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Trickster 2

Novel By: CanadianIdiot

Trickster 2, the follow up to the massive short story "Trickster" continues the pranks of Steve, the masked trickster of a rural town. Having successfully gaining respect from the town's mayor, Givoni, Steve has been going on with his pranks for some months. When Givoni leaves on vacation, he puts his compulsive brother in his place and puts Steve in charge of keeping him in order.

What Steve doesn't realize is that Givoni's brother, Castor, has other plans for a little power. Steve has to make sure Castor stays in line before Givoni returns, but with Castor's men restricting him and the town, it's only a matter of time before Castor has full control and more power than Givoni will ever have! View table of contents...


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With a crack of a blank, Steve sat on the curb, throwing blanks into the street. Even though the sun sent large waves of heat down into the town, Steve still sat on the burning curb, mask covering his face and court jester suit covering his entire body. Everyone walking on the street wore shorts and a t-shirt while Steve stuck out, as usual.

Steve groaned in boredom as the people passed behind him on the sidewalk, not even taking notice of him. Steve didn't want to be on the sidewalk now. But right now he was part of an important plan. A plan that would determine something that everyone was wondering…

What was Jamie's sex?

Across the street was Angelo. He stuck out amongst the crowd. For one, he wore a black shirt with the red anarchy symbol on it and casual denim jeans. His hair was medium length, black light midnight with the ends colored a pasty white. His eyes were covered by black shades, adding the image of him being incognito.

On the side of Steve's mask was a tiny headphone. He could hear Angelo take a deep breath in the microphone before he started to speak. "Steve, stop setting those blanks off," he said in a clam tone, "You'll attract attention."

"Sorry Angelo," Steve said with a groan of boredom, "But I have the need to pull a prank right about now!"

"You want to find out if Jamie is a boy or girl, right?"

"Yup, and I can try my best to wait."

"The Devil should have mercy on you if you mess this up."

Steve remembered that Angelo was also satanic. He wasn't open about it and didn't go around recruiting people, though. Steve remembered that Angelo didn't believe God was a good person and the Devil was, in fact, the only almighty being. Steve never understood why Angelo thought this, but it wasn't Steve's place to argue. He wasn't one to debate and fight about religion anyway.

Another voice entered Steve's headphone. "No need to worry about failure, Angelo," The voice said with a Japanese accent, "Jamie isn't smart enough to notice what we have planned."

Steve sighed. "Dr. Hagashi," He said with a monotone voice, "Jamie may not be that bright, but I don't think the cross-dresser is willing to engage in a conversation with Angelo and I long enough so that we can-"

Hagashi chuckled in the microphone. "You are too doubtful, Steve," he replied, "Do not worry, we will find out Jamie's sex one way or another!"

Steve sighed. "And how are we supposed to do that?" He asked, never having been told about how they were going to determine this outcome. Steve wasn't fond of stripping people down in public.

"Steve, just go with the plan," Angelo spat, "Hagashi, where are you anyway?"

Hagashi was silent for a moment, then said "I'm currently at-"

Steve cut him off. "I see Jamie coming down the street," he said with excitement, running across the street.

"How can you see him?" Angelo asked as Steve ended up next to him in the small crowd on the sidewalk.

Steve pointed to a person walking down the street, dressed a geisha from Japan. The person Steve pointed out was dressed with a white-powdered face, bright red lip-stick, and a red dress with exotic white vines running down the sides. The black hair was also done up into buns.

"That's Jamie," Steve pointed out, "No other person would dress like an idiot in today's society. And also, don't say 'he'… We don't know if that's true or not."

Angelo nodded, "Ah, I see…"

Jamie approached the two, unfolding a fan as they came face to face. Jamie put it up against the make-up, eyes only peering from the top.

"Good afternoon, sirs," the geisha said, "Aren't you looking fine today?"

"Jamie, stop the act," Steve said, "We want to ask you a certain question that we've been pondering for quite a while…"

Jamie's, long, flapping eyebrows fluttered. "Yes?" Jamie responded in a somewhat flirtatious voice that sent a chill down both Steve and Angelo's spine.

"Are you a boy or a girl?" Steve asked.

Following that, there was a long silence among the three.

"I don't quite understand what you mean…" Jamie said, giving off a blank stare.

"ARGH!" Angelo roared, reaching out and almost grabbing Jamie around the throat.

Everyone on the street turned their heads in this uproar of anger. Steve quickly reacted and pulled Angelo back. The next moment, there was a soft ping. Jamie looked up, and the next second a net collapsed upon the sidewalk, imprisoning Jamie in it. The net quickly pulled itself up, keeping the thrashing Jamie inside it suspended in the air.

Dr. Hagashi appeared behind Steve and Angelo. Dressed in a white lab coat, the short and crusty old Japanese doctor made his way to Jamie in the net, stroking his white beard in the process.

"Hmmm, good job rigging the net, Steve," Hagashi said, satisfied.

"No prob, doc," Steve replied, happy with his job.

Hagashi looked over his shoulder at Angelo. "You need to control your anger," He said, turning back towards Jamie.

Angelo snorted.

Hagashi examined Jamie, who stopped thrashing around. "Now Jamie, understand this," He said, still stroking his beard, "We are more than interested in finding out what your sex is. So, I would like to make a deal with you: we either let you out of this net and we take a test to determine if you're a man or a woman, or we do this the hard way…"

"No!" Jamie shrieked, loud enough to crack glass.

Hagashi sighed, holding his head in his hand, and turned back towards Steve and Angelo.

"What do you suppose the 'hard way' is going to be?" Steve asked.

"I'll show ya…" Angelo said, making his way towards Jamie.

