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The Light of Shi'va, Unified Version

Novel By: Briiee

This is the light of shi'va all together. View table of contents...


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Deep within the Forest of Lamay the racing heart of a young guardian and the frightened wails of an infant fill the forest with unforgiving panic and terror. This will become ultimate precursor to an unspeakable doom. This doom, unlike any other doom or tragedy that has befallen the world, has crept slowly; seemingly unnoticeable into place, like a poison it has left no visible mark. Behind all this unforeseen turmoil lies a single, innocent light that may lead the world into a new age of peace. A young light, whose safety and fate are in the hands of a young, but promising guardian that is racing through the forest to save and protect this precious light. But now with this young beautiful light's life in danger the guardian most make choices that will forever alter her and the world in ways not even the great Va'shi could have foreseen.

Sha'kri gives chase to his ultimate foe. The one who has the power to undo everything he and his master have done and plan to do. Sha'kri knows that this foe must be destroyed while she is young and weak, for every day that she lives she gains power and strength. Sha'kri races through the forest at speeds that seem impossible, yet somehow he is still slower than guardian, who continues to race ahead. Sha'kri howls a dark, deathly howl that seems to awaken the forest.

The shadows begin to morph into creatures of nightmares. The forest, which was only a few seconds ago seemed vacant, is now densely filled with creatures that would lurk in corners that even the darkest minds would fear. The guardian noticed that these creatures seemed to be emanating fear themselves, but she couldn't fathom why. These nightmarish creatures soon surround the guardian and young babe, forcing them into a standstill. The guardian's mind began to race. She desperately was trying to find a weakness in the impenetrable wall of haunting creatures. There was simply no escape. The guardian braced herself knowing that she must fight until death to save the child.

The guardian holds the infant tight against her chest protecting the infant from as much as she can while still allowing herself the ability to fight. The dark creatures inch forward from every direction, flawlessly, she soon realizes that these creatures were under the control of Sha'kri. She quickly prayed for protection from the great Va'shi, begging that her prayers will be answered. The creatures continue their advance with the same slow mind-numbing advance, driving fear into the guardian's heart. The anticipation builds in the Guardian's heart, unsure when they will strike and from where the first strike will come.

In a single instant, Sha'kri leaps over the wall of creatures barely missing the guardian. With pure, unhindered fear the Guardian leaps in fright and faces Sha'kri. Sha'kri gives a sinister little smile and loses form and becomes a huge black shadow that surrounds both the Guardian and the infant. Sha'kri taunts the guardian by making sounds come from all around her, the guardian moves in a blur trying to find the source of the sound, but is unable.

The young baby for the first time opens her eyes and seems to see things that aren't there, she watches with intelligence far beyond her age, she watches and comprehends. With a short giggle the infant begins to release a blinding glow that sends shrieks through the circle of creatures. She becomes brighter still and begins to rise from the Guardians arms, and with a final flash the Guardian and the infant are gone.


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