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No Safe Haven

Novel By: Behold

Terror has struck the east coast of Furtini. Vance, a self-absorbed individual, tells the story from his point of view. He later finds out there is much more to this than he ever dreamed.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 21, 2009    Reads: 156    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

BY: Behold
Chapter one: trials and tribulations
There's a crazed woman screaming in the corner.
The only real source of light is the rustic burn-barrel in the other corner, barely supporting a flame inside. The door had been kicked in and was on the floor. Piles of clutter are against all the walls, boxes, and furniture, magazines, television- everything. And everything looked as if it had been through a nuclear bomb: the walls were flaking; parts of carpet were ripped up (probably someone searching for hiding places); and there seemed to be an endless swirl of dust in the place.
A small tortured woman is screeching from the corner.
There's the smell of urine in the air. The window in the gloomy outside hallway dimly glows through a ragged drape.
An evening glow.
The sun was setting.
Some nutcase wouldn't stop screaming from out of the corner.
A harried-looking man in a mustard brown overcoat rushes over to comfort her.
"Mary, it's alright, calm down…."
Then Mary breaks into tears, and the man soon joins her, his body shuddering with emotion.
There are five people in the room: Mary, Arnold, Dave, the Kid, and me.
Mary was a lunatic, she looked somewhere in her forties.
Arnold, the somewhat bald man in overcoat. Early fifties. Has issues, I swear.
Dave, leather jacket, he plays tough guy. Ex-cop, mid twenties, pretty intelligent for his age. He's all right.
The Kid, some boy in his late teens who constantly wore a hoodie with the hood on hiding his face. Never spoke, simply strange and reached by "Kid". Him and me have some past.
Now we were survivors of It, among the few. It had been weeks, no months since my life had completely changed. The trials of the past month had greatly changed me. I once had something.
Not anymore.
It changed everything.
It's as if It had opened my eyes, like I now understood. I had never given it a thought. Now I appreciate life.
As I'm pondering over the past, Dave speaks. Dave pulls me from my thoughts. Dave, the ringleader of our ragtag group.
"It's getting late, we should go under. Put out that fire, we don't need anymore visitors…"
As Dave says this he gives Arnold a "don't let it happen again" glare. He meant Mary.
As we gather ourselves and Arnold puts out the fire, I continue to think.
Mary wasn't always a nut-job, she had changed over the past few days, and completely cracked yesterday. Although she was a little hysterical when we took her in.
Dave slams the cellar door shut.
We were taking refuge in what was left of Arnold's house. Luckily it was mostly still in one piece, and no one had plundered any food thanks to Arnold's paranoia. He had locks on every door and window, all kinds. He was one of those paranoid people who thought someone was going to kill him. Of course we put all the food in the cellar after It. We stayed in the cellar as a safety precaution, incase anyone broke in or It came around. Luckily Dave was here when me and the Kid showed up: Arnold would have never let us in. Dave had some sense to him, he could be cruel, but he meant for the best. Probably forced his way into Arnold's himself. Mary showed up a few days after us, crying about some baby she lost.
As we all lay down to sleep Mary continues to sob. She was the noisy type, the kind you want to go over to and make them shut up. We were sure to attract attention soon with her around.
As I drift off to sleep I imagine killing Mary. Heck, I imagine killing all of them, Dave Arnold and Mary. The Kid and me would survive longer on the meager food supply…. I wouldn't want to kill Dave, he just wouldn't understand though, killing Mary and Arnold and all. Don't think that I think to myself, we got plenty of food… plenty….


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