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Form Chosen

Novel By: Blackdragon99

Over history the villiage of Wulkenholm has been bloody. Now the vengeful shapeshifting Sprits have decided to reclaim their home. Young Niva is the outcast of her people, always asking the wrong questions. Young Crespo Wulf is the only born ghost of the Shapeshifters. Now these two enemies must work together to save both their people and try and stop a war before it starts. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 31, 2011    Reads: 52    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

Long ago in a small village there lived a young woman. She was not ordinary, she lived away from the others despite her beauty, she couldn't risk been discovered. By day she was a flower picker selling her beautiful flowers at the corner of the old market, by night she was a witch, curing the deathly ill and chaining the beast.

Time passed and she started having trouble with her affairs, the guards started questioning, people wondered and became wary. Her flowers were no longer the brightest, her eyes dimmed from her magics, her beauty faded as did her youth.

Desperate for money to feed her old bones this kindly woman started blessing children with their second form taken from the dead animals whom had ill luck in the cold snows of winter. The witch was paid greatly for her troubles yet the poor found her prices unfair and harsh.

Jealousy overcame them as the witch refused to help them with her magics anymore, her age had by then caught up with her, the spells she once could cast now drained her to the void and beyond. She was no longer a witch; she was an old lady trying to help with basic herbs and soon not at all.

The rage of the poor and rich alike caused them to turn the witch over to the armies of the king. She was tied to a post in her house and it was then set alight. The flames danced through the thatched roof and log walls until only smoking ashes remained. Grey flecks carried on the wind like dark snow, the smoke infecting the skies with eternal dark clouds.

As for her creations, the blessed children were cast out of the village and doomed to roam the forest. Over time the village was abandoned, the blessed children reclaimed the broken buildings, using their strength they soon built a fair place to be called home. Their children were also blessed with multi forms, the ability to shift what they were.

As is the way of humans the kings army came back and tried to claim the village but the blessed believed in different gods, not the Christ lord but in mother earth. After months of war the army decided to cheat. Under a white flag they called the Blessed out to talk peace. When the kindly blessed came forwards they were all slaughtered.




All Slaughtered.

The witch's sprit however couldn't rest easy, her rage and pain raised the Blessed in sprit. Together they found a way to make their sprits corporeal at will. Their sprits plagued the forest, killing those foolish enough to venture to far at the wrong time. Hunting in their animal forms they plague the forest to this day.


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