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Fox Fire 2: The Sister City

Novel By: Charles Mausolf

Sequel too Fox Fire. Kim adventures and finds new enemies to fight. He finds that not all Goddesses, Demons, and Humans are all good, or evil. View table of contents...

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Chapter 1

This wasn't happening, I faced so many things in these last two months. Not ever in my nightmares could I have thought I would be facing this. I was scarred, even Dane made this look like lollypops and gumdrops. They pushed me back into a corner, I may have to use my weapons. That may be considered overkill, but this was a time of desperation. My four deadly opponents stood ready to attack.

"You're getting your haircut." Samantha said as Jasmine, Lora, and Wendy all slowly approached me, backing me into the door of the women's salon. "Time for a meddy-peddy, style your hair, perhaps some color as well." This is hell, in a store!

"I am not doing this, I am an Enforcer. I can deal with the earrings, but this I am not doing." The door opened next to me and Michel pocked his head out.

"Do you mind keeping it down? You are disturbing my customers." My jaw near hit the floor. "If you are coming in then do so, other wise get out of here."

"Oh, we are coming in." Jasmine took my hand in my shock at seeing Michel. "You can work on Kim's hair, he needs some work."

"Sounds interesting." He opened the door for all of us as they pushed me inside. "Bring him in and strap him down." Strap me down? This is the worst fight I have ever been in.

"Okay, Okay!" They all stopped and looked at me with evil smiles. "I refuse to do this. I will go and get my haircut where I always do."

"Too late." Lora said and they approached with intent.

"I will do whatever you want, just not this." They all stopped and looked between each other. Samantha smiled wickedly as an idea struck her.

"So, you will marry Jasmine, Angelica and I." My face went blank with an eye twitch.

"So what kind of haircut should I get?" I smiled not getting in that conversation.

"He needs a look that will show off his statics as the number one Enforcer. Also it has too have a flare of a superhero." Jasmine tapped her foot thoughtfully. "His bangs should cover his eyes a bit, not to much where he can't see though."

"We can't cover up the earrings at that." Lora said with a nod. "I think it should be just a bit longer in the back, not to short."

"We also want to keep his natural charm." Wendy rounded me a moment. All I could think of was that I had no charm. "We should also try and enhance his natural sexiness." I feel like a doll meant too be played with.

"Michel, can you just give me a trim?" Michel nodded, looking me over. "Michel, what are you thinking, please say you are not about to agree with them?"

"Highlights." Michel surprised me. "Yes, that should bring out his green eyes more, we can make them pop. With the right coloring we can make his eyes look like emeralds."

"Traitor." I said folding my arms. "How is it that I can do so much, and still loose too you all?"

"You can't go against your future wives." Sam smiled hugging Jasmine. "Isn't that right Jasmine?"

"Yep!" She answered and I did a face palm. She actually is agreeing to this?

"Okay, first of all, I am only going to marry Jasmine." I scratched my head lightly. "I have no interest in a harem. Let alone one being my sister, and the other my girlfriends grandmother." Wendy laughed a bit, and I narrowed my eyes at her. She was just doing this for fun.

"Okay, I understand." Samantha said looking down. "You need at least four girls too have a harem." She pulled Lora over to her and Jasmine. "You can marry Lora as well and you have your harem." Slowly I rubbed the bridge of my nose, wishing I was in a nightmare in a white padded room, and this is all in my head.

"Now, now, come with me Kim." Michel guided me away passing some of the stalls I got a lot of looks from the ladies in the room. I am starting to wonder why is it that the more power I seem to gain the more I seem to get attention. Before no one wanted too even look at me. Now that I think about it, it wasn't that I didn't have it, I just chose to ignore it. "We will get you a look that fits you, and not what they think fits you."

"Well at least you got my back there." He grinned at me taking my jacket from me hanging it up. Gasps went off as my guns clearly shined from my back belt. The only people allowed to carry guns are Enforcers, so it must have been a shock to see them too the other patrons of the salon.

"I will have someone come over and wash your hair." Michel said as I looked around confused.

"Why do I need my hair washed?" Michel looked at me confused at my question.

