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The Way of a Wolf

Novel By: Arid Land Kate

"At the silver moon they bay, but 'til morning they never stay."

Anna's world is not as she knows it, but neither is Anna herself. The world she has thought she's known her whole life is changing, and Anna has found out that she isn't human. But she must find the big answer. What is she and, more importantly, what has the mysterious boy who was thrown into her life got to do with her?

*Warning* I think this would also fall into the young adult genre and I will have some unsuitable content. This may also not be for the faint hearted. View table of contents...


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The Way of a Wolf

Chapter One


I sit bolt up as the bell signifies my long awaited release from history class. Finally. My teacher, a boring guy called Mr Droon, has an equally boring voice that, combined with the terrible subject, sends me to sleep every day. Gray haired and gray eyed, he is just a boring guy, it doesn't help he slouches in on himself, always trying to straighten his bent spine.

"Ok class, remember to read chapter twelve of your books tonight," Mr Droon says in futile to a class that has already fled the warm room. We all call our teacher Mr Drone, seeing as all he does all day is drone on about stuff none of us either care about or listen to. I feel a bit sorry for him as he sighs and bends over to pick up his bag.

I give him a pitying smile, "Bye Mr Droon," I call out, hoisting my bag over my shoulder.

"Goodbye Annie," he replies distractedly as he stuffs papers and books into his bag.

"It's Anna sir," I correct in annoyance as I head out the door. No one calls me Annie, and only Mr Droon makes that mistake. As soon as I get out of the class I am grabbed by the elbow and pulled to the side.

"That. Was. A. Nightmareeee!" Amy tells me, dragging out every word. Amy has been my friend since the day she turned up unannounced to my thirteenth birthday party. I had no idea who she was but she told me I was all the buzz around our small town. After that day, we hung out all the time.

"Mmm," I reply simply. I pull my bag up higher on my back. With most of my friends, our conversations don't require much talking on my part. But still Amy looks at me, depending on me to give her a topic of gossip.

"Are you still with your boyfriend?" I ask, flicking my ashy blonde hair behind my back. I hate my hair and wish it would be a nice looking blonde.

"Who, Andrew? I broke up with him aaages ago." Did she now? I didn't even know there was an Andrew. The last guy I was aware of was some tall, dark haired boy called Matt. I'm friends with him, kind of. We're partners in chemistry anyway.

"I thought-" I begin, about to ask what happened with Matt, but Amy cuts across me.

"I broke up with him after he took me to some old burger shack!" Amy tells me, as if this is worse than murder.

"Well maybe he-" I try again.

"-Was TRYING to break up with me! It doesn't matter anyway, I found another boy. Oh my god, he is soooo hot-"

I'm forced to listen to Amy spout on about some boy called Jason, who is apparently "sexy out", until we turn into our English class and Amy jerks off towards one of her friends. Some girl with actual blonde hair who is popular, stunningly pretty, the captain of our cheerleading team, and the biggest bitch in our small school. I watch for a second as those two chat, Amy continuing about her boyfriend and the two of them squealing like mice, and search for another seat. My eyes lock on an empty desk at the back of the class and I make a beeline for the desk and throw myself on one seat and resist the urge to put my bag on the other.

Putting my arms on the desk, I slouch in the chair and wrap my coat around me like a blanket, resting my head in my arms.

"Good morning class," our teacher says. Her only reply is silence and she looks at me. "Good morning Anna."

I look up at my name and give a small nod, "G'morning," I reply before putting my head back in my arms. My English teacher sighs and I hear the noise of chalk scrapping the blackboard. All of my teachers are just so used to me sleeping in class, but they choose to ignore it.

"Actually the correct term is GOOD morning. You are in English class after all," a voice says from the seat beside me. I jump and sit bolt up in my chair. The whole class stares at me as I look to my side and I almost faint.

"Is there a problem Anna?" the teacher asks me. I gape at her and point at the living, breathing entity of perfection beside me.

"He.... Who.... Where.... Next to me!" I exclaim, sounding like a call with bad connection. The whole class laughs at me and nameless lush beside me smiles. He has a perfect jaw line, skin that is ghost white, chestnut hair and eyes that appear silver rather than gray. The tight fitting top he's wearing almost makes me sweat as I can see it cling perfectly to his defined, muscular body.

"I'm Anna," I stutter, holding out my hand. He looks at it before giving the board a sideways glance.

