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Fox Fire 2: The Sister City

Novel By: Charles Mausolf

Sequel too Fox Fire. Kim adventures and finds new enemies to fight. He finds that not all Goddesses, Demons, and Humans are all good, or evil. View table of contents...


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Chapter 48

My eyes opened up slowly to North's lips still pressed against mine. She pulled away slowly touching hers' softly. Blinking at me a few times, she slowly stood up keeping her back to me. Quickly she turned to me, and pointed at me with her mouth agape as if to say something. Then it quickly shut, and closed her eyes. "Okay Kim, this was not what I expected. At all, I mean…"

"How do you think I feel?!" I exclaimed with a small whine in my voice. "I was a girl, who had a baby, and was married, to a dude!" Folding my arms my eyes darted over the other three. They looked confused as well as in wonderment at North and I. "I saw everything, the sleeping with him, and then there was birthing a child. Don't get me started on my habits back then ether." This memory may scar me for a little while after this. Another fight better happen soon, I need to let off some series steam.

Standing to my feet quickly, again I looked between all of them. They all were blushing, like the type my sister gets when she thinks of me with another guy, and that is just not cool. "I am not into guys, that was Ruby. I am Kim, not Ruby, and she was a girl. Besides, there was…" I stopped myself because I was digging a very big hole. I knew exactly what they were thinking, and I wanted it to stop. "You all stop imagining things!"

"Kim," North said softly as she took my right hand in both of hers. "What do you think happened to our babies?" Oh god, I don't even know how to approach that. "You think they got away safely? They got away, right? They had the wedding, had kids of there own. Drake and Scythe didn't let us down, did they? Tell me we didn't give our lives in vain after all that?"

Shit, I wish she wouldn't throw so many questions at me that I can't answer. Looking to East a moment she had a question she wants to ask, at least with those narrow eye's she has. It had to be about Drake, but I will deal with that later. "North, you know I can't answer any of those questions. I really wish I could. But, they were our children, right? There tuff, we trained them together. Plus, they had Drake and Scythe with them, and you know they are not going to go against our wishes and fail our children. If they are out there, then we can find them."

North let my hand go and nodded slowly. She knows there is nothing we could do about the situation. "Umm, so we are done, right?" North asked softly, looking around to the others.

Smiling softly, I stood back from The Four Points. Each one was a part of me, and now is a part of me once more. East walked over to me putting her hand over my heart. She smiled softly to me looking me in the eyes. "Kim, I can feel our child inside of you someplace. None of that matters now, does it?"

East was sad, she wanted to go see the baby she only got to hold a few years as Mary. "Your right East, we are going to start destroying things. We are going too do it our way." Slowly looking in turn to all of them, my eyes finally fell on the small fox at my feet. "Hold onto those memories that you all got, we all have. Let's destroy our enemies, and save our friends and family. Let's take back what belongs too us, and cherish what we really want to protect and save."

South put her hand over East's hand and looked to her. "I want to see my child as well. I want too know if Katin is alive or dead. There also is Jera, I want to find her as well." Lowering my head a bit, I didn't know what to say. "No, there dead? Tell me they survived!"

I guess I should just tell her. No point dragging this out. "South, Katin did survive. For how long I do not know, she could be alive or not. But Jera is gone, killed. However, in a twist of fate, West was borne as your granddaughter." West backed away from the group as I looked up to her. South immediately looked to West in shock.

"My granddaughter?" South took a step towards West. "My granddaughter?" South quickly rushed West, and held her tightly. "Katin had a daughter. You are my granddaughter." South ran her hands through West brown shoulder length hair and started to cry. "You are my family."

Sighing out of a bit of joy, I looked to East a moment. She watched South and West holding her smile. "Kim, how long do we have here?" East asked me softly.

I thought about that a long moment as her hand never moved from my chest. "In all truth I am not sure. We have probably been in this state a few seconds, to a few minutes."

East kept her eyes on her two friends longing for more time. "I want go and see where you keep our souls, but we should wait on that for now." Tell the truth, I am a bit surprised how East is handling her new position. She took up the slot of leader quickly and with no problem. "We need to return to our bodies. Like you said, we still have a fight…"

Slowly I touched East's chin having her look back to me. East fallowed my guiding hand as she looked up to my eyes. "Give it a moment. South just found her granddaughter. West is hurting, just as you are. This is all of your moments to take that pain and deal with it. As the leader right now, there is a duty that you need to do right now." I pointed to North slowly, East fallowed my direction and looked to North who was holding her arms about herself looking down at the ground. "East, we are not an army, we are a family. Family comforts one another. You may be the leader now, but you also are hurting. You and North need one another now."