"What, this is a salon, not a barbershop. We need to wash all the shampoo ,and other products you use in your hair away first before we start the highlights." My jaw dropped again as a brunet girl slowly sat me down in a chair by one of the sinks.

"Now you just relax. Seeing as you know Michel, I am going too take special care of you." She smiled at me leaning in a bit closer then I would like as she wrapped a plastic sheet around me. "We all just had too rock, paper, scissors for this honor. Such a cute kid like you rarely comes in here." Not sure how too take that one. Lightly she ran her hands through my hair and started to wet it down. She took some bottle of something and washed my hair. Though I think she took her sweet time massaging my scalp. "You have very good hair you know that? Most guys don't take care of it that well, what do you use?"

"I don't know, whatever is on sail." She looked horrified as I said that. Must be a taboo thing among hair dressers too say something like that. Ether way Michel eventually came back to me as my hair was rinsed out, and my host was drying it out with a towel.

"Okay Kim, time to get started." He guided me over to another station and I sat down again as he pulled a comb through my hair. "Seeing as your hair is so long, we have a lot of options. I think we should keep your bangs, we just will even them out a bit. Personally I think I will also keep the length a bit, just a small trim. But we should enhance your color a bit." What the hell is he talking about?

"Bring out my rosy cheeks?" I joked a bit.

"Hell no, you are an Enforcer, not going to make you out to be one of those made up models you see in those sissy posters." I laughed lightly, he may be a hairdresser but he had taste. "Now lets get started." He was at it for almost forty five minutes, trimming and adjusting, highlighting and teasing. Using tinfoil he placed in my hair he, well, he did something with it. It was an additional thirty minutes, after the tinfoil, I had to wait. Finally he took them out, and washed my hair one last time, blow-dried it and combed it out. My bangs hung over my eyes, and some loose hair fell over my sideburns, as the back was pulled back into a tight ponytail. "There we go, simple but affective." How was that all simple?

"I look like a dooshbag." Michel quirked a brow at me in question. "I look like a rejected action hero." Michel swung the chair around showing me off.

"What do you think ladies?" Michel asked his staff and the others in the room. "With this angry face, the bangs and highlights, doesn't he look a bit rough? Like a true hero?" The room was silent, even my entourage that forced me in here. There mouths were open and looked like a train was about to hit them.

"Told you it was bad." I folded my arms tilting my head to the side. "I should have just got my normal haircut." The hairdresser who washed my hair walked over and handed me a business card.

"Call me anytime you want your hair done again. Or if you just want too, get out of the house, or into mine." I quirked a brow confused. What the hell is going on? I looked over to Jasmine and Sam who had Wendy and Lora on ether side of them. Wendy had a cheeky smile, Lora had a finger to her lips looking eager for something. Jasmine and Sam though, looked pissed off.

"Uh, yeah, thanks, I think." She tucked the card in my shirt pocket and walked away. I think I will be catching some blowback from this one.

"See there, you look so good they can hardly speak. With those big green eyes, nice clean cut, yet rugged haircut. Add in the fact you are an Enforcer, and can walk around all manly, though you're only sixteen." He grinned to all the girls in his shop as he took off the sheet. "You are almost every girls dream."

"I feel like a peace of meat." Slowly I stood and grabbed my jacket off the wrack throwing it over my shoulder. "I am going to get some lunch."

"Oh, I will join you." Michel said clean off the station. "Just give me a moment." I sighed and shrugged, walking over to the girls. There hair was still being worked on.

"Well, aren't you just the popular one?" Sam said unable to move as they worked on her, all the small blessings I can get I will take. "You do look good though."

"I hate to admit it, but he does." Jasmine interjected. "At the dance tomorrow, you may get more attention then me."

"Yeah, that's exactly what I need." Michel slapped me on the back signaling me he was ready to go. "We will see you when you're done."

"Ladies." Michel smiled and said as we left the shop. "What are you in the mood for?" He asked me as we stepped out of the doors.

"I haven't had a patty melt yet, I want to try one." Michel shook his head and put me in a light headlock.

