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Arid Land-Book Two; New Terrain

Novel By: Arid Land Kate

"Nothing you think you know is true. And if you live believing the lies they've planted in you, you'll die."

Once again, war is leaking into the world. This final war of the worlds will be the ultimate decider of the worlds fate. The only person who can save the earth from impending disastor is Gilia, who is unwilling to carry the burden. Together with her guardian, Shayne, Gilia must learn her true destiny. But it seems everyone is now against her and the only person Gilia can place her trust in is Shayne, who still remains a mystery to her.
But Gilia's still in love with the boy she has lost. And Shayne's still desperate for the girl he used to know, who is now slipping away fast.

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Chapter Four- Lost

Night has fallen. I'm still running.

Day has come again. I'm still running.

But, by noon, I fall to the ground. My legs are going on strike. I try to get up, but my body won't allow me. I feel heaviness come over my eyes, and I let them close.


I wake up, but not at the sound of my name. No, I woke up at the sound of his voice.

"Grey?" I shout at the wind. How did I hear him?

I look into the distance and can see a smoking Faith Tribe nearly a days journey off.

I believe in ghosts, that they drag you around the place, either for revenge or to fulfill unfinished business.

The night air chills me to the bone, but maybe it doesn't help that my clothes have been lowered to nothing more then tatters.

What do I want to do? Why did I come back here?

Heaviness washes over my body again, I allow sleep once more.

I wake up before dawn, an annoying new habit, and I spring up, knowing what I will do.

I'll go back to Faith.

Shayne had said Salvation were there and he had dragged me out through the tunnels, so maybe they still are.

I get up and hit the ground running again. I don't think about anything else, just run.

I wonder what happened to Finch?

I feel the wind whip my hair in my face and little bits of sand fly into my eyes that have been picked up by my momentum.

I wonder if Shayne is following me?

There is nothing around me, only sand. No cliffs or anything like that. How easy would it be to take me out right now?

I wonder where Shayne had wanted to take me?

The sun is going down in the sky but I feel as if I've only been awake for a minute. The days mean nothing to me nowadays and time passes me by as quick as a flash.

Why am I going back to Faith? Surely that is the worst thing for me to do?

I reach a little campfire. I didn't know I had before I tripped over the fire pit. I stop and take in my surroundings.

Right next to me is a dead body.

I scream. I'm sick of death!

This guy seems to have had his head shot in and looking at him makes me feel sick.

I decide to investigate.

Apart from the dead body, the first thing that catches my eye is a cactus. I approach it and inspect it. There is blood on the cactus and on the sand surrounding it. Lots of blood.

As much as it sickens me, I lean down and swipe my finger through it. Warm. But also some is dry.

I wonder if the poor soul who was here is still alive.

They can't be long gone.

I inspect some more and see what appears to be dug up sand. I go over and dig through the grainy sand when my hands hit metal. I pull it out and find myself holding a gun. I instantly drop it.

I HATE guns!

I shove the sand back into a pile that covers the hole. I lean back on my legs and am panting hard.

I TOUCHED a gun!

I breath in deeply and look behind me and gasp.

There's the gates to the Faith Tribe, and they've been knocked down.

I fly in, without thinking and without considering what might happen.

I run through the maze of alleys and lanes and onto the main road. All around me are the dead, and the stench of it climbs up my nose. The buildings have been burnt down to the ground, but the Tribeheads house still overlooks them all.

It's easy to work my way up to the Tribeheads house and up through that strange alley me and Grey had walked through.

Why am I doing this?

Turn back now! My head screams at me.

I don't stop as I reach the golden gates which have now been flung wide. I run over the little bridge and stop at its end.

I'm panting, gasping, crying, shaking.

I look around.


I slowly turn around and cross back over the bridge at a normal pace.


Then as soon as I get to the golden gates, I let it all out.

"Shayne!" I scream as I run back through the Tribe to the main gate.

What I saw was worse then I expected.

"Shayne!" I scream out again. Why doesn't he follow me when I need him.

For some reason, I'd wanted to...confirm what I already know and saw.

I'd saw the guy that attacked Grey, dead of course. I could see the Tribehead dead on the stage.

"Please Shayne!" I shout out in a sob.

I'd looked for some reason, and had not found.

I'm out of the Tribe and follow my footprints back to where I left Shayne. It'll be a while before I get there.

Two dead bodies at the Tribeheads house.

I'm only just out the gate, running past the dead man at the campfire again. I NEED to talk to someone! Shayne is the only option! He might know! I don't know, I'm really not sure. Would he?

I have the eyesight of an eagle, which is bad sometimes. I had seen TWO bodies.

I need to let this tidal wave of words and emotions out onto listening ears.

Where the hell is Grey?

I don't care, living or dead, NO ONE can touch him.

I can't help but feel happy though.

Maybe it's good.


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