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Xenophobia: Lantent Nature Ch1

Novel By: Belmont

The main charachter, Robin is the only person who doens't belong to any of the eight races within the eight nations. To find herself she join a military conservatory. The world of combat isn't new to her at all. With her ability of telekinesis, her goal is to best the strongest she can be, while exploring the races around her. View table of contents...



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Blameless Judgment

In the calm, serene land of Kodallia where beautiful and bountiful farms grow and friendly homes dwell, there in the heart of town is a conservatory for the nation's military. This school helps not only to recruit armed forces but also to enhance undeveloped powers of the non-humans. Being united with the races, non-humans can then transfer to their homeland's military. Unfortunately now in these times, it is difficult for the non-humans to attend the conservatory. The headmaster of the land doesn't want any potential traitors in her midst.

Within the land, sage callers of Poera and Nymphs of Ersvle mainly make up the non-humans in Kodallia. It is extremely rare to see an Apoeta, the bird like people from Raisun, the Vcar, like monks, of the Jong region and the Slulians, the shape-shifters. The Yugorns, the beasts, sadly are looked down on and are greatly feared. Their reputation is known as violent and cruel and so they are not allowed to attend the school, even if they are citizens of Kodallia.

In a still neighborhood surrounded by towering evergreens, mysterious willows and deer ferns filling the patches between the trees, a young girl has been accepted to the conservatory.

"Robin, wake up!" Cried her mother as she entered the bedroom. "I have come in here five times already!" The mother complained as she attempted to peel off the girl's blanket cocoon. They played tug-of-war with the covers until the young girl, named Robin, spied her clock on the walk. It was seven forty two a.m. Robin shot out of bed, throwing on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, while her mother tried to escape the drowning mass of blanket. Robin could hear her yelling about how not to forget her backpack and to make sure to come home to do laundry. Sliding down the banister, she yelled out "Okay!" Then gathered her belongings and an apple for breakfast and headed out the door.

Robin has lived in Kodallia her whole life and knows every pebble and tree stump from her house to the town's market all the way to Kaipo woods, which was on the broader to the next nation. She wasn't supposed to go in the woods for it also led into the Yugornian reservation. She did anyways with some friends just to prove to other kids and their paranoid mothers that no Yugorns lived in Kodallia. Growing up Robin played in the river that cut through the land. Her mother also didn't like that. She would say, the currents were too strong and she would end up dead somewhere down river. Every time she was found in these places, her mother would cry in dismay, "You better listen to me or you'll be found in a Yugorn's stomach," Robin would shake her head from side to side for she knew her mother was always a bit drama oriented. At these moments she tells her mother not to worry and heads on her way.

Although she lives in Kodallia, she isn't human. She doesn't belong to any of the races. Robin has the ability to manipulate objects with her mind, like telekinesis. She thought maybe it would go under the category of the Vdia of Witter but it wouldn't makes sense, Vdai pass the gene from female to female only and her mother is just a plain old human. This power has to come from her father. Her parents met during the phantom war and her father never got to see the end of it. Sometimes Robin would ask about her father, but her mother avoided the questions and never spoke of him. Her mother regrets and never wants to remember the past. This always troubled Robin for she needed answers.

For the sixteen years she's been alive, Robin has always wanted to go to this school, not only will she get to see all the non-humans but she thinks it will help to unlock her identity. When she was much younger, Robin would sneak over to the edge of the humongous field to the west of the school. Robin would watch the Vdai cast their dark alchemy of the elements at the nymphs who wore beautiful handmade armor and wielded their famous elongated swords. The shape shifters of Slule would also be there, transforming into beasts of all shapes and colors, everything from common animals, to creatures never seen, to even Yugorns. All sorts of fighting styles were being used and countered in their mock trials of battle. Robin's dream come true was finally becoming a reality and she was going to be late. She picked up her pace and began running.

Inside the building of the school, she looked for her room number. Eventually finding it, Robin entered the room with caution. Kids her age and older talked. She saw that they instructor hadn't arrived. She sat down at the nearest desk and looked at the others. Two seats over was a human male, next to him another. Robin searched for other races. In the back row, she saw two nymphs, male and female. Nymphs were known to have blond hair and being part plant they have two sets of long branches or antlers coming out of the top of the head at an angle that grow as long as they do. Dangling in front of their ears were miniature leafy vines, from a distance it looked like green braids.