East turned from me and went to her friend. Walking slowly she hugged North about the waste pressing her head into her chest. North was caught off guard and just looked down to East. "East, what is wrong?" North asked as she looked around, almost hoping no one saw her being hugged.

East held onto North tighter. She understood finally that being a leader wasn't just telling people what to do. "North, I think I recall something what Jack, my husband, said to me once. He said that a leader is not the oak tree. The leader is the reed that shifts with the wind and never breaks. Smaller, but not the one who breaks. That is why you chose me, and I won't let you down."

North slowly hugged East back and let her emotions go. Watching them, I could feel something, a resonance between them. East was Norths' daughter. So she did die back in New York, but East doesn't remember. That means my son probably didn't live either throughout these few hundred years. The same connection I felt with South and West, though a bit different, I didn't feel that Katin was dead. The only thing I figure, is that Katin is still alive with her Guardian. I can't be sure of that though till I can align myself.

Walking to the edge of the barrier, I touched the red glowing energy. Jasmines' soul walked up behind me. Looking down at the little fox spirit of hers, she looked up at me, I saw eyes that I knew well. Between the memories, and the feel of her soul, I finally realized who Jasmine is, or was to say. "I got your real name, Jasmine. Somehow I am not all that surprised by it at that. At least not after the memories I just had to suffer through." Looking back to my four new Goddesses, I couldn't risk there lives so carelessly. They suffered enough, and top it off they never knew about synchronizing before now. Hell, even I was just developing the idea before these memories showed me how to do it. On the other hand, I could be a lot stronger if I had a few days to synchronize with myself. I don't have that luxury though.

Looking to the Four Points, then to the golden pillars, I knew my next move. "Ladies, seeing as you took up this role, we need some help. You four are now apart of me. What you did is deeper then any Contract. There are three Demons that are not here, so our first thing is getting them back."

"Kim," I looked back towards them as West spoke softly. "I have no right to ask this, but before we go and fight, I want a kiss. Everyone ells you kissed…" I didn't hesitate as I turned to her and walked over. Cupping her chin, I looked in her eyes lovingly. "Sorry, I just feel a little jealous I didn't get one."

Grinning, I thought how cute she is. Licking my lips a little, I bent down close to her face taking in her sent. "West, I am going to taste you now." She nodded softly closing her eyes. "Listen to my words, you are loved by me and your sisters. I don't want you ever to fear me." Stroking her chin softly, I looked over her face. Even with the memory of us, she as West is still inexperienced. "From now on, I will kiss you as much as I want. But that goes both ways. So if you want a kiss, then you kiss me. Just as I will when I want too kiss you."

West looked to the others a moment then back to me. I could tell she wanted me to kiss her, but she still had the memory of being raped in her mind. "Why do you treat us like this? Like, we are your friends, lovers, or girlfriends?"

"Didn't I just tell you? You are all in my heart." Kissing her softly with a small peck, she again shut her eyes in remembering my touch. "Always remember this, you are loved, and from here on out, will be loved by me. That and you better get use to the idea of sleeping with Jasmine and Sonia. Fairly sure there going to have there way with you." Kissing her again I didn't hold back as my tongue slipped past her lips. Pulling her in tightly to me by her waist, I could feel our tongues dance and wrestle with one another. Letting her go, she stumbled back as our lips separated. "Now that we have done that, it is time we go."

"Hold it!" South shouted getting in my face. "You kissed North and West like that. What about me?" Grabbing her by the waist with one arm, I forcefully pressed my lips against hers. My free hand grabbed the back of her head with a fist full of her short black hair. Getting the full flavor of her, she tasted like fresh crystal water. Though West tasted much like fresh strawberries. However, I wasn't done with South as I forced my aura onto her. Her muscles tightened up and her body shivered as I forced her to feel nothing but pleasure. Pulling away from South, she took a lazy step back and dropped to her knees. "What the hell was that? I think I just…"

"Orgasm? Yeah, see now that I have your soul, I can enhance your physical sensitivity much more then normal now. So you could say, I am the greatest pleasure possible." Taking a knee before South, I just smiled away at her. "Wait till we have sex. That is going to drive you absolutely crazy."

