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The Returnee's

By: bullet90

Chapter 1, The Returnees is about a being and others like her who were once known as humans until they died and were returned. From what they know of themselves against their wills and forced to eat humans to maintain their superhuman abilities and to survive, except for a girl named Alve who can survive and keep her abilities without eating anyone. The first Returnees as they are called in the supernatural world and zombies in the human world. The first Returnees who many call the honorable higherarkies gave learned of get existence throw lower Returnees and gave been sending out search parties for her.

Chapter 1 Alve has felt diffrent from other people and knows why, but has never known why she can change her facial figure or why she looks like a zombie on tv when she changes but does not act like one or eat people. She has always wanted answers but never been able to tell her parents or anyone else from fear they would not cope or would reject her trying to protect themselves from whatever she is. The only person she has ever told was the only friend she had ever had and that did not last long. Not long after she shared her deepest secret and showed her other face and her abilities when the other side comes out. Emily her friend mystically disappeared and has not been seen in 6 years not long after telling her that she would trying to find out we're the origins came from and what the real myths about Zombies really were. Not long after Emily's disappearance the entire around her and her family was slaughted many were mutilated and some eaten to the bone. Her parents freaked out when they saw how quiet the street was and knocked on a few doors only to get no answers. Her parents Bradley and Pheobe decided to enter the houses and were horrified at what they discovered. Afraid that when police are called and come to the street they will be the main suspects since their the only ones alive they decided to flee the town and find somewhere else to start over, especially after already being suspects for the disappearance over Emily. Written by Stacey Bailey

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