"Then a melt it is. After that we are going to spruce up your look a bit, I think a pair of sunglasses will do nicely." He led me towards the food court as I just shook my head. No matter what, I am going too be treated like I have no sense of style. "You mind putting your jacket on? People are staring at your guns."

"Why? Don't you like the attention?" I slowly put my jacket on at his request and he just shook his head.

"I like attention, but not because people think they are going to be shot at." He stopped at a cart filled with second rate sunglasses and looked them over. Plucking one off the shelf he put one on me. "Hmm, no they don't fit your face." I took them off and put them back.

"I don't think sunglasses are my style. Besides it's not like it's ever really that bright outside." He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Every man should have a pair of glasses that works for them." He looked through the glass taking another pair up handing them over. "With the right pair, and the right movement, you can take off the glasses and look cool. You can woo any girl with the right way of taking off your glasses. It's a rule of nature that no girl can resist a man in sunglasses. Just not at night, you look stupid, no matter the guy, only exception to that rule is if you are blind."

"You got a warped sense of thought." I tried on the glasses and he shook his head, so I handed them back. "Not everyone looks good in sunglasses."

"You do." I rolled my eyes. "Try these on." Shaking my head I took and tried them on. "Ahh, perfect." He paid for them, folded the pair and stuck it on my shirt. "Let's go eat." Shrugging I fallowed behind him just a bit. We got our lunch and sat down talking as we ate slowly. "So you excited about the dance?"

"Ecstatic." I said sarcastically. "So looking forward to seeing all my classmates gock at me. Oh, look, its Kim the Enforcer, let's be his friend, yay!"

"That bad, huh?" He took a bite of his patty melt. "I guess you would rather be liked for who you are and not what your job is?"

"More like, I would still just like too stick to my own circle of friends." Sitting back in the chair I took a sip of my soda. "What can I do though? It's already out what I do. People are going to try and jockey for position for me, I am more worried about Jasmine though."

"Think there going too try and push her out of the picture?" I nodded slowly. "Well that is human nature too want to be around the best."

"Thus why I tried so hard too stay away from such things." Taking a bite I saw the girls slowly walking and laughing with one another. "Speaking of which, seems there hair is done." Michel looked back a moment and nodded in approval.

"My girls did a good job. Have to give them a nice reward for there work." He smiled to me. "But after seeing you they may look at me as second rate."

"I wonder about that. Sure, all they saw was a cute younger guy they could show off. Arm candy if you would." He laughed lightly just as the four of them go to the table.

"You two seem to be having fun?" Samantha said as she got behind me leaning on my shoulders. Wendy and Lora took up a seat as Jasmine jumped in my lap, in turn taking a bite of my patty melt, and a sip of my soda.

"Ahh, you know how it goes when guys get together and talking about there girls." Michel said with a grin. "After all, Kim and I are the ladies man type."

"Speak for yourself." I said as Jasmine held up the melt to me and I took a bite.

"Interesting, anyway, we are going shopping for a dress. Jasmine needs too out shine Kim after all." Lora said leaning forward on the table. "Plus we have a surprise for Kim, Jasmine will look fantastic at the fireworks tomorrow."

"Oh, I actually like the sound of that for once." Grinning I looked to Jasmine who was enjoying my lunch. "Because I have a surprise for her as well."

"Now that sounds like our Kim." Wendy said with a grin. "Is this the night?" Everyone looked between Wendy and me and I just shrugged. "You will have to tell me all about it afterwards."

"I am sure you will get all the nitty gritty." I said smiling.

"Hold on, what are you two talking about?" Sam asked Wendy and me. "Don't tell me…"

"Head out of the gutter, Sam. It's not that." Jasmine was engrossed in my patty melt as she fed me another bite.

"You two seem a lot closer, you know that?" Michel said watching Jasmine and I. "It's as if you don't need too talk to understand one another. It's rather the sight to watch you two."

"Side when she is mad at me. Then she just hits and scratches at me." I smiled as I watched Jasmine finish off the melt. "Looks like I will need a snack later." Jasmine looked at me in the eyes still chewing. Shaking my head I handed her some money and she jumped off my lap and ran away with it.

