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Kim is a young 16 year old loner in a city know as Lost Memories. He is know as his school's top bully. When in all truth he just wants to be left alone, he reluctantly helps people that gives him a bad reputation. On the first day back at school he gets into a fate changing fight, a strange girl watches him from afar. Where will there relationship go? View table of contents...


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Sitting on the roof of my house, I looked at the reddish tinted energy barrier that spanned our city. Day or night it's soft reddish light shined down on us letting everyone know we were safe from the creatures that could be seen at times trying to get in. As long as it was there, things were peaceful.

The sun shined past it during the day, and the moon and stars struggled to twinkle past it at night. Despite all that, the unknown creatures that on land or sky wanted at us for a reason, no one knew why. Three hundred years ago my ancestors woke with no memory of events. It was odd, because they lost history of who we were, but they retained knowledge. People who were doctors, engineers, pollutions, soldiers, blue collar and white, no matter what skills they had before waking, they retained.

Soon small pockets of people started to band together. They were slowly getting a system of things together. However, in many of the districts of the city, chaos set in. Do to infighting for supplies, the first year, it was calculated that we lost one fourth of our population, by the second year, near half. Do to this, two sides eventually came to power after many years of fighting. At first they never fought one another. They fought the small bands of gangs that popped up. They slowly spread there respective territories. That was till there territories started to impeach on one another. This was about one hundred and twenty years after the Great Memory Loss.

As the two power houses of the time, they tried to come to agreements on boundaries. They did, for a time, till the one hundredth and ninetieth year. One side held an agriculture territory, while the other held most of the technology that was recovered. They traded for food, and technology. The people didn't get along so well. Despite attempts to quell the fighting, small fights between sides became all out street brawls. It eventually escalated into an all out war between the two sides, for over ten years. Government that was established on both sides were tired of the fighting, the answer they found to the situation was to make the city one community.

The transition was not easy, it took near fifty years as the old generations started to fade, and new ones took over with no animosity of the past. Peace was found eventually. Set rules were put in place, using what knowledge of the past we had through computer banks. We used that as guide lines for our laws. How to grow plants, and animals through the most efficient means were put in place. Recycling became not only a way of life, but a necessity to become self sufficient. Births of children were strictly regulated for population control. A barter system was put into place, schools and job training. Even the environment is controlled and nice all year around. Side the agriculture districts which have all four seasons on a yearly cycle. To date it's the only place in the entire city you can even get a glimpse of snow.

"Kim!" My father shouted up at me as I sat on the roof of our house. "Get down here for dinner." Like many of son's, I referred to him as dad, but his birth name is Kurt.

"Be right down." I slowly sat up stretching, then climbing down the later. My feet hit the grass as I walked inside. Sitting at the kitchen counter, and seeing what he made, I was not impressed, but not disappointed either.

"You start school tomorrow." He said placing a cucumber sandwich in front of me. "You going to take the Charger, seeing you got your license now?"

"Yeah, I hate taking the buss. The other kids are too noisy." I said as I grabbed a separate plate and the big bowl of salad. He tapped his fingers on the counter staring at me. "What?"

"You are sixteen now, a second year, you going to attempt to make friends?"

"Hmm, nope." I said as I pilled on the salad. "I got nothing to do with those people."

"There your classmates, how about getting a girlfriend at least?" He said after taking a bite of his own sandwich.

"Why? It's a pointless act at my age to have anything to do with girls. It's not like I want children. So it's little point in conversing with them on such a level." Pouring on some dressing I mixed up my salad with my fork.

"It's called living. It may actually make you happy, and after the last year you had, you could use some of that happiness." He sighed softly with some measure of hope. "You got into so many fights it made my head spin."

"I was never the one who started any of that."

"Do me a favor then, at least try to walk away when you can? Even if it means sacrificing a bit of pride."

"Don't worry, all the seniors from last year have graduated, and no one anymore wants to fight me. Well, side a few people that just talk a lot. Not looking forward to seeing Shawn again. He always tries to goad me into hitting him." I took a bite of my salad in thought at that little punk. "Oh yeah, did you replace the fuel cell in the car?"

"Yeah, you're good to go, and be careful, despite that frame being of an old design, underneath it it's still a new car." Shaking his head he was thinking about all the work we put into the vehicle. "I really don't want to have to go through and fix that frame, it was hard enough to get the raw materials to mold it." See, told you.

"I know, I know, not going to damage it." I sighed, no way was I going to have that car damaged after we spent the last two years building the frame. "By the way, you said you're going to the geothermal plant today right, for inspection?"

"Yes, got to inspect some of the steam pipes that lead to the generators." Taking another bite he waited a moment. "I will be back late so just find whatever for dinner."

"Always do." I sat back and with my hands on my head for a moment, went over my schedule. "I probably won't see you unless you catch me between my run in the morning and leaving for school."

"Really? All summer all you have done is nothing but run and study, or work on the body of the car. This is why you need friends. You're going to grow old and die alone." My dad said it more out of concern than frustration. But it doesn't bother me I have no friends.