Looking up to me, her eyes showed clearly she was apprehensive. "I am not sure I can handle this. After that memory of us, I think you may be too aggressive for me now." An evil smile crossed my face as I looked between the four. My hand caressed South's face lightly. I knew one thing about myself after having those memories. There was a good reason I sealed off my memories at such a young age. My sex drive went through the roof and fractured the moon. I feel like a moron not forcing the Contract, and taking Jasmine and Sonia. I could have had a lot of fun.

"Now that we are done here," I said softly as I stood up fully. Reaching my hand out for South, she placed her hand in mine as I pulled her up. "We should be going to our next destination before I go wild and just have the four of you for my own pleasure." Turning away from them I once more placed my hand on the barrier. "Let's go do some recruiting."

East walked up to my side as I looked down to her. She had a smile on her face waging a finger at me. "Hold up there Mister. You want to get more girls or something? You are up to like six girlfriends now. Who possibly could you want to recruit in a city where you know no one?"

Tilting my head slightly and looking her in the eyes. East seemed a bit more upset then I felt she had a right to be seeing she just became my girlfriend. "Whoever said it's more girls?" Getting a wide smile, she had a confused look on her face. Dropping my hand from the barrier, I put a finger on her lips to silence a question from her. "We are recruiting Wild Demons."

"Have you gone mad?!" I looked to North who burst out with that unneeded question. Of course I am mad, duh. "How are you going to control a Wild Demon?"

Tilting my head slightly to North, I felt East sucking on my finger. I would have before stopped her, but now I don't seem to mind. "I thought that would have been obvious. I am going to ask them for help. Not all of them mind you, just three."

West spoke up next as I turned East around groping her just under her breast. For her age there wasn't a lot there to grab, but they are still bigger then Jasmines'. "You mean those three you fought in the arena?"

Pulling my finger out of East's mouth, I turned to West still holding my good feeling and smiled. "Hit the nail on the head. Yes, that is who I'm talking about. So not new Goddesses, but three new pet's for myself." Once more I put my hand on the barrier. "I wish I had more time, but we must wake up now." Looking to East, my smile faded. "East, when we wake, we will only have a few minutes till Samuel returns. All of you will stay out of the battle, protect Timothy and the other two."

"Kim, we can't let you face him down alone again!" East exclaimed out of worry for me. "He won't be like he was before…"

"East, stop." Cupping her cheek, I smiled and ran my hand through her dark red hair. "Listen to me, I know he will be fighting at his full strength. He also won't be messing around this time. Despite that fact, he is dumber then dirt and should have kept his head down. This time I'm really putting him in the ground." Shutting my eyes, I focused my Spiritual Energy to send us back to the waking world.


My eyes shot open with Timothy in my face. He blinked a few times as we just stared at one another. "Are you dead or alive?" I thought that was a funny question as I slowly got to my feet. Stretching, I cracked my back with a sound pop. "Hey, I got you your weapons, boot's, and your jacket." He said as he held them out to me. Taking up my guns and clips, I replaced them back on my legs. "I could find you a better weapon, you know, like a laser…"

"No." Replying softly, I looked to the Four Points. There energy was spiraling softly about them as there bodies under went the same change as Sonia did. Sonia wasn't aware of it yet, but her fear's of not able to have children is unfounded. "Timothy, when they wake up, go with them. I will meet up with you after I finish off Samuel." Strapping on my boot's, Timothy's eyes shot even wider as he shouted.

"Samuel?! I thought you killed him." Nodding softly, I looked over my fresh bandages over my arm and chest. Timothy must have changed them when I was Synchronizing with the girls.

Walking past him and patting his head, I looked over Ashley and Vortex rekindled my fire to kill Samuel. "I thought I had, but I can sense a small bit of his life-force. So stay with them, they know what to do." Looking to the exit, I began my walk towards the fight I wanted to finish quickly. Stepping over the rubble, I took one last look back. Got to lead Samuel away from them, they can't defend themselves like this. As I got past the doors, I knew I was going to be dealing with a Demon much stronger, and larger then Dane. Top it off, this Demon is the real thing and not some trumped up experiment.

