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Wings Of Glory

By: awesome pants

Chapter 1, Kayla was a wacko a freak of nature evryone hated. one day when she was truely engulfed in hatred she thinks of 1 sulution and that one word will chang her....dare i say it......forever!

Character photos...dun dun dun dun!

Kayla-The wacko everyone loves to haye :)

Mj-Picture her with dark green eyes! Everyone hates to love her!

Scarlett-The girl none notises even though she a pretty girl dont judg her by her looks


Saydee-a charaictistic fun-loveing girl

Gale-Kaylas sister


!Kyle-The new freak

Zack-Funny hyper awesome guy!

Jeormie-the popular jock

Tyler-Mj's boyfriend

Teal-A guy named after a color who has awesome hair? WOW!


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