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Heroes of Fate: The Bloody Beginning

Novel By: BloodyBlade

A story about a young man learning the ways of the samurai, along comes his friends to come and battle alongside him. They will soon travel to far away lands and find a witch inorder to save a powerful wizard that may be the only person to save the kingdom. Not only does he have to trust his sword and his self, but he also has to learn to trust his friends. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 23, 2008    Reads: 142    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

A bloodcurdling scream came from the village of Kivalanche. It wassunrise when arricades of flaming arrows came swarming into the wooden huts like senile bees pissed off because a bear took their honey without any permission. All the men of the tiny village came out to see hundreds of goblins infront of them. There were only 20 men with tiny katana's.

"Pathetic," one of the goblins said stepping out of the perfectly lined army of monsters.

He looked very buff like he has no life and been working out all his life. His silver armor were covered with many medals of honor. His feet were as big as his over muscular body. He was carrying a massive sword with five rings drilled into the blade. His black helmet sheathed his deformed face. There were slits on the helmet showing is bleeding, beading eyes. Oh his back was a javelin incase he needed to kill someone far away from him.

"You humans have no respect," he said. His voice was low pitched like he was swallowing and talking at the same time.

A brave man, named Karito, at the age of 40 talked back.

"What do you mean no respect," he spat. "Your the one with no respect. Many are already killed or burned alive by your arrows."

The buff goblin laughed maliciously. "I meant, how could you face the greatest army in the kingdoms and not have a complete army.

"This is a small village...."

"Enough with this crap."

The goblin pulled out his javalin so fast and swift, Karito barely had time to grasp his magic in time. The spear stuck out of his body like someone jabbing there fork into a piece of steak. Everyone was silent until Karito fell to the ground with the spear dug into his back. The samarai's ran at the goblins yelling with their swords held high.

For a second there was hope. For a second there was peace. For a second there was no bloodshed. Untill the goblins plucked their next arrow and twinked it into their bow. More seconds past and the samrai's were close tom the goblins. Twink! The men were silenced and so were the women and children in the huts.

The goblins marched on to the biggest Kingdom of all. Falconicah. Soon the evil that marched on began to become a blur. But only one thing stood out. A man of the age of 40 trying to heal himself.

"Vesumvita,"he muttered. His wounds started to heal and mend.

He stood up and blankly limped to the Forbidden Forest.


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