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Valescar: Inimical Fate

Novel By: CanadianIdiot

A short novel explaining certain things in the Valescar story, such as why Fenrir wants to retrieve a Valescar and how he met Lguan. Enjoy this three part novel! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 8, 2008    Reads: 189    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Lightning flashed outside the window. Fenrir quickly woke from his sleep in a cold sweat, one that you would get from a nightmare. He sat up in his bed and felt his face. He found the sweat almost freezing.

My sweat is… freezing? The boy thought. I thought you only woke in a cold sweat from a bad dream?

He had been dreaming of his brother, Eros, coming home. His brother had left two years ago in search of some stone he had been studying. What was it called? Was it a Valescar? It was that or something related to it. All Fenrir knew was that it gave some sort of power to whoever found it.

The lightning cracked outside his window. Rain was pounding against the window like horses pounding on the ground. Fenrir got out of bed and walked over to the television in his room. He never did watch regular TV that much, but instead watched tapes of what appealed to him. He found the tape on swordsmanship that Eros had given him some years ago. Eros was good with a sword. Fenrir wanted to be better than him, so he did all he could.

Eros gave him a blade for his birthday some years ago. It was big for a seven year old, but for a thirteen year-old, it was just fine. Now Fenrir could hold it as a thirteen year-old and fight with it.

As he readied to put the tape in, Fenrir heard a thumping sound. It was coming from outside his door. Fenrir could tell it wasn't on his door, but on the front door.

Someone's at the door? What time is it anyway? Fenrir checked his clock. Two thirty AM. It was easily odd to hear someone knocking at the door at this time in the morning.

Footsteps came from outside Fenrir's door. He could hear a second pair of feet following the footsteps. That was his parents. They had heard the knocking at the door and had gotten up. He heard his parents descend the wooden staircase. As they got off, their footsteps couldn't be heard. Fenrir wanted to know who, or what, was at the door, so he opened the door slightly; just so he could see through it.

At the door, he could see his father, dressed in his sleeping clothes, and his mother, dressed in her nightgown. In his father's hands was his rifle. Fenrir saw his mother move over to the side of the room and start a fire; it glowed with a mighty blaze much like the breath of a dragon.

Fenrir could see his parents slowly opening the door, and, little by little, stick the gun barrel through the door.

Fenrir could see it clearly: A hand jumped out and pushed the gun away. In came a person, taller than Fenrir's father, covered in a black cloak. His face was concealed by a hood.

The person quickly pulled down his hood, revealing his face. His face wasn't visible from Fenrir's view, but Fenrir's mother quickly jumped at him, flinging her arms around the man.

Then Fenrir heard his name come from his mother. "Eros!" She yelled out. It echoed in the house and traveled into Fenrir's ears.


Fenrir quickly rushed away from his door and grabbed his sword. He wanted to show Eros how good he had become! This was a rarity, and it he wouldn't have much time to see him if he would only be home for a while.

"Where have you been, son?" He heard his father ask.

Fenrir stopped in his tracks. He had just grabbed his blade when he felt his face become cold. He was sweating again. It was also freezing.

Eros didn't respond.

"Eros, please tell us," Fenrir's mother asked.

Fenrir shook the sweat away and rushed towards the door.

"Son, please, we are begging you," Fenrir's father asked, "Tell us where you've been!"

Fenrir stepped out of his door and started to run down the steps. As he reached the bottom of the steps, he stopped.

Eros drew his sword in a swift movement and swung it. His parents stood there, shocked for a second, but the next, they fell to the ground, blood flowing out onto the wood floor.

Fenrir, still holding his sword, wanted to yell. His parents had just been struck down in front of him, but no noise came from his mouth.

Eros turned his head and stared down upon his sibling. "Hello… brother," He said in an ominous tone, "Long time no see."

The freezing sweat came again to Fenrir's face as he attempted to back away. He motioned himself towards the fireplace, which his parents had recently put on. He wanted to get out, but if he moved towards the fire place, he could melt this sweat off.

Eros moved towards Fenrir, stepping in the spilled blood of his parents. His sword stretched out to the floor and scraped it, leaving a white line across the floor as he walked.

"Come here brother, let me talk to you…" Eros hissed again.

Fenrir finally caught his tongue and spoke. "What are you doing?!" He asked in a weak tone.

Eros's face remained blank. He did not speak and continued to move towards Fenrir.

The sweat on Fenrir's face began to melt away as he neared the fire. "Why did you kill mom and dad?!" Fenrir asked again.

Eros still didn't respond.

Fenrir now stood in front of the fireplace. He held his sword in its sheath to his chest and looked at Eros like he was the spirit of death.

As he stood before the fireplace, the sweat melted away on Fenrir's face. Suddenly, as he stood there, Fenrir felt much more free than he was before. He didn't know what it was, but it roared inside him like the fire behind him.

Eros now stood in front of him, sword held up like an executioner. "This will only be brief, Fenrir," He said in an emotionless tone, "So breathe your last breath!"

Eros began to bring his sword back and push it forward in a lunge towards Fenrir. Fenrir quickly glanced up and saw the blade coming down. With his sword in his arms, Fenrir jumped to the side and dodge Eros's blade.

As he hit the wood floor and Eros pushed his sword into the fire, Fenrir quickly pulled himself up. Eros turned, with his sword on fire, and faced Fenrir.

Fenrir took the end of his sword and pushed it towards Eros with all his might. Eros took a hit to the chest and started to fall backwards. As caught onto the edge of the fireplace, only centimeters away from the fire, Fenrir readied to hit him again. He raised the end of the sheathed blade over his head and beat Eros down into the fire with it.

Eros's body hit the fire with a crackling sound. Sparks shot out and fell to the floor. Moments later, the floor began to catch fire. Eros screamed like a banshee as the flames crawled up his body. He rolled around in the fire, pointlessly trying to remove the flames.

Fenrir couldn't take the sight anymore. The floor around him started to catch fire. He turned away from his burning brother and quickly ran for the still open door. Behind him, his footsteps caught flame the second his foot left the ground.

He ran outside the door and into his small village, where some people had already come out in the now light mist of rain, due to the screams of Eros. Fenrir fell to the ground and looked back at his house; it was becoming engulfed in flames from the bottom up.

Someone pulled Fenrir up, but then left to get water. Fenrir was now in a state of shock from the events that had recently happened so quickly.

Eros… He… Why would he… How could he have…

People began to attempt to put the fire out. Fenrir began to walk away aimlessly.

How did this happen? Is there a reason he… Did I do something? I…

He began to walk towards the village exit. Nobody seemed to notice the boy leaving with his sword.

Do I have anything to live for now?

Eros was all he wanted to see again. Now he had gotten his wish, yet it did not turn out the way he had wished for it to happen.

Let me die now… Please…


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