In the back corner was a Vdai. Robin could tell for all Vdai are a type human that wear colored cloth with their tied up hair. Overall there were mainly humans, Robin sighed as her hands came up to hold her head. When the instructor arrived, he wanted everyone to be divided by race; Humans in the first row, nymphs in the second, and the rest were separated into the back corners of the room. Robin sort of stood there looking where she would fit in. The instructor looked to Robin, "don't you know what race you are?" He asked.

"Well, I guess I'm with the humans but I'm not human," She reasoned with herself.

"You don't know? Oh never mind, just fit anywhere you think you should be."

Robin walked to the back left corner with the Vdai girl. Robin smiled at her but the Vdai stared as if it was foreign. "Your not a Vdai," She said in an annoyed tone.

"I know but I think I might be."

The girl grew interested, "hmm, I never seen a Vdai with hair like golden sand."

This made Robin giggled, "You mean, I'm dirty blond." The girl didn't respond. As the instructor began checking IDs and took count of the races, Robin asked for the girl's name.

"It's Aires."

"I'm Robin," She smiled with her teeth. They started to listen to the lecture about how he'll create groups and how they'll stay in them throughout the first class. Also the first class is to prepare and have an understanding of battle. The class then was divided further down by weaponry. The instructor told swordsmen to go to a different class, fist combat to another and students using the art of magic to go a class on the second level. Both Robin and Aires walked to their new room. "Makes things easier to learn when the whole class uses your fighting ways, huh?" Robin said to get rid of the silence.

"Yeah," Aires murmured. As they walked up the stairs they passed by a Kodallian Knight on duty. Robin looked back and stared as she walked forward. Knights wore metal shoulder pads, simple plated chest armor and their trademark: a maroon cloak that is wore around the waist.

Aires asked, "So if you're a Vdai, what's your element?" Robin quickly faced forward again and had no idea what she was talking about. "Or is it not developed yet?"

"Well, I guess…." She rubbed the back of her head. "Can Vdais use telekinesis, cause that's what I can do."

"No. Vdais use the power of Sylph, Undine and other elements of nature," She informed. Robin sighed as they entered their new class. The room was half full of Vdais, Robin stood out like an oak tree in a thicket for everyone had dark brown or black hair. While they sat together, the new instructor greeted them. Although she was a Vdai, she wore clothes like that of a human except for her hair. Everyone in the room were females of Witter, expect for one sitting next to Robin. She noticed she wasn't the only one staring. The person was not a girl but a boy. "A boy Vdai?" His bangs were parted and came down to his jaw. The rest was all put up with a hair clamp, which had chains that dangled in the back. His black hair complemented his brown skin, like Aires. Such a thing was never heard of before. If a male is born in Witter, he would be sent up to the Jong region for they hold no element powers. The instructor continued her lecture although all eyes were on the male adolescent. Robin noticed that he didn't like all of the attention. He slowly looked at Robin; once he did she smiled at him all her teeth. This made his nervousness fade; he slightly grinned back. "I'm Robin," She whispered.

He smiled at nothing then said, "It's Jet." Robin's eyes widen.

"That's an awesome name." Her upbeat attitude, made him relax.

For the rest of the class, Robin and her new associates somewhat listened to the instructor talking about how to bring out ones magic, but they were to interested in getting to know each other. When class ended Robin, Aires and Jet walked in the hallways. Aires couldn't help but stare at Jet. "So you hold the element of Salamander? How is that possible?"

Jet stared at the floor, "I really got lucky I guess," He shrugged. "What about you Robin? What element do you hold?"

"I don't hold any. I don't belong to any race, I guess," She got embarrassed.

"What can you do?" asked Jet.

"I can move objects with my mind." Both Jet and Aires had never heard of such a thing. "Do you know of any race that can do that?" she acted desperate. They both shook their heads. Robin slouched as they walked. Aires started to practice bringing out her powers. Jet watched intently, Robin's eyes widen with awe. As she moved her hands in a circular motion wind appeared in between her palms. Robin and Jet smiled.

"I can't hold it for very long," She murmured. Aires's hands then came to her side and rubbed them against her layered skirt. She wore thick layers to hide her shape. The skirts came down to her shins, but still she covered herself up with black tights and ankle high laced up boots. The shirt she wore was long sleeved and on each wrist were three golden bangles. Robin wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything that girly, she's more a tomboy then anything and a little proud of it. To her, it was to hang on to the last of her childhood before really growing up. She knew once she falls in love it would be the end, so when hanging out with guys she wants them to see her as just a friend and nothing more. Sometimes she considers at the age seventeen she would start wearing pastel colors for starts.

