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Fenrir and Lguan have one thing on their mind: Becoming imortal. What's the easiest way to become imortal? Find a Valescar, that's what! Unluck for them, someone else wants and will kill even his own family to get it! View table of contents...


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A cold breeze swept through the night. Around the fire, Fenrir sat with the two soldiers, Alenon and Gere. The two soldiers were dressed in their silver armor, each with a sword at their side and a large rifle in their arms. Fenrir lay next to a stump in his cloak. At his side were his long sword and a silver knife.
The mission itself was simple: Eradicate the Werewolf infesting the forest. The village had sent a letter of complaint to Fenrir. They requested that Fenrir and two of the town's soldiers accompany him to take care of the problem.
"Sir, what are we going to do?" Alenon asked Fenrir.
Fenrir lifted his head up. "I told you before: We wait on the border of the village until the Werewolf comes out."
Gere stood up and sighed. "Sir, with your approval, I would like to go relieve myself in the bushes."
"How so?" Fenrir asked.
"I need to take a pee."
"Then do so!" Fenrir ordered as he shooed Gere away.
Gere ran away into the bushes and out of sight from their spot. Alenon watched him as he ran away into the dark. He gulped and turned himself towards Fenrir. "I think I have to go too, sir." He said.
Fenrir rolled his eyes. "Relieve yourself and come back quickly."
Alenon stood up and rushed after Gere into the woods.

Fenrir had lost track of time. The two soldiers had not returned yet and Fenrir had become worried. How long could it take two men to use a bush, he wondered. Nevertheless, he went to search for them.
He came across a stream in the dark woods. The first thing he noticed was that there was one of the guns lying next to the stream. Fenrir's gut twisted. He broke into a run and followed the stream down towards the village. As he neared the village, the stream stopped. Fenrir's hearts skipped a beat at what lay at the end of the stream. Two mutilated corpses each covered in gore.

One body was missing each limb and its head was twisted all the way around and hanging on by only a few threads. The arms next to the corpse were snapped in half. The feet on the legs were pulled off.
On the other corpse, the heart was pulled out. As well as the eyes and tongue, the nose was half cut off. The legs had bones sticking out of the knees and the arms had the fore arm shattered and split. On the head, half of the skin on the side of the face was torn off and showed the tissue under it. On the other side the skin was ripped to the bone.
This horrible sight was followed by bloody foot prints leading towards the village. Fenrir could barely tell if the corpses were Alenon or Gere; it was almost impossible. But what Fenrir did know was that the foot prints led to the village. He would come back later for the corpses. Right now, he had to save a village.

He sprinted right into the village, sword drawn. Torches were still lit around the town, but only a small number of people were walking the streets. Fenrir ran across the street and stood in front of an ally. He looked left and right. The wind blew and the street was quiet. But soon, he heard a voice singing:

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Howl at the moon,
It is full tonight,
Plenty of humans to eat soon!

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Why are you shaking?
This is all real,
And no one is faking!

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Frantic screaming in the night,
Death is coming,
So don't put up a fight!

Fenrir spun around just in time to see a massive beast step out of the darkness. The large beast was covered in thick black fur. His ears were pointed and he stood on his hind legs while a tail swung back and forth behind him. His face resembled a canine and his eyes were bright yellow. This was the Werewolf.
"So you are the Werewolf I've been sent to kill?" Fenrir asked, holding his sword out.
The Werewolf held up a claw, showing his sharp blade-like nails. "And I suppose you are the one who was with those two soldiers I murdered a while ago, right?"
Fenrir nodded. "The same one who will kill you."
The Werewolf chuckled. "Then lets make this quick." He pulled his hand back and swung it forward at Fenrir.
Fenrir jumped backwards into the air and onto a roof. The Werewolf jumped up in front of him and started swiping his claws around. Fenrir parried and dodged each swipe. The Werewolf was strong, but not fast. Fenrir had caught his opening and swung his sword at the Werewolf's side.
The sword cut into the lycan's skin, but not wound remained. Fenrir was caught off guard and the Werewolf punched him in the face. As he hit the ground, Fenrir let his sword go. It slid down the side of the roof and hung on the edge.
Fenrir glanced at his leg. He still had the silver knife! The lycan walked over Fenrir hand held up a claw. As he brought it down, Fenrir held up a hand and yelled: "Kazono!"
A fireball burst out of Fenrir's hand and struck the Werewolf in the eye. He let out a painful howl and covered his eyes. He started to stumble his way to the edge of the roof. Fenrir pulled himself up and drew the small silver knife from his leg. He pulled it back and threw it at the Werewolf.
The knife struck the Werewolf in the chest and he fell backward with a howl. Fenrir ran forward towards the edge of the roof and picked his sword up. He launched himself off the roof and over the falling lycan. As the Werewolf hit the ground, Fenrir pointed his sword downward. Fenrir hit the ground with the sword stabbing the fallen Werewolf.
Fenrir stood up as villagers started to gather around the fallen corpse. Cries of "What is it?" and "The Werewolf is dead!" filled the air as Fenrir pulled the sword out of the Werewolf. He turned his back and walked his way out of the village. As he left, the Werewolf's body started to burn away and remained a skeleton.

Fenrir walked along the road in the country. The sun was rising and somewhere in the distance a town was making a nice bed with a home cooked meal, waiting to be eaten. The silence was broken when a bush started to rustle. Fenrir did not even bother to turn his head and let out a sigh.

"You caught up with me, Lguan?" He asked out in the open.

A person emerged from the bushes, concealed in a dark cloak. He pulled down the hood, revealing his young face. His black hair was short and spiked up and his green eyes almost seemed to pop out of his head.

"It took a while to," he said in smooth tone, "But it looks like neither of us has it." He took a step forward, his sword at his side making a soft "clank" sound as he walked.

"Then let's go and look. Lguan," Fenrir suggested.

Lguan chuckled. "Yeah, but this time let's not get lost."

The then started walking down the road into the unknown.


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