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Rose of the Vampire

Novel By: Charles Mausolf

Thorn in the side? Kane is just that to his Council, especially when he brakes one of there highest rules. Never turn a human without consent. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

edited / rehashed 04/03/12

I was not happy with my first mission. Somewhere in Wisconsin, in some back water hick town. Truthfully it's not all that back water, but I'm use to large cities, and not all this fresh air. What a guy would do for smoggy air, I thought. At the moment I am to observe the town from a distance, so I have been held up in a cabin a few miles outside of it. My job is commonly known as 'Kin Slayer'. Kin Slayers are pretty much what it sounds like, someone who assassinates there own kind. In my case, other Vampires, though this is my first mission this is not what actually puts blood in my glass. This is just a form of punishment for being a bit of a black sheep.

So as I was saying, it had been reported that a large number of people have gone missing, and reports of people walking the streets at night in a drunkenly fashion. It's probably nothing but apparently the Council wants me to start off slow, or die of boredom.

Taking the rented jeep and driving to the outskirts of the town, I took up position by a tree where I could get a good vantage point. I had my long black hair pulled back into a tail as my bangs threatened to hide my vision. Crouching down to see under some limbs of the tree, in turn getting a knee wet from resent rains. The town was quiet as I took a glance at the crescent moon. It was close to 11pm when I spotted the first movements in the town streets.

The night was chilly as I looked at the slow moving figures. From my point I could see at least eight, I figured there were more. Needing a closer look to confirm, I shrugged on my black duster over my black jeans and t-shirt. My boots slid on the muddy ground as I walked down the hill towards town. One last check of my guns, under my arms, and ample ammunition just incase.

The 'threat', I figured would be small, if they were lesser vampires. Basic ammunition would do fine in dispatching them, probably some vampire accidentally let one of his feed a little less living then they thought. Lesser vampires are weak, close to mindless dolls seeking blood out of instinct. Though, they can also be controlled by mid to high level vampires as well. The way they moved I guessed it was not the case. An easy task of eliminate the infestation and the town could go back to there normal, sleepy lives.

Upon entering the town I found myself in someone's backyard, after jumping some wire fencing. The lights were out in the two story house made of a grayish brick. I found my way to the street via an unlocked gate to the side. I saw a lesser standing under a light post looking up at the dull light. Lesser had many odd tendencies to seek what they had in life, light sources that didn't harm them was one. Some have even been known to seek out artifacts or people they knew in there time of life.

I read a file once on a lesser that rose and actually protected a passed loved one. They are complicated creatures. I feel sorry for them, lesser are nothing more then partially turned vampires. There souls didn't fully transform before the body could fully adapt. So now they seek blood to feed them selves, to on some level of there conscience to complete the transformation. However that could take years of nightly feeding to gather proper amount of aura, and they never will be a true vampire, they would just become ghouls. Intelligent, but not vampire or human, but still with the curse on them.

The lesser slowly tilted his head towards me as I watched him. His face was sunk in and pale, probably hasn't fed in sometime. He walked towards me going off his instincts to feed. Pulling out a side arm, firing, I caught him between the eyes. He fell limp as the slug pierced his head splattering brain matter around. I watched as his body went up in flames, his knees hit the ground, falling face first, leaving behind only ash, some meager remains of burnt flesh and bone. Having the partially turned soul ripped out of a lesser like, that will do that, I guess.

One down.

Leaving the ashes behind I walked in the dark to search for the next one. It was going to be a long hunt tonight at this rate. After taking down several of the lesser, I had not found anymore. However I had fired several shots in the process, and yet I had not even seen one person, not even a light turn on in a house. I had a bad feeling that there was more going on. The town seemed dead, and though I had smelt the sent of corpses it was getting stronger as I made my way further into town.

My concerns were warranted as I found myself in front of a church, it looked to be a more modern style of design. I saw flashlights in the distance as I looked down the street.


It got worse as I looked down the street behind me. Yeah... more.

Crap, crap.

And then turned down the street I came down, and yes… you got it. More.

I think we are up to three 'craps' now?

The town was being controlled, they're alive, I can sense there heart beats steadily, it was like listening to a calando of small drums. I had not noticed before this, rooky mistake not too search first. My first mission and I'm cocky enough to think this was going to be easy.

Nice one, Kane.

A tad late to kick myself for jumping in here with such a gung-ho plan. But no fun if I did the stealth thing... right? I backed towards the church as the crowds made there way to me. They stopped a short distance from me not speaking, just stared with there glazed over eyes. We stood like that for a few moments, Looking over the crowds I felt a bit setup. I felt my heart race not sure if I should start open firing on them, or try and make a brake for it. Several very uncomfortable situations entered my mind before a girl of about 18 or 19 years of age walked over to me.

She was beautiful as she stood before me in a white cotton nightgown. Her short blond hair, blue eyes looking into my, red rings. I was fairly tall at six foot two, she stood a good head less then me, perfect, blemish free face I just wanted to reach out and touch. She reached a hand out, and I felt drawn to take it. I felt a shock go through me as her cold hands took mine, I just wanted to pull her into me, I fought the urge off despite how much I didn't want too. I mention she was cute? Well, she is. Leading, she gently pulled me to the entrance of the church. We stepped inside as the doors opened silently. It was dark, I had to adjust my sight to see clearly, I can see fine in the dark, but the outside lamps… takes time to adjust.

