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The Story Of Nexous

Novel By: BlazeTheDragon

The Story Of Nexous is about a young dragon named Nexous who has to survive on his own. And later meets a girl who becomes friends with him. He struggles to control his own kingdom, and later falls in love with his friend which later causes a war to break out. View table of contents...


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The Story



Our story begins as a young dragon named Nexous. In a cave deep within The Valley of Hope. With nothing more but darknes in every turn, but in this spacific cave lived a large family of dragons. Each raised with love and hope to one day rule a kingdom or valley, or mabey become a strong warrior. But one of these dragons was having a hard time finding his destiny. This dragon was different from the others, he was to kind and peaceful. The others were more agresive yet honorable. This poor peaceful dragon was one they called Nexous. All of his brothers and sisters were of the same element (Fire). But Nexous for some odd reason was born with the element of (Ice). His mother and father thought that this was caused by sicknes or disease. Nexous was a good child then bad, but his parents thought that he was a curse from the gods. They decided to keep him for a while to see how he gets along with his siblings. Sure enough one day during supper his father brought home a bach of cattle killed from the nearby valley. As every one began to eat Nexous didnt recieve any food. He thought to himself "mabey if I ask they will probably give me supper". He asks his nearby brother "hey do you mind if you could share with me, everyone seems to be eating it all and I am very hungry". His brother replys "No". "How come"? Nexous replys. "Because you are nothing more than a excuse for a dragon".

Nexous did not know what his brother ment by an excuse for a dragon. "Just look at you, you are born with the element of ice what makes you think you are apart of the family of flame"? Nexous looks down with sadness and begins to think to himself "why could my own brothers and sisters think Im a fraud to the family. I only try to be nice with the people I love". Nexous begins to cry, and after a moment he crys himself to sleep.

The next day Nexous and his siblings have gone to see their uncle who was apparently their combat trainer. "Allright I want every single one of you to be in a single file line"! Nexous did not hesitate, he knew his uncle wasnt messing around. After his uncle was studying everyones faces he had finnaly came to Nexous. "Well who do we have here. Whats your name son"? Nexous hesitated "my name is Nexous sir". " Sir? he-he I think your going to be an interesting one". The uncle begins to speak "here at combat training we have 2 important rules. Rule number 1 show no mercy. Rule number 2 never show weakness". One of Nexous's siblings whispers to him "good luck". Nexous becomes worried.


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