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Arid Land-Book Two; New Terrain

By: Arid Land Kate

Chapter 1,

The Arid Land Pentalogy

New Terrain

(Note: There will be more switching of characters in this book. When there is a chapter done from a different characters POV I will put the characters name at the top of the chapter. Any chapters done from Gilias POV will NOT have her name at the top of the chapter. Hope you enjoy New Terrain!)


A Shadow Of The Past

I quietly slip out of my bedroom and silently swing open the front door, the cool night air rushes through the open doorway. As the wind whistles I hear my father stir and freeze. He can't know I'm going. He would stop me. I have taken nothing with me so people will just think I am still in the Tribe and search here for a while instead of sending search parties to look for me. The only thing I risked taking is my pocket knife. I left my sword in my room.

My father will be heartbroken when he realises I am gone. He was left before by my mother when I was still young. It is not uncommon to hear him crying about her, and I have often heard him saying something about a boy. I'm not leaving many people behind that can miss me, I don't really have any friends. Except one. My best friend, he will know I'm truly gone before anyone else does.

As I step outside, I get a good look of our small Tribe from the hilltop my massive house sits on. The Tribe is very small, I'd say there is sixty members at most. I follow the path down the hill and in between the rows of houses. Even from outside you can hear the faint breathing of people within their huts and, in some cases, the soft snoring. I finally get to the edge of the Tribe where the high fence surrounding the Tribe makes way for a heavy gate. There is only one hut near this gate which is quite a distance from the other huts. Good thing to.

Outside of this hut, a large white dog lies curled up, asleep. It used to be my dog, but it left my house with Shayne. I silently open the door to this hut, which is thankfully the only door in the Tribe that swings open, and creep inside, wishing that I wasn't leaving.

Asleep in the corner in a pile of furs, with one hand on his sword, is Shayne, and I am still wondering why it upsets me to see him sleep with a hand on his sword.

I wish I could take him with me, or at least say goodbye to him, but I want him to stay here in the Tribe where he will be safe. I know he will try to leave to look for me as soon as he knows I'm gone, but I'm hoping that the Tribe will be able to restrain him. I carefully place the letter I have written to him dead centre on his chest of drawers. I didn't really know what to put in the letter so I just told him what he already knows.

That I'm leaving, I'll do everything I can to keep him safe and I also told him that I will always love him with all my heart.

I don't LOVE love him. We're just friends.'

The only other thing I left him was a strange sort of riddle. I left it because, even though I wanted to keep him safe, deep down, I wish with all my heart he'll come to find me.

I remember the exact words I wrote;

The light draws others in.

I don't really know what those words and when I wrote them it was as if the pen had a mind of its own. But, she's telling me now that Shayne will know.

I quietly leave the hut, taking one last look at Shayne. Big mistake because now I'm crying. I don't want to leave him. Turning my back on him makes me feel as if someone is punching me in the gut.

I step outside into the cool night breeze and look up at the stars. The stars.... What had Shayne said about them?

Oh yeah that's it;

"Each star is a power, being held in the heavens until they are brought down to earth by a ritual. Some stars shine brighter then others though, so some powers are stronger then others. Gilia, our power's are one of the same star. The brightest star put into two bodies. My powers cannot work without you and stars cannot shine without their souls..."

Is it weird I remember every word Shayne has ever said to me? Saying that, I remember everything, and so does he. He remembers things all to well. He remembers each and every time a Tribe member has thrown things at him, whether it be words, water or stones.

The Tribe hates him so and thinks he should not be my guardian. Once, when Shayne was living with us, father had had a mob outside his house that demanded to see Shayne hang...

He was only twelve. I don't know why they hate him. Everyone in the Tribe, be they children or adults, treats Shayne like dirt but he looks the other way. He isn't weak or scared, he just doesn't want to be drove out of the Tribe away from me... He'd actually told me exactly that.

I shudder at the thought of Shayne being left alone to deal with the Tribe, and I reconsider taking him with me.

No, Salvation seek his blood as much as they seek mine. He's brave, he'll push through the Tribes abuse.

I push Shayne from my mind, which is an extremely hard and painful thing to do, and I heave open the Tribes gates.

To me, the noise they make sounds like thunder, but it appears no one heard it. I step out of the Tribe and pull the gates shut behind me, and walk out into the disorientating desert. I feel a slight gidiness as I realise I am out of the Tribe.

I'm now officialy a deserter.

I walk through the sand which is being carried through the air by the wind.

The only thought that makes me feel sane is that I know where I'm going...

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