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There is no release

Novel By: blueskia

All Caitlyn knew and loved was violently ripped away from her when she was 18 by a monster she only believed to exist in story books. Ten years down the line she decided to stop running and try to control what she had become by settling down in New York where it all began, hoping to create a little solitary sanctuary.

It was going so well until she was found by the very monsters that ripped her humanity away from her all those years ago.

Now in their custardy Caitlyn faces the possibility that she will never be left alone with her 'condition' seeing as she is one of a kind that shouldn't even be able to exist.

Without even realising it she is thrust into a war that has been raging on for thousands of years which has nothing to do with her. Or does it? As she desperately tries to get used to the new and terrifying world she had been dragged into she also tries to figure out who or what she really is.

This is the newly improved and heavily edited version 2.
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I woke up in a sweat after another night of vivid dreams I searched the room in a panic, it took me a while to remember where I was. A wonderful smell of bacon and pancakes wafted up through the floorboards. My mouth watered and my stomach growled in protest for not having been fed the night before. Looking over to the door I noticed it was ajar; I guess someone must have come to check up on me last night. I followed the delicious smell out of the room and straight into someone's chest.

Looking up I was met with electric green eyes and the biggest smile I had seen this side of Canada. He was beautiful beyond description; I couldn't get over how his chocolate brown hair shone in the morning sunlight. It was wild and un-kept; I stood there with my mouth open as I took in his muscular figure.

He was built like a rugby player with all the right muscles and none of the fat. Like the rest of his pack he had a lovely golden tan that disappeared under his tight white shirt and black cargo shorts. Strange though he wore no shoes judging by his height he's a little shorter than Xander not by much though I'm guessing 6 foot 3 inches.Chuckling he looked down at me and flashed his brilliantly white teeth.

"You must be the new Wolfie the whole pack is talking about."

He had a deep and husky voice I didn't know what to say as my heart had slipped into overdrive; I was at a loss for words. He somehow seemed familiar but he was a complete stranger to me. I had never felt this way about anyone; it was as if I was somehow connected to him. He snapped his fingers close to my face waving his hand.

"Hello? Are you still in there? I promise I don't bite... Much."

He laughed at his own joke, shaking my head in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry; I don't properly function without food in the morning."

Laughing to himself he held out his hand;

"Let's start again; I'm Dean McAllistyer nice to meet you."

Smiling back I took his hand as I changed the pleasantry.

"I'm Caitlyn Hart."

As soon as out hands touched I pulled mine back just as quickly, it felt as if an electric shock had run up my arm. In astonishment I looked up at him his expression was the same as mine, one of shock and surprise. Shaking his head he pulled away and turned towards the stairs.

"Are you going to come down for breakfast? Jason wants you to meet most of the pack."

Silently nodding I followed him down the stairs, passed the kitchen and what seemed like a study to the back of the house. It opened up into a large room with a very large and heavenly laden table in the middle. The piles of food in the middle of the table were enough to feed a small army there were pancakes, muffins, an assortment of meats and of course my favourite gammon.

My mouth started to water at the sight, I then noticed the seven people sitting staring straight at me in silence. Not knowing what to say I blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.

"Umm... Hi?"

Jason stood up from the head of the table, smiling he broke the silence.

"Caitlyn! I trust you slept well? Anyway let me introduce you to some of my pack."

Chrissie and Xander were sitting by the French doors to the right of Jason; pointing to the both them he chuckled as he spoke.

You are already well acquainted with the two bodyguards of the pack; sitting next to them is Peter McAllistyer, my second in command"

He pointed to a stocky muscular man he looked no taller than 5"9; his hair was the same chocolate colour as Dean's. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown though he looked no older than 32. He had the same strong jaw line as Dean I guessed they were related;

"Peter is father." Jason added

The two younger looking males sitting across from Chrissie and Xander had turned around and were smiling at me excitedly; I looked from one to the other then to Jason in confusion he chuckled.

"Don't worry you're not seeing double, their identical twins."

Their smiles widened if they could smile from ear to ear they would have been doing so; you couldn't help but smile back at them.

They looked a bit younger than the rest, their golden blond hair fell past their shoulders thick spikey and wild. They were of a slim build and tall by the looks of it they looked about 6"7. Though they were identical there was one difference Jason pointed it out to me.

"The way to tell them apart is by their eyes, Morgan has blue eyes and Logan has green. They are the babies of the pack, only 16, my mate and I adopted them after their parents were killed."

Their beaming smiles filled their faces; I couldn't help but smiled back my heart felt for them knowing what it was like to lose family. Jason sat back down and looked to the empty spaces around the tables.

"There are more of us but some of the pack is away on diplomatic trips. They are visiting other packs to strengthen the bonds of kinship."

I nodded in silence and looked at him blankly, realising my confusion Jason chuckled and replied,

"Ah yes! I had forgotten that you don't really know much about pack politics, never mind about that now. Come sit have something to eat."

Dean got up and lead me to a chair next to Logan, I sat down he dropped next to me and gave me a warm smile. Silence crept over the table I looked at the plate in front of me I no longer felt hungry. It felt like all eyes were on me, after what seemed like an eternity Peter questioned;

"So... where are you from? You have an underlining accent I can't quiet place."

His question caught me off guard; I looked at him blankly after a few seconds it clicked.

"Oh! Sorry... Umm I'm originally from Scotland."

