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Arid Land-Book Two; New Terrain

Novel By: Arid Land Kate

"Nothing you think you know is true. And if you live believing the lies they've planted in you, you'll die."

Once again, war is leaking into the world. This final war of the worlds will be the ultimate decider of the worlds fate. The only person who can save the earth from impending disastor is Gilia, who is unwilling to carry the burden. Together with her guardian, Shayne, Gilia must learn her true destiny. But it seems everyone is now against her and the only person Gilia can place her trust in is Shayne, who still remains a mystery to her.
But Gilia's still in love with the boy she has lost. And Shayne's still desperate for the girl he used to know, who is now slipping away fast.

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Chapter Three- We're Still Friends


She'd kissed me! And she'd said THOSE words!

"We're still friends, right Shayne?"

I'd stopped working after that. That's all she seems to say and do!

Has she lost her memory? Her little trademark saying is still stuck.


I walk into the large garden, looking around the place for Gilia. She absolutely loves this garden. I do to. It's where I met her.

"Gilia?" I call out. I see a bush on my left rustle and approach it slowly and silently. Then I throw my hands into it.

"Gotcha!" I say as I feel something. I'm knocked to the ground as a blur of white jumps on me.

"Hey Flash!" I say as I rub the dog who has proceeded to lick my face. I push him off me before he can put his slobber on me.

Then I feel myself being pulled into a large bush.

"No I got you!" Gilia says to me as she looks down at me, her golden hair brushing my face.

"Makes a change," I reply. Mostly I catch her. We don't play hide-and-seek like little three year olds, Gilia just likes it when I find her.

There seems to be no leaves INSIDE the bush. That's a bit odd.

"Is this real?" I ask grabbing a bit of the bush.

"Yeah, I just came in and cut out all the leaves and sticks and stuff," Gilia explains.

I narrow my eyes, "Why'd you do that?" I ask.

"Because I wanted to scare you!"

"Crazy girl. How long did that take?"

"Oh, only a couple of...weeks!"

"Only a couple."

"Worth it. I scared you."

"No you didn't," I say laughing.

Gilia purses her lips. I try and sit up but she pushes me down, "I bet I could scare you," she says adamantly.

"Yeah? How you going to do that? I don't scare easily."

Gilia puts her lips on mine before I finish talking. She's kissing me? No, I couldn't imagine her doing that. Oh, what do I do?

Gilia puts my hands at her waist and puts her arms around my neck.

"Close your eyes," she instructs as she pulls away for a second. I do as I'm told, but I don't like it, but then I do. The feel of Gilias lips against mine, ever so softly, as she kisses me. And she doesn't seem to want to stop. I'm counting the minutes in my head. Ten. TEN! Is it MEANT to last this long. We only pull away to breath. Gilia pulls away for air again.

"Gil-" I begin before she's kissing me again. Ten more seconds pass. Gilia pulls away again. I hold her back from me.

"Gilia, stop," I instruct her firmly.

"Did I scare you?" Gilia asks.

"My heart has stopped," I reply. Gilia laughs. I try to get up but once again Gilia pushes me down against the moist earth. I pull in a huge breath of air, expecting more kissing.

"We're still friends, right Shayne?" Gilia asks desperately, fear filling her green eyes.

"Yeah, still friends," I mumble. But, although Gilia wants things to stay the same, I know that, for me, we will never be the same again.


"We're still friends, right Shayne?"

She had said it differently that time, but the same.

She meant did I still want to be friends with her despite her forgetting me and saying she hates me and making me feel crap in general.

Fear had filled Gilias eyes, the same as before, and her voice had sounded urgent, the same as before.

Who is she?

She's the same but...different.

She doesn't feel like MY Gilia anymore.

But then, whose is she?

Who the hell did she meet? I know there was nothing there with Finch.

I know Finch, met up with him every day. He's explained to me how it is with him for Gilia and I've made my own theories. But he never mentioned anyone else. No other guy she could have fell for.

But then, there's the guy I attacked. I don't know who he is, but he pushed Gilia out of that cave, then I find him in the very same one!

But, then again, I'm pretty sure he's the guy I found Gilia with in the Faith war. Well he's dead so it doesn't matter.

Actually, Gilia had tried to kill me when she found me attacking him. And she did run to him when I saved her from getting shot...


Is that it? Why she screams, every night?

She met a GUY?! That's NOT ok.

My heads spinning as I stand still as a statue trying to figure out who's in the wrong.

Gilia lost her memory, I can't really blame her.

That guy's dead, but if he wasn't, I'd kill him.

Finch...I don't know. I think he knew. But maybe he didn't.

There's only one person to blame.


If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have lost Gilia in the first place!

He held me back when I tried to go to Gilia. He'd took me on in a fight.


Who won? Me or him?

I can remember us fighting, Gilia running, then...

Now I'm forgetting things.

It's the desert, it must make you lose your mind.

I'm still standing where I am when someone grabs me. Rope is cutting into my wrists...

"Not this crap again!" I shout out at my captor.

"You shouldn't have killed her," Someone hisses in my ear.

"I didn't kill her you idiots!"

I'm spun around and am face to face with some young, brown haired guy.

"Why did you run then?" he asks.

"Was I meant to stick around to let you try again?" I ask. The guy punches me in the gut and I double over in pain.

"Don't be smart! You'll hang this time, whether the Tribehead likes it or not!"

Why do they hate me? If this guy isn't a Guardian then I'll find a way to reach the sun. I don't feel scared, just annoyed. Deja-vu annoys me.

The guy grabs my arm and pulls me forward.

"Not enough rope to do a total re-enactment?" I ask.

"Not enough people, I'd happily do a re-enactment if there were more," the guy replies.

I struggle with the ropes and feel the rope dig into my skin and blood flows free onto the ropes.

"Your whole Tribe is full of pigs, you know that?" I ask.

"Shut up swine!" the guy says, tripping me up and dragging me along for as long as he can manage. Then he pulls me up again and pushes me forward. He stops for a minute and rummages around in his pocket.

"What are you doing?" I ask, keeping my voice neutral and cautious.

"We can't have you running off and being able to lead Salvation to us!" He says as he pulls some kind of weird brown woven bag thing out.

"I hate Salvation and anyway, it's a desert! It all looks the same!" I say desperately as the guy tries to put the bag over my head. No way, that's the only thing that scares me and what a replay of would actually make me want to run.

"Stay still!" the guy demands as he tries to throw the thing over my head. I'm desperately swinging out of the way. I try and put a fearful and scared expression on my face and make myself look on the verge of tears for an extra touch.

"You can't make me feel sorry for you, you're dirt! Salvation swine!"

I stop, frozen. I'm more then used to the swine bit but he called me SALVATION?! That, to me, is the biggest insult and the only one that could have any effect on me. While I'm still frozen from shock the guy shoves the bag over my head and I'm subjected to blindness. I feel myself panting and gasping as I'm dragged forward once more.

At least they'll get Gilia back.


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