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Dream Master

Novel By: Cat Prace

Dream Master is about a guy who knows how to deal with his dreams and can even lucid dream. He gains ability to make his imaginations come true in reality just like in the lucid dream.
-I am writing this to practice English so the grammar and writing could be wierd. I will be uploading it whenever I can View table of contents...


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It was a cold night. I was having a slight fever so I was planning to go to sleep early. There was lots of clouds on the sky glooming the moon light making it seem somewhat mysterious. The atmosphere was different than the original days as well. Something was weird. It felt somewhat fresh but at the same time cold and sharp. I felt a slight chill. I felt something was not right. Or maybe too right. I felt weak. Maybe the cold weather is making me sick. But the weird thing is I felt somewhat powerful as well. My body was filled with a feeling that was contrasting each other and it felt weird. There was no other way to describe it. It was just weird. I was about to end my day but it felt like a beginning. I was ready to rest but I was filled with eagerness that I did not desire for. But I needed to sleep. Tomorrow is the day I was waiting for. Tomorrow is finally, my 20th birthday. I would have a big party where all my friends will come and I would party all night with pretty girls and my dearest friends. I needed to sleep. I lied down in my bed warm and cozy thinking of what will happen tomorrow but at the same time trying to relax and sleep. I was imagining the things that would happen tomorrow. I would meet my friends, hug them check out girls turn on some good music and drink bears crazily. When I was imagining myself drinking bear, my imagination went fuzzy. My imagination did not go the way I imagined it to be. The color of the bear turned into the color of a rainbow and my friends turned into a tree and then the tree grew and grew bearing bear can shaped fruits which soon fell to the ground, burst open became a fountain of bear. I was dreaming now. This was how I always went to sleep and how I knew I was dreaming. When imaginations stopped being imaginations and things went on different from my imagination, I was finally dreaming. I knew that I was dreaming in my dreams. It was just that I could not control the way everything was happening. I knew I could not die because I was in a dream and that everything that I have accomplished or destroyed will go away once I wake up. I also could wake up if I wanted to wake up. For example, if I saw a giant monster coming towards me, I would realize that I have to wake up and change my dream, then close my eyes tightly and open it up slowly and putting strength in my eyelids then I would wake up. And sometimes if I am lucky, I would dream something that people call the lucid dream which is being able to control your dream. If I dream that one, I would be able to do anything in my dream. Summon and eat whatever I want, be whatever I want, do anything I want. Today was my lucky day. I was dreaming a lucid dream. After the bear can shaped fruits fell to the ground and became fountains spraying bears all over the place, the bear filled up all of the space and then the color of it turned in to white. Then, there was the blank. There was a vacancy, nothing else existed but a white blank space. This was how my lucid dreams began and I recognized it. I was determined to make use of it. I first thought of the girl that I have a crush on in school, Lorita. She was hot, blonde and cute. She was even smart and kind. She was the hottest girl in school so in the real world, I had no chance with her. So I summoned her. She became my girlfriend in my dream. Then I summoned the background, an amusement park with lots of roller coasters and delicious foods. I had a wonderful date with her and after the date in the amusement park, brought her to her home and kissed her good bye. She kissed me back saying with those peach like lips that she loved me. This was my dream since I saw her and I was achieving it in my dream. I knew it was a dream but it was too good. After I sent her into her house, I walked slowly towards my home. Am I kidding? I said I can do anything in my dream. I imagine myself being superman and flew back saving some people who are in danger in the way. I flew into my room through my window and sat down on my bed. That was when something was weird. The view outside of the window was exactly the same as the one that I saw before I went to sleep. The cloud hiding the moon, the atmosphere somewhat sharp, cold and weird. Then the shape of the moon went blur and changed into a human like form. Then suddenly, with a blink of an eye, the human like form was right in front of me. The man, if you can call him a man was in front of me smiling. He looked like a clown with a funny looking long hat and typical close that clowns where and a spade tattoo on his right cheek and heart on the other. He was handsome but had a mysterious face that made me doubt whether he is really human or not. He grinned and leaned towards me. "Hello hello my dearest master. I am your servant the dream master! Today is the day that you finally awaken! Awaken from your dream, awaken from who you truly are. How glad am I today to serve you my God. Almighty power itself you truly are my God!" The weird clown said without opening his mouth. His eyes was full of tears, his mouth still grinning. He was strange and too freakish even for a dream. But I knew this was my dream so I did not freak out and asked. "You are just one of the characters in my dream. I thought this was a lucid dream and enjoyed it but you have ruined it. Now I forgot the softness of Lorita's lips and am just disturbed by your freakishness!" This was what I did to the characters in my dreams that I do not like. I tell them that they are just characters in my dreams and then they are really shocked and sad then vanish. That is how I erase their existence in my dream. By telling them that they do not actually exist. I was expecting the same to happen to this weird freakish clown and waited in to disappear. But he didn't. Instead he said, "Oh dear dear God! My fearful master, I am not just a character in your dreams! You are my creator and I am your creation but I am your servant, the one that cannot go away but the one who assist you in your doings!" This was weird. Never had this happen. Never did a character in my dream not disappeared when I told it what it really is. Also, the air was somewhat different as well. It was real world like. It was sharp and not blur too clear to be a dream. I became scared a bit. But this was still my dream. My own dream. Nothing could happen to me as the instance I wake up, everything will be the same as it was before I got to sleep. The clown, so called dream master was still grinning, his head now somewhat tilted towards left while I was thinking. "If you are my servant, then what do you serve and what is the power that you are speaking of?" I asked. "My dear dear master, I serve your power to be realized with your utmost convenience and you are the God of this reality, the reality of the dream! The reality that you go in when you "wake up" is the reality of another God and you are the God of this reality my God!" The clown clapped with a huge smile showing his white and too many teeth. "Elaborate" I ordered. "As now you have awakened, your power has became the same as the God of the other reality and you can control this reality and "interrupt", if I may say, with the other one my God!" "What do you mean by "interrupt"?" "You will soon know.. My dearest God you will.." After he finished his words, the clown slowly started to fade away as if a shadow disappears when the sun arises. And after a while, he was completely gone. This was the weirdest dream ever.


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