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Magi Hunter

Novel By: Aznxa21

Tags: Magic, Revenge, War

Zwei is a Magi Hunter, Magicians who specialize in hunting rouge magicians. When he was younger his family and friends were massacred by magicians. Since then he has hated magic but he knows how useful it is as a tool. Since that day he has joined the Magi Hunter organization, Zwei devoted all of his time perfecting his skills for the day he can achieve vengeance. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 2, 2013    Reads: 13    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

My body is hot. Is something burning? What is that smell? Oh right we were attack by something. Why cant I remember. Screams are echoing all around. What's going on?

My vision is red;cant concentrate, who is that in front of me? I attempt to move my arm. Its numb there is no feeling; panic consumes me. The pain tackles my arm, my mouth flies open in an attempt to scream; nothing happens. Calm down I need to calm myself and find help, concentrate look around. There is an object in front of myself;no it is not a thing it's a person. Is it someone I know? Concentrate, wait three people? Two of them are yelling, no screaming is more accurate at. The other the two screaming I recognize them, they're my parents; why are they yelling at the third. I try to get up nothing happens.

The third person appears to be doing something with his hands. A blue circle appears from his left sparks fly from the circle. Danger! My brain screams at me. Have to help my... The sparks turned into two spears and soar from the circle. The first hits my father. When the spear made contact with his body it expanded and tore it in half. My mother stands there shocked before the second spear does the same to her.

"No!" I tried to scream but nothing would come out.

My vision clears, the village around me is in flames! People are fleeing for their lives only to be cut down by lightning spears from some others wearing black cloaks. I concentrated on the face of the third person. He has a scar going through his left eye. His right seems devoid of life. He notices me, then raises his right hand.

Wake up!


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