"Where is she going?" Lora asked as she fallowed Jasmine with her eyes.

"She is still hungry, and she is getting me a small salad." I took a sip of my soda as Sam pulled up a chair from another table next to me.

"You got all that from one look?" I nodded slowly to Lora. "How can you read her so well?"

"Practice, that and when she sits on my lap and eats my food, it's clear she is hungry. Especially if she doesn't speak, group that in with the puppy dog eyes, she wants more too eat." Sam took my soda and finished the last of it off.

"How do you know about the salad then?" Lora prodded on.

"She has been regulating my diet as much as possible till my system gets more regulated to eating meat. And since she finished my lunch, there is a good chance she will be back with a salad." As I said that Jasmine set a salad in front of me with a side of ranch and italian dressing. She sat back on my lap with a meatball sub. "See." They all just laughed at my assessment. "As you could probably also tell, she kept the change so she can get ice cream or some other sweet thing to eat later."

"That's my girl." Wendy said proudly. "Once she is done we will go finish our shopping." They all agreed, and when Jasmine was done she didn't even say goodbye as they went shopping.

"Goddesses sure are unpredictable when there that young it seems." I smiled as I watched them walk around a corner. Jasmine peeked around the corner and waved goodbye to me, I returned the gesture as Michel looked back. "Strange indeed."


Michel had gone back to his shop and I was bored after about two hours of waiting. I had killed some time in the arcade, it wasn't all bad though, I finally found my nitch in the videogame world of first person shooters. Top scores, go figure, good with a gun no matter where I am. Right now I was leaning back on a bench looking upwards when Jasmine got in my face kissing me deeply. She pulled back with a smile and sat next to me. "Hey cute stuff." I said smiling at the surprise.

"You look bored, want to make out in public?" I quirked a brow at her.

"Listening to Sam again are we?" She nodded softly with a smile. "Hmp, figures. I didn't tell you, your hair looks nice."

"Thanks, now lets make out." Cupping her chin we made out as people watched us as they passed. Oddly I didn't care, in fact I found it sort of like telling them all she is mine. After about ten minutes of that we took a breather and just walked around the mall looking in different shops. "We have to meet with the others soon."

"Guess so." Looking at my watch I knew tomorrow would be a long day. "Want to get some ice cream on the way?" She smiled at me nodding.

"Are you coming over tonight?"

"No, I got something too look over." I know she wanted too protest, but she let it go side hugging me as we walked. "We got all day tomorrow anyway."

"Yeah, we do, I hope you like the cloths I got."

"I am sure they will look lovely on you." Smiling down at her I kissed her forehead. We got the ice cream and met up with her mom. They waved goodbye as Lora and Sam waited just behind me. Lora had been staying with us seeing as she didn't want to be alone, so we all drove back to the house together. When we finally got back my dad was on his computer as he turned to us.

"You're back, how was shopping?" He crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair.

"Shopping with girls is a nightmare upon itself." I said going to the fridge grabbing some orange juice and drinking from the carton.

"Glass." I rolled my eyes grabbing one. "Clean it when you're done." Picking up a disk he tossed it to me from across the room and I caught it. "The program you requested."

"Thanks." I looked the disk over a moment and set it aside. "This is the same one that's been used all these years?" He nodded to me as I took a sip. "See if I can improve on it then."

"Hope so, even I can't make heads or tails of it." Getting up he went to the fridge pulling out a beer. "You're the only one who can understand it."

"What is it?" Lora asked setting her bags aside.

"None-ya." I said rinsing out the glass. Lora looked at me strangely. "None of your business."

"Well that's rude." She grinned harshly. "You're learning, good show."

"Yeah, grand, anyway don't bother me the rest of the night." Grabbing the beer from my dad I walked up the stairs. "No one bother me the rest of the night." Shutting the door behind me I sat at my laptop and put in the disk. "Alright old Kim, lets see what you created."


Sam touched my shoulder and I jumped. "What the hell are you so jumpy for?"

"I could have sworn I said not too bother me? Why are you in here?" Swiveling in my chair I looked at her, leaning back.

