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Chain Master - Anorah

Novel By: Blackdragon99

The lands are held in peace by an elite order of sprits, they are whispered in fear, the Chain Masters. It is said that the Chain Master of Dead man's mountain murdered a man called Noah, father to Anorah yet this is a lie. Grathal is hunting the True Bloods, and he has only two to go. Anorah is a young orphan who believes the chain master Anneriah murdered her father and ever since hearing the name her hate has grown her into a sour yet beautiful rouge. her only friend is Nick, a shadow munger. The unlikely friends take the quest to kill a might warrior to earn their honour and they chose the Dead man's mountain Chain Master for death. View table of contents...


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Anorah stood her childish feet quaking in her father's boots. Her father laughed as she attempted to walk like an adult, she was only one year old. Her pale skin shone where the fire light hit it, a strange thing for one so young. Anorah was not an ordinary looking kid but she had yet to endure the torment that comes with not fitting in. Her face was very rounded, as is the way of a young child; her body was too small for her smaller head. Her eyes which shone a completely bright blue were very rounded and seemed like gems to her father. Her father was a blacksmith with rather dark skin. His hair was a bright red unlike Anorah's bright blue hair. He wore tight black pants with leather fronts as is the way of a blacksmith and a thick woolen shirt with no sleeves, along with a leather headband holding his fringe away from his deep brown eyes. As Anorah stumbled her father's arm's reached out and lifted her up, his heavy boots fell from her kicking feet as she was swooped to her father's chest. She giggled as he ticked her stomach with one of his gnarled hands. The scars of a blacksmiths mistakes showed across his hands yet Anorah seemed untroubled. As she laughed her father's eyes seemed sad as he lent down and kissed her small nose. He then placed Anorah down as he walked from the fire place to the sliding door. His bare feet moved quietly across the earth floor as he came close to the door he grabbed the first thing close to his hand, a metal stick around two foot long and an inch thick. Then the sounds met Anorah's small ears, waves and waves of screaming and a crackling she recognized, a fire blazing. Her father screamed as he opened the door, a scream that held more than loss. He then ran to Anorah and scooped her into his arms then ran to the kitchen dining room, he then charged towards the back door, the sound of banging and yelling was at the front door now. As he opened the back door he stopped and looked to a hooded figure. The hooded figure was tall and a chain dangled from the left hand.

"Thank god you came" Her father panted as he offered Anorah out "my guiding angel keep her safe but do not make her life as it should be" he panted as the hooded figure stretched their hands out taking Anorah. The hooded figure smiled under the hood and spoke, her voice was a singing angel seeming voice "Thank you for offering her a normal life my love" she then looked down to Anorah her eyes filled with a strange longing she then retreated to the tree line that bordered the small yard. Then the sound of wood crashing and splintering came through to the three's ears and the hooded woman moved further back into the forest seeming to father like she would run yet she stopped once hidden in the tree's. Then there was a horrible sound of armor feet stomping in time and two rows of armored men stood around Anorah's father, and then a final man walked out. He was tall and rather thickly built. He wore black leather pants with armor studs down the legs, a gold plated breastplate guarded his torso and a sliver chainmail cloak went down to his Mid-calf, the rest of his legs were guarded by armor boots that pointed at the top. A belt dangled at a slight angle which held a scabbard with a dark sword hilt with a red ruby eye at the pommel. His skin was a deep red color and his eyes deathly black, his ears were pointed but curved back and small horns grew above his temples and curved towards each other. His bottom jaw stuck out slightly, a row of spikes covered his chin and two fangs stuck up from his bottom jaw. The hooded woman drew a quick breath as he looked from his boot tips and glared at the man she loved. Anorah felt the chain shake with hatred as if the woman was deciding whether to attack or now.

"Well what do we have here, Anneriah's man do we not"? The red an asked his voice a rasping snarl. He smiled showing more bad teeth and Anorah's father seemed to snarl with as much hatred as the cloaked woman's chain rattled.

"You will never have her even if you kill me and Anneriah you will never have her" father spat at the red man his face hidden yet was in a determined set snarl. "NEVER" He spat again his spittle hitting the red man's face.

