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Who Knows About Us?

Novel By: AyamaZero

At the age of seven, Giselle Nadori's mother was murdered on her way home to pick up Giselle from her dads house. Giselle was told this as well as the fact she wasn't a real human being. Her father being a demon and her mother a human, their daughter a half blood. Like many others she didn't want to accept this fact and ran away from home. Almost eight years later she is taken to a warehouse that is the enterance to an underground school for half bloods like her. She is assigned to Eric Hatiyer, an X demon royal, who she learns she's known her whole life. She also meets Zero, Jasper, Mahly, Terence, Chester, Komako, Serian, and a few other friends and learns to survive in the world of humans better than she had been, but there are people like her who want the human race just to disapear. As she goes through a high school life she encounters more than one thing that no normal person would have ever realized existed. View table of contents...


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It was dark...
To dark...
I sat in the middle of the only light I knew of...
To be honest I was scared.
My mom was murdered two months ago and I ran away from my dad. That night he told me he was a Demon and I was a half blood. That's a lot of pressure to put on a seven year old... I didn't understand it, but I dealt with it for three days then left and never went back and I won't go back...
After hearing my mom was shot on her way home I had started making sure the alley ways were clear. I had already gotten hurt plenty of times and every time when I had woken up I'd been in the dark. Just like this. It was scary. No one else was ever around and it was just silent...
"Hello..." I called into the darkness. "Is anyone there?" No answer "Can anyone hear me?"
Tears stung the back of my eyes. My hair fell in my face. I was alone and I'd chosen that, but alone for a seven year old girl is not normal nor did I ever realize how hard it is.
I looked around again searching for a way out. I had found one before but still I wanted to know where I could always fine one...
I stopped dead in my tracks...
I heard something...
Flapping, from a bird.
I looked up and a crow came out of the darkness. It dragged a smoky black behind it. I stared in awe at the strange beast... It landed right in front of me.
"Why are you here?" It talked, or I thought it did.
"I... I don't know..." I felt strange talking to the bird.
"You're not supposed to be here." It talked again!
"Why?" I asked, still very confused.
"Because this is the land where only the loneliest hearts ever reach. You don't belong here. This is the place where people with no one ever around them come to die. They die in their sleep and never ever see the world they could have created."
"Ok, I didn't choose to come here."
"Who are you?" It cawed.
"Me..." I said; I felt really dumb. "I'm Giselle, Giselle Nadori." I answered.
"I'm Shirl." The bird said. "I'm going to be your guardian."
"Shril?" He was a strange bird. "How are you my guardian?" I was so confused.
"You'll see..."
I wanted to ask more but the darkness faded away and I woke up in heaping amounts of pain.

"Are you ok?"
"She's covered in blood!"
"Poor girl!"
"Call the hospital."
Oh yeah, that was from almost eight years ago...
"Hurry who has a cell phone?"
"She's lying in her own blood."
I had never visited that place again since that crow had started following me...
"Stay still we're going to get you help!"
He said he was my guardian and he was following me around even now he looked down at me from his perch...
"No stay you shouldn't move."
I'm fifteen now, and I had saved someone but had almost died myself...
"How come she's still moving?"
"Hurry call the police!"
"No the hospital, get an ambulance!"
So annoying. I thought. If they wanted to help they should leave me alone. I sat up and ignored the voices and I looked myself over...
My jeans were torn up with cuts from a knife and a bullet scratch, just a scratch, my top wasn't much better. My T-shirt was soaked with blood. My right shoulder blade had a good seven inch cut on it and another bullet had scraped me on the top of my shoulder. My stomach had three parallel scratches and my arms were torn up with scratches and bruises.
I sighed, it wasn't as bad as I've been through but the shoulder would leave a nice scar.
I started to stand. I heard everyone's voice telling me to stay put.
"What are you doing?" One voice cut through the rest as I tried to stand. It was a scary tone and I knew the voice. I didn't know who it belonged to but I remembered the voice. I looked around and a boy with black hair and pale eyes stood in front of me. He didn't look like the other humans. He was tall and had strong arms and he lifted me to my feet and put my arm over his shoulder and started walking away.
Those other people stared after us in a daze as we entered an alley way.
I looked up at him. I wondered if he was like me. A demon half blood. But he was much to pale; his skin was white and had a strange glow to it. His hair was black but as I looked at it, it had a few white streaks in it. Very small streaks. His eyes were lighter than blue with black pupils that reflected no light. He never looked down at me and his shaggy black hair covered his eyes.
"Slow down." I said he was practically dragging me behind him. He stopped and I could feel him trying to decide to carry me, leave me or do as I asked.
He glanced down as I gathered my feet. "Sorry." His voice was pure not like it was before. It had an apologetic tone to it. He had chosen to do as I asked.
We continued through the dark and he stopped every once and a while to let me rest. We arrived at an old shed. I didn't like the aura it gave off.
"You coming?" I looked at him realizing I was standing on my own. I was still covered in blood and in a lot of pain not as much as before though...
"Sure..." I wasn't sure what I meant by that.
He punched the door and a panel flipped and a key board replaced it. He punched in some numbers and it beeped.
"Welcome back!" An animated voice came through while a loud click entered the night. I was still confused by this guy.
My life was changing...
Or it was about to...


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