Steve reached for Angelo, but his fingers only slid against Angelo's clothing. Swiftly, Angelo made his way to Jamie, who sat in the net, not clueless and unaware of what was going on. The moment Angelo was in arm's reach of Jamie, he reared his fist back and threw a punch at Jamie in the lower abdominal area.

As soon as his fist collided, Steve expected the worst. What he did not expect was Angelo's reaction. He quickly retracted his hand, letting out a howl of pain.

"What is down there?!" He asked in a furious tone to Jamie.

Jamie reached under the gown and retrieved a small cinderblock.

Steve didn't say anything. Hagashi's old and worn face twisted into a disturbed look. Angelo ceased to stop howling like a banshee as he attracted more attention.

Jamie quickly dropped the cinderblock in net. The weight caused the net to snap and Jamie landed, feet first, and quickly broke into a sprint down the street, holding the dress up.

Angelo sucked the pain up and bolted down after Jamie. Steve saw Angelo running after Jamie, then joined in chasing the run away geisha. Hagashi was left on the sidewalk, scratching his head in confusion.

Steve seemed to be on an invisible chain to Angelo as Jamie, somehow managed to stay ahead of them, despite the shoes and dress. Steve slid through groups of people talking, around the big fat man with ice cream on the street, and even ducked under a baby carriage. Angelo was doing just the same to catch up to Jamie.

It would seem odd that a darkly dressed man and a guy dressed in a court jester suit would be chasing down a geisha down several streets. Steve sighed with relief as he thought this. He loved this town so much… This was just another normal day.

Angelo started to get farther ahead and home in on Jamie. A feeling of joy came over him, with the hope of actually finding out Jamie's sex. That was just a wild dream. Steve had known Jamie for a while, and it just drove him crazy sometimes thinking about who Jamie was as an actor.

As Jamie went another block, Angelo started to slowly catch up. He followed Jamie across the street and continued down the sidewalk. As Steve was about the cross the street, a black limo pulled up and cut him off. Steve ran right into it and fell upon the hood of the car.

"No!" Steve roared as he realized what he ran into.

The limo pulled up so one of the windows was facing Steve. The window rolled down and Steve met Givoni, whose hair was still jet black and slicked back in the usual fashion.

"Stephen," Givoni said in his formal tone, "I need to speak with you."

"Yeah, uh," Steve stuttered, trying to get over the limo, "Can you hold on for a sec?"

"No, this is important," Givoni stated, "I need your help."

Steve seemed surprised. Only some months ago did Steve have a grudge with the mayor, which ended with Steve pulling a menacing prank, where, in the end, he realized it was wrong. That mercy he showed had given Givoni some appreciation for Steve and what he did. Steve also gained some respect for the mayor, himself.

"Okay then," Steve said, folding his arms and becoming all eras, "What is it then?"

"I'm going out of town on a small vacation," Givoni replied, "Instead of leaving this town ungoverned I've called my brother in to watch over for three days while I am gone."

"So you're telling me this why…?" Steve asked.

"My brother is a little…" Givoni stuttered, "He's, uh…"


"No, not that… It's that word when you need to describe someone who's needy…"

"Compulsive?" Steve guessed.

"Yes, that's it," Givoni said with a bright expression in his eyes, "My brother has this tendency to demand attention from everyone. When I was growing up, he tried to be the parent and tell me what I could and couldn't do; he wanted me to love him like my mom or dad. Even with his five or so wives he was figuratively strangling them with affection and never letting them leave his sight ."

"And what exactly do you want me to do?" Steve asked with a tone of concern in his voice.

"I'm asking you to make sure he doesn't get out of hand. I suppose he doesn't know what a mayor can do in this town, so hopefully you can keep him in line."

"Me?" Steve asked, pointing to himself.

"Yes, you Stephen," Givoni declared with a serious tone, "If it's one thing I learned from tolerating you, it's that you can prank people into thinking correctly. If he does get out of line, do your worst."

Steve was confused. "What do you mean, 'do your worst'?"

"You remember what you did to me?"

"Yeah… you want me to do that again?"

"No, pull a damn good prank on him!" Givoni declared, "Make sure it sets him straight and he gets back in line!"

"Eh… alright," Steve said, "I'll do that if he does."

Givoni held out his hand. "Glad to hear it."

Steve shook Givoni's hand. "What's his name, by the way?"

"His name is Castor," Givoni said, his mood seeming to drop a bit, "Again, he's a bit out there, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle him. Goodbye Stephen, I'll see you in a few days!" Then on a second's notice, the limo sped off, around the corner and down the street, leaving a cloud of dust hovering in the air.

As the dust cleared, Marco, the baker and owner of the apartment Steve lived in, crossed the street. He wore the usual apron covered in flour along with casual summer wear. In his arms were brown bags of groceries.

"Was that Givoni?" He asked, his voice muffled by his puffy moustache.

"Uh… yeah," Steve said, "He's going on vacation. His brother is going to come and watch us.

"When is he going to get here?" Marco asked.

"He didn't-"

Steve was cut off. A loud and echoing horn echoed into the town. From the street Givoni left on came a white limousine. Rushing quickly ahead of it came several black horses with men dressed in all black riding on top of them, swords drawn over their heads. They road into the town in a mad dash and almost hit Steve and Marco on the sidewalk.

As the men entered the town, they blew loud trumpets into the air, signaling an arrival. The limo quickly pulled up into the town and stopped in front of Steve and Marco. The door opened and a man dressed in a black tuxedo with pale white skin, white hair, and pink eyes stepped out, holding a cane in his hands in a stylish fashion. It was clear he was an albino.

"Greetings," He said in a snake-like tone, "I'm Castor. I'll be your mayor for a few days."


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