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Legacy (Tales of Existence 1)

Novel By: Bellator

This is set in a Modern - Day Fantasy, in a world that in a
World War. The Elite group of the Allies, known as Legacy, is there trying to end it with their new member Nomen. Nomen, a Bellator, which is a humanoid white tiger, which is the fiercest creature in Existence, has lost Altas, a Draco, which is a humanoid Dragon, who is the leader of the Bane Forces. Nomen "Asked" scientist to give him a Project DROID Bone Enhancement with Starblood, a meteor used by the Bellators', is one one of the most strong materials in the world. His squad, Legacy, is not told yet. Now Nomen is going to get the injection. View table of contents...


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The Double slidingdoors open. Nomen is just wearing blue trunks (With a hole in the back for his black-and-white tail)for the BoneInjection. It will have to do because the needle are too thin to pierce through his clothing and he didn't want to have holes in them (As he wanted, selfishly). He walks through the hallway,which has a white, tiled floor, black-grey walls, hatchways, andceiling, and informational health pictures for all species. Even though he never seen this part of theIH&C military hospital, he knew what it would look like; dull and sad, so he never looked... He had more on his mind, like he could loose his life in the injection.

Two project DROID Human Soldiers who guarded the main door to the waiting room saluted him while Nomen was walking.He didn't salute back because he knew that they wouldn't notice. He just walked on into the waiting room.

He found a small chair that barely fit him. Sitting down, trying to find a comfortable stance, he took out his locket. Opening it, he saw his two young cubs and his lovely mate. All of them having beautiful blue eyes. He thought, if he died, what would become of them? He closed his eyes in meditation. He was lost in his thoughts...

He heard theinjection door open.His right ear turned around 90 degrees to the right. Opening his eyes, his two majestic eyes, and turning his head to the right, he saw a 5F 6IN female doctor. He stood up. The women felt fear run through her body from the 9F 9IN giant. She backed off one step from him, almost tripping. Nomen felt the fear of her mind.

"Why wouldI kill you?"Nomen said, trying weakly to calm her down.

"Right... Uh... Right this way, sir."She said, showing him the way to go with her, while backing off.

After a minute, they finally reach the injection room.

"Welcome to the injection room...I hope you... uh.. Enjoy it?"She said, weakly trying to do what she does, inform people. She left the room as quickly as she can on her high heels.Nomen watched her run as quick as a human can run, wiched amused him. He gave a small smile then looked back into the room.

The room was worse then the hallway; It was all white with a bed that had the very fearful feeling of death, something that Draenei,Bellators, and some others could feel. The remote controlled needler was a modern look of death.

Nomen saw the Draenei and Gnome surgeons on the viewer room. The gnome controlled boththe needlers and the controlls on the injection. The draenei watched over the gnome to check for problems.

Nomen slowly nodded his head yes to the male gnome and female draenei while they were looking at him.

The gnome tested the needlers to check if it was working. One time a needler's needle was so close that it touched one ofNomen's whiskers but it was a success. They started on the placement of the needles.

"Does Legacy know about this?" Said the draenei.

"Who knows." Said the gnome.


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