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There is no release

Novel By: blueskia

All Caitlyn knew and loved was violently ripped away from her when she was 18 by a monster she only believed to exist in story books. Ten years down the line she decided to stop running and try to control what she had become by settling down in New York where it all began, hoping to create a little solitary sanctuary.

It was going so well until she was found by the very monsters that ripped her humanity away from her all those years ago.

Now in their custardy Caitlyn faces the possibility that she will never be left alone with her 'condition' seeing as she is one of a kind that shouldn't even be able to exist.

Without even realising it she is thrust into a war that has been raging on for thousands of years which has nothing to do with her. Or does it? As she desperately tries to get used to the new and terrifying world she had been dragged into she also tries to figure out who or what she really is.

This is the newly improved and heavily edited version 2.
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I headed downstairs and into the study, Jason was sitting at his desk in the far right corner of the room. All the walls were covered with ancient books, I wondered over to the sofa which was placed right in front of the fire place; perfect. The fire was roaring giving the study a wonderful orange glow.

Xander lay on the rug, he looked up giving me a warm smile, and he had fixed my favourite drink Scottish whisky on the rocks. Smiling back at him I took the drink and dropped onto the sofa. I took a sip and let it slip down my throat into my belly; I savoured the warm burning sensation as it lingered a little after. A confortable silence fell on the room, a few moments passed before Jason spoke from behind the New York Times.

"Do either of you know why I wanted Caitlyn brought here?"

We looked over to each other with blank expressions then back over to Jason shaking our heads.

"Not really, care to enlighten us Jay."

He sighed and put the paper to one side, he seemed stressed.

"How many female Mongrels are there outside of packs?"

Xander slapped his forehead in sudden realization; I thought for a moment then it hit me I mentally kicked myself for not seeing it sooner; Xander answered.

"There aren't any we know of, that was before we knew about Caitlyn"

Smiling Jason leaned forward in the chair as he continued.

"Exactly, how many bitten mongrels are there in our race?"

I knew this answer already; Jason seemed to be getting really excited by all of this.

"There are only four males but they're from Lunarie families, a mutation stopped them from changing they were stuck in wolf form. Thing is they were injected with the purest of our DNA for experimental reasons and luckily it worked."

Xander shook his head in disagreement.

"You are forgetting yourself."

"I wasn't bitten; I transformed when I turned eighteen."

Jason chuckled he got up and walked over to the fireplace

"Yes that is true; but you are unique as you were born from human parents… No Lunarie DNA."

I shrugged my shoulders in response, Xander spoke up wondering;

"Yes ok so Chrissie is unique, what does that make Caitlyn?"

"I don't know, she is entirely new seeing as the others are male and full blooded, as far as we know our DNA is lethal to humans"

I still couldn't figure out how a mongrel could have acted so human and be so controlled. Jason saw my expression and gave me a puzzled glance.

"What is bothering you?"

I didn't know how to respond I tried my best to explain.

"When we got that tip from John-Paul about a female mongrel in New York I was very sceptical that it was a true lead. I mean we deal with mongrels all the time and well they mostly don't have an apartment in the middle of New York with a stable job as a columnist."

Both looked at me with blank expressions, I groaned.

"Im going to have to spell it out?"

I was met with silence.

"Any time we have come across a mongrel they're almost ferial like the only functions and thought processes are pure hatred for pack members and were their next meal is coming from."

Jason threw back his head and laughed; I gave him a questioning stare he scratched his chin smirking.

"You have a really narrow view of mongrels, just because they are aggressive towards you and travel around alone doesn't make them ferial. They are still like us only difference is that they don't have a pack or territory, unless they are accepted into a pack and pass the initiation rites."

I opened my mouth to interject; he gave me a stern stare I shut my mouth and listened to what he had to say.

"I know that it is very rare, seeing the reason we have 'mongrels' is due to the council banishing a member from its pack at the instruction of the Alpha. They are to roam this world alone without out any rites or privileges of our kind"

That explains a lot though I never thought of them as just animals without the ability to be as advanced as the rest of us.

"I understand that, it's just that well when I met Caitlyn for the first time she could just pass off as a human if you didn't pick up on her scent and there is something about her I just can't put my finger on"

Xander nodded in agreement, sighing I asked the question that was in the fore front of my thoughts.

"We're going to have to tell council aren't we?"

Jason solemnly nodded I threw my arms up in frustration and shouted.

"They are going to have a field day!"


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