The room fell back under the blanket of silence that covered the room; I played around with the food in front of me not really wanting to eat. It still felt like every one's eyes were on me, I didn't dare look up. A cough came from across the table I looked up in the direction it came from Peter he leaned forward with a quizzing look.

"Why are you so far from home?"

A knot was forming deep within my chest, letting out a painful gasp I stammered in my response.

"My... My family were killed while hiking in highlands of Scotland… I know that this will sound nuts but … by wolves. I don't know why but they didn't attack me. When I was found in the morning there were only three of us left alive from the group only children were left. I can't remember much of the funeral though there were a lot of people there. After that I was shipped off to live in New York with an Aunt I had never met, I was 13."

I don't know why I had just told a bunch of strangers about my past, I have never told anyone about my family not even James. My appetite vanished and was replaced with a sick feeling, the knot in my chest painfully tightened, I couldn't breathe! I had to get out, I had to run! I stood up so quickly I fell clean off my chair.

Dean gave me a worried glance as he moved to help me up. In a panic I hit his hand away, jumped up and ran for the side door that was open it lead into the back yard. I saw the forest and bolted for the tree line I didn't care if they came for me or not I had to get away, away from the memories from the pain.

The knot spread from my chest across to my stomach, the back of my skull started to tingle I knew what was coming. Before I had time to react I doubled over in pain as I started to change.

The tingling in my skin turned into a stabbing pain all over my body. The blood in my veins felt like lava flowed through them. My muscles and bones convulsed and twisted under the strain while ripping the clothes I wore to shreds.

My back arched with such force that my ribs snapped and shrank to form the wolf's chest cavity. My coccyx grew longerto form a tail, my nails sharpened to claws. My fingers and toes snapped and doubled over to make my paws as my feet elongated and snapped forward to form my hind legs. My face lengthend into a muzzle as my teeth dropped out and were replaced with razor sharp fangs. My ears lenghthend at the tips and were forced to the top sides of my head. The hair around my body grew and thickened into course fiery red fur.

Transformation completed I lay on the ground catching my breath, twitching my ears in different directions I listened to the sounds around me. The wind rustled through the leaves on the trees; somewhere off in the distance I could hear running water.
Deciding to follow the sound of the running water I remember learning in class that rivers always lead out of forests. Though I never really paid much attention in class I could be wrong. Suddenly I heard movement behind me spinning around I saw and smelt nothing. I wasn't going to let my guard down easily.

A flash of blond ran past to the left of me; I couldn't smell anything though my gut instincts screamed at me to move and to move fast. I ran deeper into the forest. There was another flash of blond to the left side of me but this time there was black and brown as well.

Damn it! Jason had sent half the bloody pack after me! I lowered my head to the ground and ran faster, but it didn't seem help I could hear them closing in behind me. Not daring to look back I ran harder and faster I could feel their hot breath on my tail as I bolted for my life. All of a sudden out of nowhere a large 215 pound wolf jumped in front me blocking my only exit. I skidded to a halt and turned tail and run back the way I had come.

I jumped over a large mahogany wolf that had been on my tail, I recognised the colour of the coat, it was Xander. He snapped at my legs but missed as I jumped out the way. He turned to try and catch me but tripped up on a root. I ran back to the direction of the house at full speed. My muscles were screaming out in protest, ignoring them I pushed on I was running on adrenaline alone.

I ran so fast that I had not seen the wire and tripped up sending down a large and heavy net on top of me. I desperately struggled to break free but the longer I struggled the more tangled I became. Eventually giving up I was ready to accept my fate, 20 minutes had passed and no wolves had come crashing through the bushes to rip me apart.

I heard footsteps approaching from the trees turning my head towards that direction, Jason and Peter emerged in human form and fully clothed.

Both approached with amused looks on their faces, I bore my teeth and released a low and menacing growl they looked at each other. Peter said something to Jason I had no desire to understand him. They approached with more caution than before and were getting to close for my liking.

A ferocious snarl escaped my throat stopping them dead in their tracks; I desperately tried to get out of the net again no luck. I heard something approach to the left of me, my head snapped towards that direction.

Standing before me was a chocolate brown 215 pound wolf with the clearest green eyes I had ever seen, it was Dean.
He lowered his body to the ground in submission, he whined for me to calm myself. Snorting in frustration I lay my head down between my paws all the while looking at Dean.

I hadn't noticed that Peter and Jason walk up behind me; out of now where I felt a sharp prick in my left hind leg. Startled my head spun round and snapped in defence, my teeth sank into Jason's hand he shouted out in pain and in anger he struck me across the muzzle everything went black. Groggily waking up I mumbled;

"Oh man my head!"

With my eyes still closed I tried to lift my head, stars exploded in front of me. Slowly I opened my eyes; everything started to come into focus. I could say one thing I certainly wasn't in the forest anymore, for one thing I was lying on concrete. My vision finally focused looking around I wasn't impressed.

"Great! I'm in a damn big ass cage! Don't I feel special?"

Hearing a soft snoring behind me I quickly turned my head to see Dean asleep on the couch in the corner, sarcastically muttering to myself;

"Wow my options look promising! I'm stuck in a cage with a damn male standing guard and Dean of all people. Not just that I'm naked as the day I was born!"

Looking around the cage I spotted a set of clothes in the far corner walking over I picked them up while wrinkling my nose at the smell. The clothes were another set of Xander's old clothes, folded up in the pile of clothes were a set of woman's panties at least I don't have to where boxers again. I had just finished putting on the really long set of jeans when I heard a loud snort, jumping round I automatically fell into a defensive crouch.


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