"I'm Romeo," he jokes, his voice deep. I turn to the board and realize we're studying Romeo and Juliet. I choose to ignore him and proceed to going to sleep. Very attractive.

About thirty minutes into the lesson, the teacher purposefully calls on me.

"Well Anna?" she asks. I pull my groggy self up and look at her for a hint as to why she called me.

Lush beside me gives me a nudge and breathes out, "What led to the tragic end of both Romeo and Juliet?" he provides.

"Oh yeah," I snap my fingers and sit up. "They were both the biggest idiots on the face of the earth."

The whole class snickers at me and my teacher looks shocked. "How so?" she asks.

"Well they were both unaware of the dangers of love. The weaknesses a lover can create."

"Which is...?"

"Losing the one you love," I say simply. This silences everyone who was silently laughing. This also silences my teacher so I put my head back down and wait for class to end. I have my head to the side so I catch lush staring at me. I smile at him as a joke and he frowns. Then he slides something across the table to me.

A number. How funny.

"Why would I want that?" I whisper to him.

"I saved you just then," he reminds me. I snatch up the little piece of paper and pocket it.

"I'll think about that," I tell him. He nods and I go back to sleep. I'm not calling him. No way.


Tapping my pencil against my book, I struggle to figure out the answer to a Math question. Why do they all use symbols? Where would I come across pie in my day to day life, and I don't mean the pastry kind. That would be interesting...

"Anna, are you drooling?" mum asks as she passes me on her way to the fridge. I'm in our kitchen, doing my homework against the marble work top of the island.

"No mum," I reply as I write down a number and try to do the sum. Whoever came up with the saying, "It's not rocket science," should have a gawk at my Math.

"You're not going out tonight?" mum asks me. I eye her warily.

"Why? Do you have another guy coming over?" My mum is one of those mothers. The ones who get pregnant young, never hear from the father of their child again, and go around the house in tight fitting track suits, inviting guys over or sneaking out. My mum always tries to shoo me out of the house, but I'm more unmovable than a mountain.

"Oh no. It's just that it's Friday Anna," mum tells me, as if this is a brilliant reason. I raise my eyebrows.


"You should be out with friends....Boyfriends."

I sigh to myself and write more numbers down. When I look at the numbers, I realize they have nothing to do with Math. They're the numbers of that guys phone, lush, as I call him.

I pull out my mobile and begin to type in the number. I lock the screen of the phone and leave the room, abandoning my books. I don't want to talk to this guy, I'm just curious if this is really his number.

Closing the sitting room door and baring mum out, I hit dial and bring the phone up to my ear. It rings ten times before finally getting picked up.

"Hey Anna," the deep voice of the gorgeous boy greets. My mouth falls open.

"How did you know it was me?" I demand, shouting down the phone. He laughs and it almost rumbles down the mobile.

"I knew you'd call, right this minute actually."

"Humph. At least you're a real boy..." I mutter before realizing I still have the phone at my ear.

"As oppose to what? Pinocchio?" he pauses to let out a chuckle, "A young Dracula?"

"What?" I demand, completely lost.

"Nothing, nothing. So how about you meet me up in Fryday?" he asks in a purr. Fryday is the local restaurant, despite the terrible name.

"Why would I?"

"Well, you clearly called for a reason. Mostly this is a guys chance to...woo their prey."

My eyes widen, "Go ahead then. Woo me."

Silence for a minute as he thinks, "How about you come to meet me in a nice top. Don't do the usual girl thing and wear shorts though. Trust me, it's freezing."

"Why should I? I don't even know your name!" I tell him. He stays silent for a minute.

"I bet you wolves will howl three- no four- times in the next ten minutes. If they do, you come meet me and I'll tell you my name. Deal?"

Wolves? The forests are miles off. And what a strange bet. Is that his way of wooing all girls? But what are the chances?

"Deal. If not, you do whatever I say," I make up on the spot, instantly regretting it.

"See ya at eight," he says before cutting off. I look at my watch. It's now seven.

Pretending that phone call never happened, I go back into the kitchen to do my homework, mum watching me like a hawk all the while. My stomach settles until five minutes later when I hear the worst sound.

A wolf's howl.

Author note- I know there has been some things I've given up on, but I will pick those up and I promise this isn't one. I wanted to ask how everyone is finding Anna? Do you like her, hate her? Thank you to anyone who reads!


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