"They would just get in the way." I said finishing up my meal. "Want to get some studying in before bed. So, I will talk to you tomorrow, or the day after." He just shook his head as I went to my room leaving him to clean up the mess.


Sitting behind the wheel of the Charger I took in its sent. I felt the white imitation leather seats, looked over the hood of the glossy black finish with a smile. I loved my car, it came second only to my dad, and even that was not much of a gap. We even set it up so it was turned on by key. So I stuck the keys in the ignition turning it on, now normally the engines nowadays only make a small hum, even at high speeds. We rigged this too simulate a good clean roar of the model it was modeled after, the 1967 Charger. We only had old pictures from what was left in the databanks to go by, but we think we got it to look and sound pretty accurate.

I put it in reverse, and pulled out the driveway, shifted into first and drove off to school, windows down and music blaring. The smooth ride made me feel alive more then anything, but it was short lived as I turned into the parking lot of the school. Rolling in slow, all attention was on my car as I got gasps and looks. The car was so unique it just pulled the attention of everyone around walking into the school. I found a parking spot after doing one, perhaps two laps around the lot just to show it off.

Finding a spot, I shut the engine down and a small crowed was gathering trying to get looks at it. Students and staff alike looked and pointed in amazement, not just at the look, but the sound, it just drew attention. I stepped out slowly closing the door behind me as they all saw me. Small whispers were heard as some of the freshmen asked about me to other students, some dropped my name. I walked up with my book bag over my shoulder towards school as people parted away from me.

I didn't mind them being scared of me, and yes they are scared of me. It just made it easier for me to be left alone. Turning on my MP3 player, I jabbed the ear pieces in my ears and went to my locker. I found it and tried the code, it easily opened. Then shut it seeing I would be getting my books in each of the classes. My first class was math, so looking at my map I fallowed it towards the room. On the way there, two boys from the football team dragged a geeky little student into one of the bathrooms with him kicking and screaming. No one did anything, no teachers around, and no one was going to mess with a third year football player.

I walked passed the bathroom not wanting to get involved. Then I stopped. "Damn it!" I shouted, people backed away from me as I screamed. Don't want to get involved, but I can't have them hurt a little kid like that if I can stop it. So I turned around and went in the boy's bathroom tugging out the speakers. I looked around the bathroom a moment. The third stall I heard two laughing voices, and another screaming for help. Knocking on the stall door softly, I waited as I heard them whisper.

"This is taken, get out of here." One bully said.

"Open up." I said sharply, I waited as once more they whispered.

"Mind your own business. Trying to take a dump in here." A second voice came and guessed that was bully number two, he had a much deeper voice.

Rolling my eyes I knocked again. "I saw you drag that kid in here. Now if you like I can kick open the door?"

More whispering as they started to laugh. "Grab his legs man, I will flush it and we dunk him." Bully number one said ignoring me, do they not know who I am? However that is so unsanitary to dunk someone in the toilet.

"I warned you." Dropping my bag, I stepped back and as hard as I could, kicked the door, it swung inward slamming into one of them. He yelled as the door lock hit him in the back. Having a few colorful words, I now had there attention. Once more I got some distance. After a moment the one that got hit in the back stepped out followed by his buddy.

"I know you." The first spoke up. "You're that guy from last year who beat up our quarterback. We lost the season because of you."

"Not my problem. Now walk away before you end up like him." I said unafraid, as I put my back to one of the sinks.

"Oh no, you're going to pay for that."

"You were second string quarterback, weren't you?" He looked to his rather large friend and I wondered how they both fit in there, plus with the nerd. "Yeah, you were. So that makes you first string this year. Oh, wait, are you still going to be? Didn't you throw so crappy you got intercepted like four times, in the first half alone?"

With that he took a slow inaccurate swing. It had power behind it but power don't mean much if you can't hit. Our right arms locked as my leg swept behind him flipping him over on his shoulder blades. His buddy took to a run for a tackle as I side stepped kicking him in the back of his knee. Under his own wait and speed he fell chin first into the sink and bounced off it. Rolling on the ground in pain, blood poured out his mouth, he even spat out some teeth.

"Should have walked away." I said to the quarterback standing over him. "Now, do you want to walk away?" He slowly rolled to his feet as I shook my head. "Wrong choice."

Rushing me, he threw a left hook and I ducked bringing my knee into his stomach. I slammed my elbow on the back of his neck as he fell face first onto the ground. Grabbing his arm and my bag, I dragged him out of the bathroom into the hallway with surprised students watching. I dropped him in the middle of the hallway just for affect of humiliation. "Anyone mind getting the nurse?" I looked around a moment. "He and his friend are going to need some help."

"Mr. Gabbiani…" Well I knew that voice, the principal addressed me. "A fight on the first day?" I swallowed hard with a sheepish grin.

"They started it." I stated as I slowly turned to him.

"In my office." He glared at me.

"Yes, Sir." I said slowly, god I got no luck.

Whispers and murmurs were herd as I followed the principle. Well, this is how my first few minutes of school went. This is how it all started, my new path in life started with this one incident. So welcome to the city of Lost Memories, where my life is turned from a normally upstanding student, to some unlikely hero.


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