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My Supernatural Life

Novel By: Buttercup12354

Sorry for the crappy title, I am not so good with titles. And also the beginning is not as good at it could be, but I promise after chapter two it is amazing; at least that is what I have been told. Anyway, its about a girl with abilities and troubles; your everyday typical YA book. Hope you like it! View table of contents...


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They say every day we live for tomorrow, but what if there was no tomorrow? What if everything ended in an instant? What if the world was going to end and no one knew except one person? And that person was you. What if you were the only person that could stop it? What if?

Chapter One


Lunch was over; the bell I just heard signaled that. That meant there were only three hours left of the school day, thank goodness. I stand at my locker; another bell rings, signaling five more minutes to get to class on time before you're marked late. I stare in my red painted locker, at all my textbooks and notebooks waiting to be taken home tomorrow for the weekends homework, which probably won't be gotten to until Sunday night, Monday morning.

"Hey Bayli come on we're going to be late for class." Says Alex, which is a little odd because I use to be the one who worried about being late for class. Not her.

"No we are not Alex, we have five minutes." I said coolly

"Bay," my nickname," what's wrong? You've been acting strange lately. You're not your normal self, you've been spacey and you've gone M.I.A. even when I'm at your house it's like you're not even there. You disappear out of thin air."

"Everything is fine Alex I just have a weird feeling about these dreams I've been having. They seem so real and then I wake up and realize it's all just a dream. I don't know, I think it's a sign."

"A sign? Bayli, are you talking about your psychic ability again?"

"Yes, Alex I am." I say irritated

"Okay not that I don't believe you, I mean you saved my life hours before anything happened by just warning me, but-"

"But what it's weird? I know that! It seems fictional? I know that too! I'm a freak?! Yup know that too, so but what Alex tell me the truth!"

"I was going to say, it has been happening a lot more lately. You knowing everything hours or minutes before anything happens. I believe your ability is getting stronger. I mean that candle thing you did the other night was pretty cool, but you didn't even know what you were doing until I pointed it out. You should talk to your grandma about this, maybe she can help."

"Yeah you're right Alex, well, we should get to class. See you in detention!"

"Wait how do- never mind I should never ask."

Alex and I have been friends forever. Our moms have known each other since high-school and Alex and I have been pretty inseparable since we met as babies. I found out I was psychic at about six and that my "imaginary friends" weren't actually "imaginary friends" but ghosts. And I actually came to understanding everything at about eight; and have been getting more abilities since then. Honestly it scares me sometimes. Now I've been having these dreams that tell me I'm going to be the cause of the end of the world. My dreams are so corny "Oh watch out don't get to angry the world might end." "You are the most powerful thing on the planet and you could cause the end of the world." Ha great! As if I'm not going through enough being a teenager. Hah! What is going to cause me to end the world? Hormone overdrive? Well at least I can supposedly stop the world from blowing to smithereens right? I think about this on my way to math class.

"Aahh, Ms. Curl, would you like to tell me and the rest of the class as to why you are late this afternoon?" Smeared my math teacher Mr. Grant. He always did this to someone who was late so I decided to be a smart ass so I could get detention and talk to Alex since I hate math. Oh am I going to regret this.

"Aahh, Mr. Grant, I would love to tell you, and the rest of the class as to why I am late. See during lunch I heard someone screaming and well long story short I had to save someone from drowning in the ocean." Everyone laughed.

"I see." said Mr. Grant offensively. "DETENTION!" He yelled with pleasure.

As I walked around the long white hallways of my school filled with beige lockers that varied from colors on the inside I got a premonition. I saw Alex's face then a door blow up, and I knew it was going to happen soon.

I walk in the detention room, a room I've never been in. It looks just like the library except the little bookshelf space there is in here, is empty. There are wooden tables, circular and rectangular, and no matter what size the table, there are only four chairs to a table. I spot Alex and walk over to her. She's wearing MY favorite blue shirt with butterflies on it and she's braiding her long black hair, well attempting to anyway.

"So Bayli you were right, I would see you in detention!" Alex said acting surprised

"Aren't I always right Alex?" Knowing her answer I sat down and told her to shut up.

"I have to tell you something; on my way here I saw this door blo-"

"Ah what am I going to do, Bayli is gonna kick my ass and I know she will." I turned to see Tyler Jones, he was about to tell Jordan, his best friend, something really important. "Holy, oh my gosh Alex I just heard what Tyler said, but that's crazy considering our distance. Okay shut up and act stupid." I smirked.

"Jordan I have to break up with Jessica because I cheated on her, not purposefully though it just happened-."

"What!" I yelled unexpectedly. I turned to see Tyler looking at me confused as if he knew I heard him though that was impossible considering our distance, then I heard what sounded like an axe hitting wood.

"Ummm Bayli...?

"What? I sneered

"Well, um, first of all there is your blown up door, and second, we should leave."

I turned to look around and saw Tyler and Jordan's freaked out faces. And then saw the door and that there really was no door. "Oh no," I thought, "I did this"' the door was completely gone it's like there never was a door before. The very look on the few people's faces that were in here showed complete terror. I turned to Alex, she and I had the exact same face on, the oh-crap- let's-leave face. We grabbed our stuff and ran out the door. At least where it should have been.


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