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The Shooting Star

Novel By: Artemis Nightshade

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend is a star? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 26, 2011    Reads: 66    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Fifteen year old Emaly couldn't wait for April 21st because that's her sixteenth birthday! Time for a new car! "Hey Em! Happy almost sixteenth b-day!" Jennifer exclaims running towards her to give her a hug. "Thanks!" Emaly says embracing her. "So, I wonder what Liam has to say." Jennifer asks. Damien told his girlfriend, Emaly that he had something to tell her when she reached sixteen. He was troubled when he said that. "I don't know. But I don't think it's going to be a nice surprise." Emaly replies uncertain. "Hey! Watch where you're going! Darn it!" Alice says as Dylan, one of the school's bullies, "accidentally" bumped her. "I don't give adarn to boys like that! But Damien and Kyle are the best!" Jennifer sighs at the word "Kyle." "You love him don't ya?" Emaly accuses. "WH-What! No!" Jennifer stammers, "Oh look there's Damien!" She points to a tall blond haired boy. Smiling he strolls down the hallway and greets his girlfriend with a kiss on her cheek. "Hi ya babe!" He says. "Hi yourself. " Emaly greets. "Well, only three more days until your birthday." He says. "When are you going to tell me?" Emaly asks as they walked towards French class. "Later, on your sixteenth birthday remember." Damien says and she nods.

"When will he tell her!" a male's voice asks. "Patience! He will tell. Then we will have our son back."A female's voice replies.

"I can't believe it! Dylan and Veronica were making out! Kissing and everything! I'm not surprised." Jennifer says. "Were you spying on them?" Kyle accuses her opening the front door of his car to let her in. "No! I just happen to be going to my locker when I hear moaning." Jennifer says. Right everyone replies. "So Damien you busy today?" Emaly asks hopefully, "Um… Yes, my brother is finally coming home from… out of town." He sighs in relief. Disappointed Emaly opens the back door and sits while Damien did the same. They stopped at Jennifer's house first because it was the closets. Next they head to Liam's house, his was farther. Last Kyle drove Emaly home then himself.

"Mom. Dad. I'm home!" Damien shouts out. "Son, did you tell her?" his father asks. "No sir. I haven't, I told her I will be telling her on her sixteenth birthday." He told his parents. "Soon my boy you will be home up in the skies." His mother said calmly and Damien looks at them smiling. As he opens his bedroom door he stops and thinks, 'Maybe i should tell her tomarrow. No, I promised myself and my parents I will tell her on her sixteenth birthday. Wait.' Then he went inside.

"Hey! Is anyone home!" Emaly shouts out. "Nope! Only me! Your favorite little sister!" Cydney jumps on her sister, embracing her. "Where's mom and dad?" Emaly asks and her sister replies, "Errands. Want to listen to Michael Jackson while we wait?" She asks hopefully. "No thanks. I'm not a huge M.J. fan." She answers. "I am!" Cydney pouts as she got off of her. As Emaly goes into the kitchen she says to herself, 'Will Damien tell me?'


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