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The Fear Of Being Found

Novel By: Camisado92

Welcome to Lacyrmosa, the highest kingdom is all of Fantasya. This is the place where royalty reigns all and people are forbidden to leave. Could there be more to this palace then the royals are letting on? And what are those mysterious creatures in the dark forest beyond? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 4, 2008    Reads: 325    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

There are so many things I could tell you all about Lacrymosa. All the secrets, deviants, and traitors. There are too many to tell all in a few sentences and paragraphs. Too many things. Yet still, I do not know all that goes on.

����������� You see, I am Guinevere, the youngest princess of two. However, you may call me Gwen for short. My sister, Emeline, or Emma, and I live in Fantasya. Or more appropriately, Lacrymosa. No one is aloud to leave the kingdom of Lacrymosa for fear of what lays beyond. There are trees and forests, and bushes and dark skies surrounding us. There are stories of the creatures beyond the forests but being princesses, we cannot learn about them. It's forbidden. The sorcerers and sorceresses tell us they are harmful and we have a pact with them. We do not enter their land, they do not enter ours. However, I do wish to meet them. I long to know what they are. If they are what they tell us, why do they exist here if Fantasya? Fantasya is a peaceful place, my father tells us.� Why?

����������� Our story begins on a gloomy day. Usually these would be the days I would beg Father and Mother to let me outside to dance in the rain. Today was not going to be one of those days.


����������� I sat at my vanity brushing out my long black hair and sighing at my reflection. My eyes were a dark shade of brown; they almost looked black except in the sunlight.� My thick black lashes surrounded them. My skin was white as the snow. My lips were dark red like a dying rose. I sighed at how different I looked from my sister who was full of color and happiness. Her skin was always glowing and her cheeks were always rosy. Her blue eyes were always lit up and her full pink lips were always smiling. Her long blonde hair was the envy of every lady in the palace walls. I was so different. I looked down at my white gown I was wearing and the long, lacy train. The top of the gown came just below my neck, where a gold locket hung. The gown was sleeveless and matched my skin complexion marvelously. The sorcerers always said I looked like the creatures.� I must belong to them.

����������� "Quick, Miss Guinevere, you mother needs you by her side!" My lady in waiting said in a rushed whisper, knocking me out of my thoughts. I stood up and hurried to my parents' room immediately. My white-heeled shoes clicked on the tile floor and I reached the door. My mother lay in her bed, looking tired and worn out. I knelt beside her as my father and my sister where on the other side of the bed. I grabbed a hold of her hand. It was ice cold.

����������� "Gwen, is that you?" She whispered, her voice was raspy.

����������� "Yes, Mother. You'll be alright, this is just a bad day like last week." I shook my head. This couldn't be happening.

����������� "Gwen, listen to me. Hadrian said this was my final day. It's all right. I'm ready-"

����������� "Mother! Don't talk like that! You'll be fine!"

����������� "Gwen!" She tightened her grip on my hand.� I bit my lip and felt a few tears drop down my face. "Gwen, please do this for me. Do what we all expect you do. Venture into the forest. Figure out the problem. No one knows about the creatures in Lacrymosa yet but us. Do it alone. I know you can. This is what you were meant to do."

����������� "Mother, I will. Please don't leave me." I cried pressing my cheek against the back of her hand. My long black nails dug little moon shapes in her pale hand. I finally looked like my mother. Pale and dying. I felt the tears come faster.

And then her hand went limp.

����������� Emma and Father came closer to me. She was my everything. Mother was always there for me. Now, she was gone. I knew I only had a few seconds before the fairies came out from the stonewalls. I didn't want to let go.


����������� "NO! MOTHER YOU'LL BE ALL RIGHT! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Emma eventually pried me off the bed and the pink, blue, yellow, and orange glows appeared from the walls. They all started to sing in their sweet voices and sprinkle the glitter around her body. Her body, turned into flames licking the sheets and the ash settled on the linens. Emma held me tightly as I screamed and struggled against her arms. Finally I pushed her away and ran to my room.


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