. My mind races back through time.

A few months back, there was terrible rain. That day, we were all back at camp and Finch was preparing some kind of bird that Grey had taken down with the bow and arrow. The bow and arrows were Finch's so we had all been practising with it, but this was new grounds for all three of us. After twelve wasted arrows, Grey finally took it down. Although, it was on the ground and only a few metres away so it wasn't a very impressive acheivment. Suddenly, just as Finch was trying to shove the bird onto a stick, rain began to fall from the sky. Rain was an unfamiliar experience for me and the only thing I could compare it to was someone dropping loads of small stones over us. The rain was actually the size of stones that someone had decided to stretch out and saturate with water. The rain fell fast and thick, blurring my vision. If I stretched my hand out in front of my face, it would slip in and out of my vision in rapid streaks. When the rain hit my bare arms, it felt as if it was actually small stones. Finch grabbed the dented pot we use for cooking and ran into the house. Grey lifted me up easily into his arms, as there was about as much chance of me moving as the dead bird, and followed Finch in. He then set me down in the doorway and watched the rain. I also watched the rain intently. There was something about the rain that made it look so angry and determined as it came cascading down from the heavens. It was like an army. It fell in uniformed lines just to plumate to its own destruction. Hours passed, and the rain just became faster and thicker. I could not judge the time because angry black clouds were blocking the sun. It started so suddenly, I was shocked when I could not find the sun. It had gone from a clear day to an angry black sky so fast, it was almost unbelivable. Standing up, the rain reached my ankles. I think Grey noticed this too because he shouted at Finch, who was busy putting things up so they would not get wet, to make his cement mixture. Luckily we have a closet in the corner where we keep supplies in case of emergencies, but we were expecting heatwaves. Finch labourasly mixed various plants in a bowl he had crafted, while Grey checked the roof for signs of leaking. Me, well I just stood in the corner like the useless prop I was. In my head, I felt like someone was punching me from the inside. We're all going to die! Was the only thought I could force my mind to make and it felt as if someone had put stones in my head and was shaking me hard. Grey saw the look of maddening panic that was frozen onto my face. He pulled me into his saturated body that held me steady like a rock, keeping me grounded.

"Its going to be ok Gilia. I swear it!" Grey spoke not in a soothing voice, but in a hard one as if he had already decided that he would not let this beat him.

"Its ready." Finch's voice came out of nowhere and pulled me out of the world of safety Grey had lurred me into. Grey released me and leapt the distance between us and Finch. He grabbed the bowl, dumped its contents onto the floor, and gave the bowl back to Finch telling him to make more. Grey began to fashion a miniature wall with the mixture on the floor that stretched out across the doorway, while the water cascaded over it, carrying some of the cement with it. Bowl after bowl followed and I watched as Grey slowly trapped us off from the outside world. Hours passed then Grey finally stepped back to view his extended wall. I began to panic and my breathing sped up. I could practically see the walls closing in on me. I sank to my knees as fear crushed down on me, heavy as a boulder. We were stuck here. With no way out. No one to call for help. Grey turned to me with a smile on his face then he saw my expression and concern quickly replaced it as quick as the rain had replaced the sun. Instantaneous and unexpected. He came over, guided me to the wall, and sat down on the floor with me, holding me close. Subconciously I wrapped my arms around his body holding him close to me. Anchoring him to me so no force of nature could pull us apart. Hours turned into days and me and Grey sat unmoving even though the water lapped over our waists. Finch sat on a pile of rocks that we normally put the mixing bowl on, which was now floating around the room. Finch brought food over to me and Grey as there was no chance of either of us moving. We sat in waist high water for six days, unmoving, watching water drip through tiny cracks and gaps in the doorway that Grey had missed. Finally, we heard the hammering on the roof calm down too a pattering, then finally silent drumming. We waited inside for another day to make sure the rain had stopped and to allow the sand too soak up most of the water. On the eighth day of being trapped inside, Grey finally got up and made his way over to the wall he had fashioned. I felt like a balloon that had been tied up for so long and then had been released to float away and I began to shake as I felt the calm Grey had given me drift away. My eyes locked on Grey as he waded through the water to the door where, by some miracle, his sword was still propped up against the wall. He then lifted his sword above his head and brought it crashing down onto the cemennt. Because this cement was never the strongest and it never dried probably because of the water, cracks began to appear. The sound of the metal striking the cement woke Finch who was asleep on the pile of rocks. He got up almost mechanically and got his sword and went over to help Grey. Between the two of them, the doorway was open again in less then an hour. As soon as the bottem half of the doorway was open, water flooded out in a miniature wave. Even after the exit was opened again, I could not leave or even stand up.

"Thats your problem." Finch says to Grey, indicating to me. I had tried to give him a filthy look but I guess it must have looked quite pitiful because he laughed and walked out, slapping Grey on the shoulder as he left. Grey came over to me, looking pretty smug about something, and helped me get to my feet.

"Its okay, its over now." He said this over and over again as if soothing a distressed child. He had held me close and guided me out the doorway. Then he leaned down and kissed me. It was light and soft and lasted an eternity. It had started a fire in my heart that spread out through my entire body. Just as every part of me had caught Grey's fire, he pulled away and walked off. He didn't even give me a second glance. So in return, I didn't give a second thought about that tantilizing kiss that made me hungry for more. I convinced myself I had forgotten all about that kiss, so, of course, I had held onto every moment of it.


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