The base started shake, something big is certainly searching me out. No doubt that it is Samuel making all this ruckus to find me. It was as if the base was being pounded from the outside, as well as inside. I even lost my footing a few times the building shook so fiercely. A few times I near got a concussion from chunks of falling cement. Being hit on the head by debris would be a poor way of starting this fight back up again. Let alone before it does start.

The lights began to flicker as I could feel the quacking increase. Samuel's aura was getting stronger, it was going wild with rage or just plane insanity. A booming of what sounded like a dragon roaring echoed through the halls. The air pressure became thicker as I struggled to even breathe with the raging aura. I actually felt that I may be in over my head this time, just a little. Didn't have time to think about how I was going to handle this. See at this moment a large quake shook as the ceiling caved in around me. Covering my face as I stumbled back, dust blew at me like a sand blaster.

Opening my eyes just slightly, I saw a long thick tail. If the hall was still intact, it wouldn't have fit inside. It dragged across the floor shredding everything it touched. The tip finally I could see as it was barbed with sharp boney spikes. "Oh, I don't want to be struck by that at all." I coughed out trying not to breath in the air. Taking to a run, I chased after the tail. Getting to the opening, the base was half leveled. The cave ceiling I could see clearly above us glowing with the moss. "Son of a bitch, he did all this in such a short time? This actually may be tough."

Though I could hear Samuel roar out his lungs and decimate the area, he didn't seem that he noticed me. It's as if he went mad with his loss to me. Even though losing to me in his human form seemed a little stupid to be all upset about. After all, he didn't use his full form like he is now. Personally, it seems rather petty to go mad when you aren't even using your full power.

As more of the dust cleared away, I could see him stomping around. He had to be at least six stories tall on all four of his greenish scaled legs. Dane and Wendy were half his size transformed. "I'm a god damned ant compared to him." Not thinking twice about it, I took to a run right at Samuel who is at least a football field long nose to the tip of his tail. Running along side him, I past his tail after a quick jump over it as it whipped side too side. His tail kicked up dirt and cement with every move it made.

Now with some of my memories back, I know Samuel is part of the Dragon Clan. More or less, he is on par with the Fox Clan, and probably as strong as Angelica. Loosing that thought because of a large chunk of rock was heading right at me, I ducked and rolled dodging it. It crashed behind me just as I got a good look at Samuel. His roars escaped from a maw that could have held a bus, and teeth that could shred metal. Right now though, I could see what he focused on. He is eating his men, chewing them up and swallowing them whole. The bastard just ignored me as he gorged on them. Looking right at me his black eyes watched me for a long moment. Then went right back to eating.

Circling me a few times, he broke down the walls sniffing everything for another bite. Clawing through the rubble with his massive paws, he was desperate for food. After our first fight, he probably is needing calories. Too bad for him though, I was about to spoil his appetite. Running over to one of the crashed walls, I picked up a large chunk and tossed it aside. It crashed to the floor sending dust everywhere as I looked for my weapon. Smiling to myself, I looked to Samuel as he rampaged. "Okay big guy, time for you to have a tummy ach."

Grabbing the leg of a corpse, I dragged it over towards Samuel. I waited for him to notice me, as I studied him. The same thing from before is happening again, it was like nothing could touch him. With fighting him the first I was rested, but having to fight this massive version of Samuel after everything wasn't realistic. So I waited for Samuel as I poured Spiritual Power into the body held by the leg. When he caught sight of me holding the body, he scanned me over a long time before letting out a roar. "Still hungry Samuel, then fetch!" I shouted out tossing the body high into the air. Watching the body flail about in the air, Samuel did as well. With great speed he snatched it strait from the air swallowing it whole.

Grinning, I watched as he roared at me again. His breath smelled of rotting flesh and the force near knocked me on my ass. Still, despite his bad breath and loud boasting, he already sealed his doom. Turning my back on him, I started to walk away with a smile and a wave. "Enjoy yourself Samuel, it's your last meal." Putting my hands in my pockets, I somberly walked the ruined base. This place was a relic of a dead army anyway, it needs to stay buried.

Whistling lightly, I was kicking small pebbles as I heard echoes of Samuel. Sure right now his stomach is turning, blurred vision, and bleeding from every hole on his body. By the sounds, he is rolling around in agony. Looking up, still walking the halls, I had to duck quickly as Samuels' tail ripped through the wall. Damn spikes on his tale near took my head off. Standing up slowly, I looked through the hole he had made. Samuel was floundering about as I knew he was doing. Standing back up, I knew I had to watch out for that thing.