Robin looked at Jet who was talking to Aires. "Hmm…" she thought as she stared at his outfit. Wrapped in a robe like coat, he also wore many layers. "Maybe it's a Vdai thing?" Robin waited as they talked about where they lived in Witter. "So what are you guys doing next? Anything fun?"

"I'm doing nothing," Said Jet.

"Well, I was going to train out on the field," Aires said softly.

"Why don't we all train!" Robin yelled with excitement. They all rushed outside, Robin crossed her fingers for no rain. Once running out the door the sun seem to shine right at them. Jet turned to the field, "I guess were not the only ones with the idea." Robin saw some humans battling already.

"Ah, there's plenty of room," She said with confidence as she walked. Aires looked to Jet who shrugged and stared following her. When they got closer they all stood in a row watching the fight. What looked to be practice was actually real, one against four. The group of four humans surrounded the other and threatening him with words.

"That's a lie! There's no way you could be registered!" one yelled.

"Yeah! You're not even considered human!"

The boy in the middle had his back faced towards Robin. He's hair was so black it didn't seem real. The hairstyle he wore was mid length with the ends flipped upwards. He dressed different for a human; he wore a tan colored robe like dress, with a thick leather belt. Underneath he wore dark pants and shin high boots. A red ascot hung around his neck.

Robin grew annoyed as the name-calling began. "How could they do that to they're own kind?" she said to her group. "I'm not going let this happen!" she clutched her hand and made a fist. "Time to put practice to the test."

Jet tried to stop her by saying, "Those guys are in the upper class!" but that didn't stop her.

"She's crazy," Aires said annoyed.

Robin walked up to the group and yelled out, "Leave him alone! He's done nothing!" The four humans all stared at her with evil eyes. Finally the boy in the middle turned around, this surprised Robin for the boy had the most slanted eyes she's ever seen.

The leader started to walk towards her, "Get out of here little girl. You don't know what you're getting into."

Robin grinned, "Humph. I've seen Yugorns prettier then you!" This comment shocked everyone; the leader frowned and pulled out a dagger hidden in his jacket.

"That's it! You've asked for it little girl!" He yelled and began to charge at Robin but she didn't move nor did her smile change. She waited until he was a foot away and at that time her right arm came out to her side. Around her fist were yellowish cream flames. The fire danced around her hand, while she yelled out, "Take this! Pig scum!" Suddenly nearby rocks and boulders were in mid air with the same flames around them. With Robin's mind she threw them at him. Immediately he stopped and shielded himself with his arms. Jet and Aires were stunned to see this. Some of the leader's members started to leave.

"Okay! Okay I give! Stop, stop!" He cried. Robin stopped and the flames disappeared.

"Get out of here!" She yelled at him. The leader and his group took off without another word. Robin walked over to the boy. "Hey, are you alright?"

The boy her age smiled, "Oh, sank you so much," He said pleasantly and quickly bowed his head. Robin was a little confused by his weird behavior. Robin noticed Aires and Jet running up to them.

"That was amazing!" Jet yelled. "I can't believe you just did that."

"Well, it wasn't my first fight," She grinned, then faced the new kid. "What's your name?"

"It is Kai."

Aires examined him, "have you ever seen a human like him before? Look at those eyes they're like slivers." Kai got slightly embarrass.

"Aires don't say that," Robin frowned.

"But it's true," Aries cried.

Kai stared at the ground, "Yes it is true. Sis is why sah humans treat me badly."

"I don't get it," Robin shook her head.

"Humans are not allowed to have a race among sem," Kai informed.

Robin looked to the others, "What?"

Jet sighed, "Long ago, before the Phantom War maybe before the humans came to this continent, they were ordered to no longer have nationalism."

Aires faced Kai and whispered, "one race?" Robin still didn't get it.

"Sere use to be many races among the humans, but say were order to interbreed so Sere were only one. No longer could say be individuals, say are just called humans."

Robin's eyes enlarged, "maybe I'm one of those lost races," She asked herself.

"So what are you?" Aires asked the boy.

"I am of sah oriental race but I am not sure which one."

"Do you wield any weapons?" Robin changed the subject to what she was interested in.