"What crawled up your butt and bit your colon? I just came too wake you up, don't you have breakfast with Jasmine this morning?" Shaking my head she must be high.

"No, tomorrow morning why the hell would I go for breakfast when we just got back from the mall?" I turned back to my computer. "Now get out, I got work."

"You hit your head or something?" She walked over to the blinds and opened them. "It's morning already." I stood from the chair in shock, then looked at my laptop.

"What the hell, I just got up here." I looked over the screen, and my eyes went wide, and started to laugh. "HA! I did it somehow! I did it! I blacked out, it's done, no idea what I did but I did it."

"Did what?" Swooping up the laptop I ran downstairs ignoring her question.

"Dad! Dad, I did it somehow." He was making eggs when I rushed down.

"Calm down, what did you do?" I put the laptop on the counter and showed him.

"I upgraded the program." Dropping his spatula he looked it over.

"Son of bitch." His smile grew wider. "We got a good chance now, we should be able to decode more of the server, even recover some of the damaged sectors with this."

"I know, with this we may be able to get something to help Sonia." He nodded to me understandingly.

"I will get this too the main computer today." Slapping the counter I pointed at him.

"What is going on you two, what is that?" I kissed Sam on the cheek as I passed her.

"Exactly what we may need to help Sonia, also get some more info off the city's computers." Running up the steps I was feeling good. A quick shower and a change of cloths, I was back down the steps. "Okay, good start to this day. Dad, take the laptop with you if you like but I would like it back. I may be able too do more with it later. See you all later, meeting with Jasmine."


Walking in the house I smelt the normal aromas of there morning breakfast. "Hey Kim." David said as I entered, I set Jasmines present on the table. "If you want coffee, you know where it is."

"Thanks, is my lazy little fox up?" David and Wendy scoffed as I grabbed a mug. "I take that as a no." Just as I finished pouring and sat across from David, Jasmine came down the steps in one of my button down shirts and the blue teddy bare I won her at the amusement park. She didn't waist any time as she tried to rub away the drowsiness from her eyes, she climbed on my lap with a yawn leaning into me. Her tail lightly flopped against my leg, as I massaged her fox ears.

"Morning Kim." David shook his head at his daughter as he went back to his news paper.

"Morning Jasmine, are you ready for today?" She shook her head no. "Guess you need a little more time." She tried to pull her feet up but they kept slipping, so I sat lower in the chair. Finally she got comfortable and fully laid on me as I sipped my coffee. "You can open your gift anytime you want, it's New Years Eve after all."

"Are you the present?" She asked sounding like she was going back to sleep.

"No, but I am sure you will like it. At least the first part of your gift, you get the second at the fireworks show." Sighing lightly she sat up a bit looking at the box, then snuggled back up to me. "Anyway, I upgraded the software for the retrieval program for the main server last night. Kurt will take it down today or tomorrow."

"Really? How did you manage to do it?" David asked as I ran a hand through Jasmines' hair.

"Not really sure, kind of blacked out when I did it. It's done, so we will see if it has any affect." I looked over Jasmine and she was fully asleep. "She isn't much for waking as always."

"Guess breakfast is out." Wendy said as I heard her dump some pancake batter into a pan. "I figured this would happen. You like blueberry muffins?"

"Never had one." I said as she rounded out the kitchen and set one by my coffee.

"Try one, it's still hot so let it cool a bit." Nodding to her she smiled. "David, would you care for one?" He just let out a small 'mhmm'. "So Kim, if your program works, what are you going to look for?"

"Hopefully a way too help Sonia." I took a small peace off the muffin top and held it under Jasmines' nose. "Who knows what ells we will find though." Jasmine sniffed the small peace and slowly sat up grabbing my muffin with out a word never letting go of her bear. Laying back she slowly, and I think still asleep, ate it. "She even takes my food in her sleep." David and Wendy both laughed as I ate the small peace I was able to keep.

"So you looking forward to the dance?" Wendy asked as she cut up some fruit.

"Like a root canal." David looked at me strangely, then seemed to get my feelings.