"Well Noah, my name is Grathal and I am the real man for this woman, to have her and you and your offspring must be gone, so I ask again, where is your daughter" The red man Grathal snarled as he gripped the front of Anorah's father, Noah's shirt. Noah struggled against the grip as he spoke again "You will never have her so kill me or leave me alone". Grathal flicked his fingers in the air and there was a hum. Then the cloaked woman screamed her voice beyond pain, her soul was bared in that scream as she extended her hand towards Noah and fell to her knees. Noah gasped and fell to his knee's an arrow sticking out of his chest, it had however missed his heart meaning a slower death. Grathal seeming ill content with the arrow kicked Noah, Noah's body spun so his eyes were towards Anorah and the cloaked woman Anneriah. His eyes spoke a thousand words of his deep love and how even death would not cease his emotions, they also spoke of loss as tears filled them. The cloaked woman's hood fell off to reveal a young girls face. Her skin was pale and her eyes bright blue her hair however was black and long. Her face was very thin yet not too long, an angels face on a young woman around a quarter of one hundred years old. Her eyes were large and round and her lips perfectly shaped, her nose was also shaped perfectly almost like she was carved by a master of his craft infected with her soul and that of the god of arts and crafts. Her eyes showed more than loss as she too extended her hand towards Noah, tilting her arm so he could also see Anorah. As Noah groaned again Anneriah did something that was harder than anything she had yet done. She smiled the happiest smile she could, yet tears ran freely from her eyes. It was then Noah gasped as Grathal placed his foot on Noah's back. Anneriah then shoved her hood back on and tucked Anorah under her cloak and ran, she ran for her life and the babe tucked in her arm under the thick woolen cloak.

The Bushes crashed and the soldiers behind Anneriah stumbled after them, Anneriah also crushed through bushes yet she was lighter on her feet soundless even the bushes only split where she touched Anorah. Then suddenly there was a hollow tree, Anneriah rushed for the hollow tree and dived in as a soldier saw her. As he rushed Anneriah held Anorah closer and placed her hand on the trees inside. Suddenly the world spun and the soldier was gone. As the world stopped its head spin Anneriah stepped out of the tree and walked three paces south onto a stone paved road. She then turned to her left and walked, she knew not why she walked that way but she knew what she was searching for and the bundle in her arms must be sheltered from the nights coming cold. A few hours later Anneriah still walked her pace had not slowed from the walk yet it begun to speed up as the wind howled causing Anorah to cry out. "Shh shhh shh" Anneriah crooned to the crying Anorah and then she sung a quiet tune, while her voice was not perfect it was very close soothing Anorah into a quiet slumber. Anneriah looked around nervously as she broke into a light jog towards the first inn lights she saw, Anneriah didn't want to be seen outside late at night by Grathal and she didn't want to be seen by anyone whilst she had a babe asleep in her arms. She quickly wondered into the Inn as another harsh gale of wind chased her. The men drinking in the bar stared at her as she wondered to the inn and made her order "A warm mug of milk and some hot soup". The inn keeper grinned as he saw the baby under Anneriah's cloak "milk for your baby babe" he then laughed again "Anneriah I shall keep her presence quiet for an extra tip". Anneriah looked at him and her eyes blazed "the extra tip is the dagger I have to your manhood will not go any further" she tilted her head as the dagger moved closer causing the Inn keeper to flinch; he swiftly nodded his over enthusiastic agreement. She quickly walked to the fireplace past many a table surrounded by drunk stinking men, she then took the mug of milk and lightly maneuvered it so Anorah drunk. Then one man looked and walked towards her his friends beginning to laugh, one look at Anneriah's face told them she was not in the mood for a night's loving but her hands were full what could she do. The man came up behind her but stopped short with a howl, a floating dagger had dug into the meat of his backside and was twisting slowly, as he fell to his knees Anneriah made a movement with her head and the dagger landed on the ground next to her after it twisted itself free from the man's rump. He lay groaning on the ground as the men all gaped at Anneriah then again she spoke her kind voice was now harsh and scary echoing from all the corners of the room "I am not in the mood for games now leave me be. I am Anneriah the Demon Slayer and the only one to harm Grathal the true blood hunter". After that no one bothered her the Inn keeper even offered her the best room free, more out of fright than the goodness of his cold heart.


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