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Iris just wants to be typical. She wants to have a boyfriend, a family who annoys her to bits and a dog. Just a cute little adorable dog but of course only one of those things will happen.....The annoying family. Her mom is thinking about a dog.....but a boyfriend, it's just to out of her league.
And as if not being normal was enough Iris can see monsters and magical creatures......Why you say??

She has NO idea! View table of contents...


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I'm sitting on my grandmothers couch, waiting for her to ask us if we would like to leave. I'm packed and ready to go and so is Amber. Amber's my sister and she probably has more anticipation to get out of here then me.

"Okay girls" my grandma finally talks, "Are you two ready to go?"

"Yup we are all packed" I said

"Yeah" pitched in Amber

"Great then let's scadaddle" Says my grandmother.

We all walk to the car and I send Amber a text

Hey we successfully left those terrible statues!

I waited a couple minutes and then a response

Yeah we did! :)

The car ride was quiet, but not long. Grandma tried to make occasional small chat and we talked back. I really just LOVE staring out the window. Watching all of those beautiful trees fly by the window. The birds in the after noon the sun blazing down, well it's stunning. I've learned that people stopped notice such beauty's like that.

We passed my mothers house big and brick. She was unpacking our gold SUV She went camping while Amber and I were practically tortured.

We have to Grandmother's, this grandmother loves sculpting. She wants us to try to sculpt too. She doesn't get that sculpting.....Well it's not our thing. So after almost three days I was ready to go home.

We kept driving down the busy street Grandma complaining about how the people are driving.

Not soon enough we get to my dad's street. Grandma pulls up on the curb. Amber and I grab our bags and run towards the stairs leading to the back door. Amber get's to the door and pulls the handle. It pops open and we walk in. I walk down a slightly narrow hallway to my room and plop my bags on my unmade unneat bed. HOME SWEET HOME I thought, sometimes it feels better here then it does at mom's.

At mom's we have enormous rooms, well painted well furnished, and well carpeted. It's filled with use less but pretty decorations that i liked, but then i go to dads. Small room a bed a desk and a bookshelf. Plain white e walls and hard wood floors. Small tiny decorations propped up every where, just some how it feels more like home there then at mom's even though it doesn't make much since.

Grandma gave us hugs and was on her way because my dad was sleeping.

I walk around the house and close all the windows, it was freezing cold wind blowing in and almost EVERY window was open, but of course i smiled while doing it.

I waited for my dad to wake up but then got bored so I went for a walk. I walked down the street, crossed the road and walked into the Vision Center, I needed to pick up my glasses any way.

When i walked into the building this lady was staring at me oh i thought "umm hi I'm here to pick up my glasses" i said and then smiled.

"What's your name?" she questioned

"Iris" I said

"And your last please?"

"oh yeah sorry Iris Brooks"

"Okay honey just have a seat over there she'll be with you in a minute"

I smiled and did as she says. While i was sitting this girl was talking to a man about bifocals she told him his glasses bill altogether would be 360 dollars!!! woo if i had that money......SHOPPING SPREE!

After waiting about 20 minutes this lady said hi and asked me to put on my glasses "Now how do those feel?" she asked

"Well they fit but they slide of my nose a bit" I replied trying to help the process along.

"Okay i can fix that I'll be back"

She came back and i put my glasses on again this time the tips or ends of my glasses were warm and the glasses looked smaller.

"Do you see better in them?" The lady asked

"Oh yes" I replied "It's better then stumbling around blind"

The lady laughed "Now you only have to wear these for close up things like reading school you name it"

"Okay i get it thank you" I replied she handed me my orange and purple zebra print case and my glasses and walked out the door.

I have to get used to glasses thou right

just in case you did i walked with my glasses on home.

I walked up to the porch and Amber was smoking with our down stairs neighbor and some guy who lived on the street. They were talking and laughing so i went to join them i walked up the first step fine but the second one i fell. our neighbors started laughing and i did too.

"owww" I said and Amber helped me up.

"Are you okay?" the guy asked

"Yeah I'm fine it didn't hurt much" I replied and then looked at my leg, it was pretty beat up

Ugh How long will it take for this one to heal?

we sat and talked for a couple minutes but then they had to leave they said bye and as the guy was walking away

Amber said "haaah he has no shoes"

"Really?" I asked and looked at him "huh" He does have no shoes on.

"We have to go pack" Amber said "We do have to goo to mom's today, and then were packing again for grandma and grandpas'"

I stood up and started to walk "ughhhhhh i said why do we have to walk so much???"


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