"Not looking forward to them knowing you're an Enforcer, don't blame you there." He folded the paper and set it aside. "I wouldn't worry about it to much, just try and enjoy yourself. So what is this other present you got Jasmine?" I looked to the sleeping beauty in my lap a moment. She was asleep, sleep eating none the less. Pulling out a small box from my jacket I tossed it to David. "Holy…" Wendy got interested instantly and went to take a look.

"It's set with her birthstone, a bloodstone, that must have set you back." I shrugged lightly.

"Payment plan." Wendy handed the box back to me. "Think she will like it?"

"She will love it." Wendy said as she went back in the kitchen. "When are you leaving for the festival?"

"I figure the dance starts at six, so about three, that will give us two hours too look around, and an hour too get ready." Sliding the box back in my jacket I smiled reassured. "That takes a load off."

"Well, you better eat up before then." I smiled as she set the table, Jasmine slowly sat up in my lap. She shared my plate as we ate breakfast. "You are gong to spoil her if you keep that up."

"Little late for that." Jasmine fed me some fruit as we all just talked about nothing important. Eventually Jasmine took a shower and got ready for the festival. We left a bit earlier then I had planed but it would allot us more time to play around.


"Okay, Jasmine, this is how you seduce Kim. I want you to take off all your cloths except your panties, now make them cute ones." Sam wagged a finger at Jasmine in a matter of fact way. I stood silently behind her hoping she could feel me stare her down. "Over your chest have a book open, now we will get you a pair of cute reading glasses…" Sam tilted her head at everyone, with there wide eyes looking at me. "He is behind me, isn't he?" They just nodded as she turned to me.

"What are you teaching her this time?" Sam stood up and away from me, I handed Jasmine her cotton candy she asked me to get her. "Samantha, what did I say about teaching her that stuff?"

"Not to teach her how too rock your world." I narrowed my eyes at her. "Okay, okay, not too teach her how to seduce you or what sex toys are best, or…" Holding up a hand I just wanted her to stop.

"How did you find us anyway?" She smiled looking away. "You didn't."

"I did." She shrunk away a little more. "I just wanted to help."

"Yeah right." Lora said looking at some tall dark guy that passed by. "She wanted too see you two go off in the wooded area and do it."

"Do what?" Jasmine asked as she tuned back into the conversation after being distracted by her tasty treat. "Oh, I forgot my present at home."

"It's in the car." I said snatching up a chunk of her cotton candy. "Figured you would forget about it seeing you fell asleep on me after breakfast."

"You're just too comfortable not to sleep on though." Jasmine said and Samantha giggled.

"Anyway, you three have fun, Jasmine and I want some time alone." I held out my hand for Jasmine and she took it. "Have fun."

"Bye Sam, Michel, Lora, see you tonight after the dance!" Jasmine shouted as she playfully jumped on my back. We walked around a bit and saw one of the rock bands play, played some of the games, and rode some of the rides. Currently Jasmine ate a candy apple like they were endangered.

"It's not going to run away from you, you know?" She gave me a death stare taking another bite. "I have no idea how I am going too afford feeding you."

"I'm a Goddess, people should be bowing down at my feat to give me food." Not sure if I should laugh at that or not. Personally I think I should run away, fast, and as far as I could. She handed me the stick with a strait face. "More." My jaw dropped as she never looked away from me. "Get a move on, I want more." Rolling my eyes I took the stick tossing it in the trash as I went to get in line for another.

As I waited a bad feeling came over me. I focused my vision to see spiritual energy a moment. There was a flash of dark energy in the crowed, I recognized it. Demon energy, more precisely, it looked like Dane's. It was at the least similar, it didn't seem as focused or as strong. Looking back to Jasmine she sat silently playing with her feat as I got the candy apple. I handed the apple over keeping my Sight open as she snatched it away from me. "Ready to go, we need too get ready for the dance."

She nodded taking bite, I smiled as she chewed away, even her lack of manors is cute. Taking my arm, she hung off me as we walked. That aura was in the back of my mind however, there was no way Dane could still be alive. Not after blowing him up with that crazy grenade James made. Ether way I doubt whoever that was, or is, was going to start a fight here.



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