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Who Knows About Us?

Novel By: AyamaZero

At the age of seven, Giselle Nadori's mother was murdered on her way home to pick up Giselle from her dads house. Giselle was told this as well as the fact she wasn't a real human being. Her father being a demon and her mother a human, their daughter a half blood. Like many others she didn't want to accept this fact and ran away from home. Almost eight years later she is taken to a warehouse that is the enterance to an underground school for half bloods like her. She is assigned to Eric Hatiyer, an X demon royal, who she learns she's known her whole life. She also meets Zero, Jasper, Mahly, Terence, Chester, Komako, Serian, and a few other friends and learns to survive in the world of humans better than she had been, but there are people like her who want the human race just to disapear. As she goes through a high school life she encounters more than one thing that no normal person would have ever realized existed. View table of contents...


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I was expecting something extravagant but all that happened was a click and the boy opened a door. He held it open for me as I showed little pain and walked inside. The warehouse was huge, there was a weight training area, running area with machines I had never seen before, a pool, and stair wells in every corner of the building. Above us was a second floor that covered half the room. I heard the door close and turned to the dark haired boy who brought me here.
"What is this place?" I asked, he ignored me and started for the second floor stairs. "Are you listening?" I said chasing after him. He stopped and turned.
"I am, but if I don't tell Zero and Jasper you're here, I get in trouble." His voice was still soft and calm but it had a sense of urgency to it. "I've been keeping an eye on you and that crow, and when this happened-" he gestured to my wounds, "I snapped so, I stepped in to help you without their permission."
I was still confused on why I was brought here. "So you…"
"I was assigned to watch a half blood and you were the one assigned 7 years ten months ago." He turned to the stairs.
I followed without question; the top floor was just one large room with different colored floors in some areas. There were only seven other people besides us up here. I stopped walking after fifteen steps away from the stairs. One was a real short girl not even five foot tall with black hair streaked with red; I had never seen that before. I wondered if she had dyed it. Her eyes were bright and sparkling neon green, she was smiling and holding the guys hand that stood beside her. He was tall at least six foot, with shaggy red hair and black tips. His eyes were calmer and were hunter green. His eyes smiled but his mouth did not. The next man over had gold blond hair and glasses. He wore a suit but carried the jacket over his arm. He looked no older than eighteen or nineteen. His eyes were deep, ocean blue. There was a girl with dirty blond hair standing a ways over quietly talking to man with pale blond hair that almost looked white. The girl wore a half shirt and leggings, her eyes were green with a splash of brown. The boy wore a tank-top and jeans.
The boy who led me in walked up to the other two. One was a female with long silver-white hair tied up in a neat high pony tail. Her eyes looked like she had no color to them, they were icy blue almost white and her pupils were gray. The man had black as night hair with a single streak of gold that matched his eyes.
They stood side by side, and the man was giving the girl instructions. The boy stopped as the gold streaked man stood back. The girl spread her arms and closed her eyes, wind picked up around the room. Her hair flew around her as she controlled to wind around her, she opened her eyes and the whole place filled with light. When the light faded, in front of us stood a large white wolf with red paws and a silver-gray stomach, it was an amazing sight she was larger than any wolf I'd ever seen. Her eyes looked red as the blood moon. And on her other side there were four scars on her hip. Now I was sure they were stranger than I. They all gave off such power and strength, even the little girl. She had the most energy ready to go.
The boy walked forward a little more until he stood in front of the man and wolf. They all looked by him and straight at me. The girl stared at me and smiled bright.
"Eric what are you doing?" The one with red hair asked.
"Sorry, Terence, I had no choice this time?" Eric answered. So that was his name. Strange, I thought it would be something crazy.
"What do you mean no choice?" I looked at the one with the gold streak in his hair.
"Don't be so harsh Jay! He's only a kid." The girl said.
"Stop calling me Jay, for the thousandth time it's Jasper." He stayed calm while scolding the girl.
"Loosen up, bro." Terence said.
They all seemed too cheerful. I wasn't surprised but shocked. Jasper ignored Terence. He looked at me then at Eric again.
"I know I didn't get your permission but look at this." He pointed to me, I was a bit offended. "When I found her like that she couldn't stand on her own."
"It looks like it hurts." The girl said. Terence's fist came down on her head. "OW!!!!! What was that for?!?" She had tears in her eyes. "You'll pay for that!" she jumped on his shoulders, pretty high for a kid.
"She's got potential, but will she do it?" The wolf! The wolf spoke!!!
"It's not like she has a choice now." Eric said.
I took a step back, but willed myself to stay.
"Jasper," the wolf said.
"Huh, yeah?"
"I say we give her a chance. If she beats me in one fight ever she will get the freedom to make a choice, to leave or stay, for now she's on 24/7 surveillance."
He smiled. "Alright."
"Thank you for your forgiveness, Zero." Eric said.
"Eric, you now have extra training and classes to do with her." She gestured to me.
"Wait? What?" Eric seemed more annoyed.
"You didn't wait the full eight years and you still brought her here. This is your punishment."
"I missed it by two months! And in this place it's a bit hard to tell how much time has passed whenever you're in here." He seemed mad. I had no clue what was going on but in two months was the anniversary of my mom's death and I didn't like this place, even if it felt safer than out there.
They continued arguing while I slowly backed up towards the stairs. I turned and ran down the steps as fast as I could. What they wanted with me I didn't know.
"Fine then!" I heard Eric yell.
"Wait where'd she go?" I didn't recognize that voice.
I heard laughing. "You guys didn't see her run off while you were all fighting." Whack "That hurt Terence!"
I ran to the door.
"Get back here!" Eric yelled, I heard him jump from the 2nd floor.
I shouldered the door throwing it open bolting into the dark.
"Giselle! Get back here!" I ignored him.
I ran to my apartment and locked the door behind me.
I was safe for now….
I hope…


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