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Your Wildest Dreams

Novel By: C L Poesher

Constance Lucinda Poesher is Lucifers daughter and despite the power she has, most of the time all she needs to do is wink and a man will fall on his knees. But when one man, decides to try and get her to really feel something, she feels lost. Along with having to find another Angel and Demon Hunter to replace her life long friend, fallen angel Gabriel, her lifes takes a totally new turn when she discovers something about her past that is almost to much to handle. While trying to find herself in all the wrong places, she finds something she never expected, but is it really true? She cannot see what might be at the end of the tunnel, but what she does know, is she won't come out the other side the same. View table of contents...



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Chapter One

The sunlight grazed the icy skin on the tips of my toes as it peeked through a sliver of the burgundy satin curtains on the bedroom window. I turned my nose into the warm pillow and tried to keep my eyes from fluttering open, only to be blinded when they shot up.

A sigh escaped my lips and I forced myself to sit up and push my blonde hair out of my face. I knew it would only be a few minutes until someone came into the bedroom, telling to get my ass ready for the day. I smirked a little as I looked over at the back of a light brown haired head, and the smooth tan contore of the back that followed below it... I scooted a bit closer, pressing my nose against the skin of that back and breathed inwards my eyes squeezing shut for just another moment as the musky strong smell of him filled my senses.

"Are you smelling me?" A deep muffled voice hummed and I backed away putting on a serious face Wyatt rolled over and raised his thick brows.

"Of course not."

"Of course." He grinned crookedly and I cleared my throat before tossing the covers off, placing my feet on the carpeted floor and standing up. I could hear the movement of Wyatt sliding himself off the bed and I hoped with all I had he wasn't coming towards me. The violent false prayers in my heart had not been answered as I felt hands slip across my bare waist...

"Why can't you just, give me one smile?" Wyatt whispered against my ear and I felt my whole body heat up a few degrees.

I swallowed, "I'm in no smiling mood."

His chuckled sounded as if he didn't believe me, and he ran his thumbs inside the waistband of my tiny black shorts. I took a breath and did my best to scoot him away from me but he just pulled me closer.


Like a saint, a savior, I heard a knock on the door and I used this moment as my chance to skip away from my bare back being pressed against Wyatts warm chest....

I ran over and pulled the door open, the air in the hallway swooshing against my face.

"Ms. Constance."

"Call me Lucie, Dana."

Dana nodded and peaked through the space in between my shoulder and the door frame at Wyatt. I cleared my throat for the second time this morning, hoping she would get onto what she needed to tell me.

"Gabriel is here to see you."

This brought a smile to face and I imagined Wyatt's annoyance as he stood behind me.

"I'll be out soon."

Dana nodded and turned hurrying herself back down the hallway in her black slacks, white shirt, the usual maid outfit... Father had chosen something a little more, revealing, but I made it abundently clear I was the eye candy in my house. I grinned again at my thoughts but quickly wiped it off of my face before turning around and closing the door.

"Gabriel?" Wyatt asked even though he had heard...

"Yes Gabriel. He is the Hunter."

Wyatt huffed with frustration and started to walk towards me, but I shook my head and gave him a look that said I didn't want to be touched.

"Fine. Fine! I'm leaving." His eyes angry, jealous, and annoyed at me as usual.

"Well, goodbye." I waved casually as I turned towards my closet.

"If you weren't Lucifer's daughter...."

"Don't go there Wyatt." I mumbled as I heard him picking up his clothing from the floor and pulling them on.

He didn't say another word, even as he opened the door and closed it behind him roughly. I smiled and shook my head before opening the crimson colored door to my closet and setting a hand on my curved hip, pondering...

Gabriel was surely here to bitch, as always. And I was going to annoy him, as usual, but what is the harm in getting dressed up for such an occasion? It certainly was one of my favorites...

Then again, dressing, in less clothing might make for a more humorous conversation. I chuckled and ran my fingers along my stomach.


I knew I was wasting time, but did it really matter? For the first time since the night before, I was alone in my room and the silence was calming. Yet, I did want to see Gabriel. Whenever I saw him, he was the part of my day that I didn't regret. Perhaps because he was the one person who had known me from the very beginning... Or maybe it was because he was just fun to aggravate.

I pulled a black silk, sleeveless jumper from my closet and stepped into it and then fixing it perfectly to a snug fit around my bust. I brushed my fingers through my locks and turning to look into my floor length mirror.

"Amator... But good enough." I whispered, rolling the Swedish in the first word as if I was in great land of Sweden. I shook my memories off before they could fill my mind and I made my way out of my room and down the hallway barefoot. I slipped into the living room silently and smiled as I saw Gabriel standing near the couch with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Jesus, Lucie, could you have taken any longer"

I rolled my eyes at him and walked until we were 4 feet away from each other, his dark hair messy around his head and his blue eyes looked annoyed. This amused me and I smiled at him.

"You look like Hell Gabriel." I mused.

"Thank you. You look like the typical pretentious you I know, can we not go through the greetings and game playing?" He shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans, and I looked up at him, at his 6ft and my 5'7.

"Sure, why not..."

I agreed although I would've must rather messed with him a tad bit more.

"Have you come to express your undying secret love for me." I grinned and he glared at me, obviously not interested in my banter. He thought of me as a sister, and I had to admit mot of the time I thought of him as my brother, but he was handsome....

But... also way to stuck in his ways...

"I've come to bring up, the fact that I am tired of being Hunter."

I raised my eyebrow.

"Really? I never would've thought."

"Well, it's getting to be a lot for me. I thought you'd understand, having grow up together."

He was right, I knew everything about his life and he knew mine. I knew better than anyone else that his Hunting had tormented him for most of his thousands of years and despite the previous hunter, who he considered father, teaching him everything he knew, he still had a hard time getting himself together after a job.

"Of course..."

"I need someone to pass my skills onto."

"Have you spoken with Karleen?"

His eyes suddenly grew very sad and I regretted bringing her up.

"No I haven't. I figured you would know another Fallen Angel or could go to her and see if she does."

"None have fallen lately. But I swear Gabriel, when one does, I will go and find them and get them on the path."

He looked surprised and I smiled a little.

"Gabriel. I am not as much of a bitch as you think I am."

He nodded.

I stepped closer and ran my fingers along this dark t-shirt.

"Whatever I can do to help, I will..."

He brushed my hand off of him and I pretended to be hurt and put a hand to my heart and then chuckled.

"Thank you for helping me. I have to go."

I blinked.

"So soon?" This time I was a little disappointed. I didn't want to have to be left with Wyatt, if he was even still here, perhaps he really did leave...

"Yes... Goodbye Lucie."

I nodded and turned around as soon as he disappeared, leaving Hell and making his way back up to the plain of earth and I wondered if I should start looking for another Angel to replace him. Of course, no Angel would replace Gabriel's place in my life, but just his job. Honestly, I was a little annoyed that he wanted to quit. This would mean I wouldn't see him as much...

"Lucie... I'm sorry I can't leave." Wyatts voice entered the room and I groaned silently, my entire mood taking another dip into frustration.

"Oh joy." I whispered as I turned around to face him, he walked up to me, placing his finger on my left cheek and smiled.

"You always say you're going to leave, but you don't." I said looking into his pale green eyes, wondering if he could see how much I just wanted to be alone, be somewhere else, be someone else.

"And you always say you won't sleep with me again, but you do."


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