"Yes, I am a swordsmen, well I'd like to be," He grew disappointed in himself. "I could not even fend for myself."

"Hey, no worries. We're all beginners here too," She tried to make him feel better.

"Yes, but sah way you showed courage against sows guys…"

Robin cut him off, "It's all about confidence."

The whole afternoon they all practiced and hung out until evening. When Robin got home she told her mother about her new friends. "This guy is an oriental, do you know what that is?"

Her mother twirled around to Robin, "Oh my! You stay away from that fugitive! He's probably planning on stealing you to his secret colony, so you two can create more of their kind!"

Robin was dumbfounded. "Uh…mother he's only fifteen. I don't think he's thinking that," She tried to reason. "My point is I saved him and besides that kid is afraid of his own shadow, he can't steal me." Her mother started to calm down and continued washing dishes as Robin ate her dinner. "Oh! I met two Vdai these guys are my buds. Did you know there are male Vdai! Jet is so cool! He can shoot fire out of his hands, so cool! Oh! And Aires, she uses wind, that's tricky to fight against cause you can't see it."

Again her mother panicked. "You stay away from those gypsy. They'll take you away to their homeland as a freak show. Oh! I can see it now. You in a cage with a sign saying, "Come see blond human! Only one aros coin."

Robin was speechless. "What!?" she rolled her eyes and sighed. She poked around at her food, as there was silence among the two. Robin changed the topic, "I really want to see a Yugorn." Before she could say any more her mother appeared in front of her.

"That I will not allow. I can't risk having you killed," For once her voice was stern.

"Mom, they all can't be that bad…" she was cut off.

"Robin. They killed your father," She said grimly. Robin's eyes widen with fear and shock. "I will allow any other race but the Yugorns. Promise me that you'll stay away from them even if you think they're harmless or you can defeat one."

Robin nodded her head, "Okay, I will."

That night Robin was haunted by the thought of her father being killed. "Why do they do that? Why do they kill so much?" The whole night she couldn't sleep and when morning came her eyes felt like they had weights hanging from them. At class she couldn't pay attention at all. She didn't worry too much since she already knew how to bring out her powers. Finishing up her sleep in class, Robin couldn't help wonder if the whole class would be like this. She couldn't wait for some action, some real fighting. While the day was still early, Robin and her new friends headed to the market. Being the last day of the week, everyone seem to have the same idea. Kai followed Robin like a shadow while Jet and Aires wandered around by themselves but too far off. Booths lined up in the town, filled with varieties of produce, fabrics, crafts and clothes. These were the only places where one could buy foreign items in Kodallia. Robin bought a couple of colored silk scarves from an old woman from Poera. Right when she turned around, Robin noticed among the crowds, one person wearing a hooded cloak leaving the market area. This interested her and without thinking she began to following. Kai was confused by this and asked about her actions. "Robin where are we going? Don't you want to see the rest of sah market?" But Robin didn't answer, she was too focus on the mysterious person.

The way it walked was a little aggressive, like marching. When it walked in the empty roads, Kai then saw the person and knew what they were doing. Sometimes when the person stop and turn, Robin and Kai would dash behind trees, bushes, stone or whatever they found to be unseen.

"Why are we doing sis? Did say steal something?" Kai whispered.

"Not sure, I just want to know what their doing and who they are."

They followed out of town and onto the trails through neighborhoods until the person stopped and removed its hood. The back of the head was only visible, but Robin could see its reddish brown hair and on the top, near the crown of the head were two horns. Robin and Kai froze; slowly they looked at each other.

"That is a Yugorn," Kai's undertone voice barely made it out.

"I don't believe it, a real Yugorn," Excitement grew within Robin for she had never seen one and at that moment her promise ringed in her head. Guilt filled Robin when she thought of her mother's speech and at the same time she wanted to follow the Yugorn. She stood there fighting with herself.

"Oh, a promise is a promise," She sighed.

"Robin let's get out of here before it sees us," Kai started to lead the way.

"Alright," She moaned. Robin dragged her feet as they headed back. The image of it stayed in here head, that layered wiry red hair, those horns. "Dang, I would kill to see where it was going and who it was." Thinking about it some more, she felt butterflies in her stomach. "It's like I found a unicorn," She thought. When they got back, they met up with Jet. He told them that Aries had to leave early for an appointment, that's when they all decided to go their separate ways.


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