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Valescar: Dirge of Hope

Novel By: CanadianIdiot

The stakes are raised even higher for Fenrir and Lguan. As they continue their search for the two remaining Valescars, they meet up with a new ally. Not only that, but they are then caught in a war that could mean certain doom to human life in Firmistek.

To raise the stakes, a new enemy has showed up and is hunting Fenrir down along with his minions. Can Fenrir help end a war and destroy an enemy far worse and stronger than Desta? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 30, 2008    Reads: 275    Comments: 13    Likes: 3   


Lightning cracked across the sky on the December night. Clouds continued to move across the land and continue to downpour on the ground. As the dark shadow of night fell across the sky, torches of a pure white light moved across the field into the dark. The torches were carried by the monks, the monks that worshiped the demons over the holy being. In matching black robes, a line of twenty or so marched onwards towards the rising moon.

Over the hills they walked, towards the endless dark. As they reached the bottom of the hill, they could see floating black flame. It was no bigger than the flame mounted on their torches, but just by the sight of it drove fear, yet their lust to complete their mission, into their hearts.

"To the flame," A voice yelled out, "We must raise The Marred tonight!"

"Who are you to call orders, Odium? Since when did you lead us to this flame?"

Odium stepped forward. Although his hood was pulled over his head, his hazel eyes pierced through the dark. His pupils were like a cat's: small slits in the eye.

"Step forward and I will give you your reason, Henen." Odium announced.

Henen pushed his way through the dark robes and soon stood under Odium's glare.

As Henen opened his mouth to retort, Odium swung his arm under his robe and removed it. The next second, Henen fell to the ground with a large knife slash across his throat.

Odium cast an ominous glance at the monks behind him and he raised the bloody knife in the air. "A sacrifice has been made; carry the body to the flame so that The Marred will be able to feast as he is revived."

Odium led the demonic monks towards the flame. (Behind him, two monks carried Henen's body) As they reached the hovering flame, they rested the fresh body in front of the flame. The monks backed up and formed a circle. They joined hands and began to chant:

O great Marred one,

One who has passed long ago.

We call up thou in the request of the mighty one,

And only you can help us achieve this mission.

O great Marred one,

Warrior of Hell and Darkness,

The mighty one wishes that thou do his bidding,

And smite the world of the light beings.

O great Marred one,

One who is the unholy messiah,

Fill the world with your unholy bliss,

And raise the Kroken so they may assist the mighty one.


As their chant ceased, the flame lowered itself to the ground. With a sizzling sound, the flame stretched itself out to a human shape. Odium smirked and stepped forward towards the forming body. He kneeled as the flame took on a skeleton form. A faint pale color started to come over the bones, as it became skin. The figure lifted up a bony and gnarled hand and gripped Odium on the shoulder. Odium flinched as he felt the tight grip of the bony fingers sink into his skin.

The figure lifted up his head and stared at stared at Odium. The face was much like a skeleton and had strips of skin missing from his face. Part of his nose was chipped off and his lower lip had deep slashes in it. All around his face were burn marks that would have been fatal to a human.

"Is… is this all the food you path… pathetic fools could offer?" The figure said in an angered tone as he stared at Odium.

"It is fresh." Odium responded.

The figure laughed. "I am a Wraith; I deserve better… More… I need…," He muttered, "I NEED MORE!"

With that yell, he sat straight up on his knees and held his arms out. His ribs ripped through his skin and opened up like a cage. A dark substance darted out and swarmed all around the monks. The dark material shot through a monk, coming out the other side with a white transparent orb at the tip of it.

Odium had no time to react, and he was one of the first to be impaled by the large dark blast of magic.


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