Taking back up my walk, I started to whistle again. I eventually made it back and looked in side where the girl's were at. They were arguing among themselves on what to do. Seeing as Samuel was still thrashing about and making everything shake, and the sounds, they probably thought the battle was still going on. That is clear by South shouting and the waving of her hands. "We got to help him! You hear all that noise…"

Smiling, I was thinking of messing with them a bit. Holding out my hand, I tapped into Wests' power and made grass and dandelions grow under there feet slowly. The girl's and Timothy looked to there feet wondering what is going on. They looked around a bit panicked, I giggled lightly as there confusion set in more. "Now that is a sight, four Goddesses in a field of flower's."

Quickly they all looked to me as I scaled over the rubble towards them. Getting to the edge of the grass, I looked over there faces. They were in shock and just stood there looking at me. East was the first to speak up. "What the hell is going on? Where is Samuel, and why is this place still sound like a war zone?" She asked quickly as she stepped up to me.

Scratching my chin, I thought about that for a bit. "Well see, Samuel right now is writhing in pain and slowly dieing." Yeah, it was a little strait forward, but I want them in the dark a little longer.

They didn't like that answer at all, specially seeing my wide smile. South wasn't having any of that as she got to East side. She even did the whole finger waging in my face. "You better tell us more then that! We were so worried about you." East placed a hand on Souths' arm too calm her down. Patting her arm lightly and smile to her, South calmly looked back to me.

Taking in a deep breath, East exploded on me again. "You better tell us more then that! We were so worried about you." I busted out laughing just as the building shook again. East looked a little put off by my reaction, after all I did just laugh her off.

Covering my mouth I calmed down before telling them. "Okay, okay, he got a case of indigestion. I fed him one of the bodies I had killed earlier." They all looked a little horrified by my words. I just held up my hands for them to wait. "I poisoned the corpse and fed it to Samuel. He basically is rotting from the inside out. Didn't even have too do anything really. He was so out of his mind he just wanted to eat. Some reason he ignored me though." Shrugging lightly, I lost my smile and sighed. "Not that I mind doing that, but it seemed like a good idea seeing how much trouble I had with him the first round."

Looking over them one more time, West and North got to me next. West just smiled at me with a queries look to her. "Well, it's good that you finished him off. Now maybe those two over there can rest a bit easier." She said pointing to Ashley and Vortex who is still under my mind control. "I am sure they will be grateful for what you did. The four of us are."

Smiling softly, Timothy raised his hand quickly. "Make that five! I am here too."

I raised my hands in defense slowly for forgetting him. "Your right, five it is."

North put her hand to my cheek gently forcing me to look at her. I had a feeling, the ones that I always fear. She slowly ran her hand down my cheek, hugging me tightly. "You really are going to pull this off."

Suddenly the girl's all at once hugged me. It was a nice feeling with them all more or less in the sultriest cloths I have ever seen in this lifetime. The prospect of them all naked was starting to get a bit distracting. Need to put this to a stop right now before something happens. "Okay, everyone let go." I said softly, and they did so. I am shocked they did what I said on the first try, without even hesitating. Waving Timothy over, he just shook his head. Sighing I rubbed my eyes. "I am not asking you for a hug. We need you to give us a Contract."

Timothy narrowed his eyes at me, then looked around at the others. Scratching his head it was like he was waiting for something. Everyone now had eyes on me wondering what was going on as Timothy asked me a question. "What's a Contract? Like pen and paper, because I can't write."

Now all eyes were on Timothy. I sighed and would have to deal with that later. "Timothy, just ask the girls if they would like a Contract with me. That's all there is too it."

Putting his hands on his hips and tilting his head away from me, he still didn't understand. Licking his lips a moment, we all just waited on him. "What do I get if I do that?"

Grinning wide, I walked over to him putting a soft hand on his head. "You may ask whatever you want." Looking at me hard, he had to be thinking if I would keep my word. He hasn't had much trust in people considering where he grew up. "Please, trust in me. Request whatever you want."

He looked off to The Four Points, and they just nodded softly with big smiles. Looking back to me he nodded sharply. "Take me with you, I want out of this place."

Nodding in agreement I looked back to the girls. "Looks like we got another person coming to Tate with us. Now the four of you, any request on the Contract other then just being with me?" They looked between one another and huddled together and had a silent conversation. I wonder if I should be worried or not.

Finally they came up for air and East pointed right at me with one hand on her hip and legs spread wide. She was being way to dramatic about this. "We want to first ask, are we your girlfriends officially?" I nodded once. "Then we just want you to know that body and soul we are yours. So we have no request, we can break the Contract and so can you at anytime. That is the condition we have."

That is all they want? That is so easy they want such an odd condition. Even though that is just a basic Contract. All they had to say there are no conditions. "You four are much more mature then Jasmine. She would have asked for something." Looking back to Timothy I nodded softly to him. "Just ask if we all want a Contract. Then we answer and we are done."

Tilting his head, he just shrugged as I moved my hand away. "This is so weird, but whatever. Do you all want a Contract?" We all said yes. Timothy though was looking around the room, spinning slowly. He let out a grunt throwing his hands in the air. "What the freak, nothing happened. There is not any flashy lights or something?"

We all just laughed at that and I just shook my head. "Nothing flashy or some bold thing happening. Words are power for a Contractor, you could say they keep the balance in the world." Smiling softly, I tousled his hair one last time before turning to the girls. They looked excited and a bit fidgety. "Now, for the four of you. So you know, your bodies have been under a change. That means you may start acting differently, and feeling differently."

West went to ask a question, but I held up a hand for her to stop. "First, your personalities at times may over lap with one another as well as Jasmine and Sonia. Second, you're all virgins again."

"What?!" They all shouted out together as I rubbed my ear. They where a flurry of questions before East silenced them. "So, what does that mean for us?"

I grinned wide and waved East over. Taking her hand as she had a look of worry, spinning her, I put her back to my chest. "Concentrate on your friends, just those three. Hold the image in your mind of them." She looked up to me a long moment wondering what I was getting at. I simply pointed to the other three. Fallowing my hand she looked them over. "Got the image of them in your mind?"

She nodded slowly as my grin turned to a smile. "What is supposed to happen now? Should I do som…" The four of them all yelped as I grabbed Easts' crotch. I only did it a moment before letting her go. They all went red in the face as East turned to me. "What the hell was that?"

South had a huge smile on her face. I figured she would be the one to react first. "You are telling me that if you touch East, then it's like you touch all of us?" I nodded softly and took East be the waist kissing her deeply. East shut her eyes, but I kept mine open looking up to the others. They all had varying reactions, but they were truly enjoying the moment.

Pulling away from East, she looked disappointed, but didn't speak as she brushed her hair back. North was touching her lips still blushing heavily. She let out a heavy sigh and looked directly at me. "I could feel East's tongue as well as Kim's. It's like I was kissing both Kim and East."

West did something unexpected, she grabbed South by the face and kissed her. Not really all that shocked by South though as she got into the kiss. East slowly put her back to me feeling her lips. She and North started panting a bit heavier, then I realized there is a ten year old boy watching. "Okay ladies, that's enough. There are eyes watching that are not ready for this." South and West stopped looking to Timothy, there eyes went wide pulling away from there embrace. "Now that you are done experimenting, you also can use one another's powers."

Really, this is going to be so much fun. Thinking about Wendy and how David had to keep up with her appetite for sex, this connection between them makes my job all that much easier. For now though, it is time to go. East cleared her throat and stood away from me as she spoke rubbing her arm. "So what is the plan now?" She asked looking back to me with a flush face.

Smiling, I walked past Timothy and bent down by Vortex. "We Teleport out of here." Sitting down, I pulled her up on my lap. I can still use her power even when she is asleep. "All of you come sit down by me." I said as I waved them over. They looked confused, but still did as asked. We sat in a circle with North to my right, West to my left, East next to West, South next to North. Timothy sat by East, and Ashley laid her head on Norths' lap. We held hands as I shut my eyes. "Now all of you, side Timothy, focus your Spiritual Power on me. This is going to take all of us to pull off. I will seek out a hospital to drop off Vortex, Ashley and Timothy. From there we will go get the Wild Demons. Understand?"

They all looked at me with wondering eyes. I am sure they were a bit apprehensive about traveling like this, but it can't be helped. Finally they all nodded slowly as they released there power. "Let's get started then, this is going to be a fun little ride."


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