"Greetings, and blessed be my child." The voice came from a man dressed in a pastor's outfit, near a large wooden alter set with a cup and some thin bladed knives. Near balding the man turned towards me with an open smile as to show his fangs. His voice was like slime that poured down my back, the kind alter boys run from.

Undead vampire, at least a mid level. He controlled the entire town, though not hard to control the mind of a human, assuming you have said ability, he had to be an older vampire to control so many, so maybe not so mid level, definitely a rare gift to have.

"Welcome to my church. Please, have a seat and join us in our sacrifice." The man gestured for the girl. Without hesitation she moved from my side letting her hand fall from my own. Several people sitting in the pews of the church stood. All lesser, I could see they all had been recently, and only partially turned.

Oh, goody, more lesser.

They stood looking at me. I said nothing as the girl made her way to him past the pews, her soft steps even as her nightshirt flapped with every step. My vision flicked about and the stain glass windows as I took a few steps after her. I could have stopped her but she would have just fought me. At the moment, considering I was outnumbered, best to watch. The girl walked down the walkway, ascending the few steps to the undead by the alter. He took her in his arms smelling her sent. Watching, he released her from the mind spell he had her under. For a moment she fell limp, surprised, she looked on in horror at the sight of the lanky undead priest. I flinched as she screamed and tried to breakaway from his grip. She had no chance to get away unless he wanted her too.

Looking to me he gave a smile enjoying the girl's new found fear. "Feed with us." He offered to me. "Look at her. Look at her fear, it smells delightful."

"Let her go." I said flatly, narrowing my eyes.

His face twisted in anger, or curiosity. "You dare turn down my offer?" With a smirk of his twisted face, the lesser slowly filed out of the pews. With that I pulled out one of my weapons firing aiming for the undeads' head. Wouldn't kill him but would definitely slow him down enough for me to finish him off.

He simply turned his head as the round simply passed by him.

Damn he was fast!

Drawing on my other gun I opened fire not hesitating to take them out as they converged on me. I backed up towards the door to keep the distance. With a still armed hand I locked the church to slow any incomers. Going back I let loose everything I had as I watched them go up in flame and ash.

Empting the last of my rounds, I could not load quickly enough. I sent a quick kick to the first one that reached me sending him back into his once friends, family, or neighbors. Letting the clips drop to the floor and discarding one gun, I elbowed another in the head as I reached for another clip. Loading with a quick click of the slide I once more went on the attack. With a church full of undead, even lesser, numbers mean a lot.

The group of lesser grab me, forcing me to the ground with all there wait. That damned priest laughed as the lesser held me down, forcing me too look in the direction of the priest and young girl.

"You should have taken me up on my offer young one. Now watch as I drain this girl of her life's blood." He licked his fangs as if to use his saliva to make penetration of his teeth that much easier into her neck.

I struggled as I watched the priest run a hand through the girl's hair, her eyes wide with fear. She cried out for him to stop, her tears falling on deaf ears. He picked the girl up with ease as she fought him with all she had, thrusting kicks at him and trying to bite at his hands, to no avail.

Calming down rather abruptly, she was laid down on the table, from what I could tell she was getting aroused. Pheromones, he was dousing her with pheromones. An over dose of it at that. My normal calm self was getting enraged at the display of power. It was a game to him, it wasn't even about the girl. Just plane and simple fun watching me as I struggled.

I have no idea why I was agitated.

"Kane of the House Aten, and your Court is Aegis, correct?" He said with such delight at my shock.

"How does a low blood such as you know of me?" I could feel my fangs pinch my cheek as I clenched them too hard. This undead vampire knew who the hell I was at first glance.

"I know a many of things, boy. I know that you are the pride of the vampire race. One of the few chosen by fate to hold the Red Moon Blessing. However, I know that you are unlike any other Red Moon, you are different. You lack the respect of the Blood Council." His smile widened as he picked up a knife. Holding one of the girl's hands he thrust it down pinning it to the table. She screamed in such pain, or pleasure. My blood pressure rose, I could sense my own heart beat like a drum.

I hated this poor excuse for a vampire. I want him dead.

"I was hoping I would not have to kill you. We are so alike you and I. Doing as we please. Take what we want, no one getting in our way. Join me and have whatever you want." Pulling the girls feet flat with her knees pointed to the air, he put another knife in her feet to hold them. Another scream, my ears hurt with every one, like someone was taking a bat to my head.

I could see her, her physical body confused by sensation of pain mistaken for pleasure. With the overload of pheromones her mind would not last long. There must be something I could do. Pushing back with all I had, they just pilled on me more.

The priest took a third knife, and stabbed it through her torso to the hilt. Her chest wanted to rise at the pain/pleasure but the imbedded knife held her tight. Her white nightgown slowly drenching in her own blood, dyeing it in a deep red.

He was going to pay. Pay with his undead soul!

I snarled at him fuming with hate. As my mind started too flood with a feeling of pure blackness, as my body was going numb.

He gave me a side glance. "Queries. Do you care for human life? What a waste." A fourth knife he held up high. "Time to be blessed, for the blood. To bad it's not the Lords, but hers will do fine for now."

The sick fuck!

Slowly he walked around the table to the girl's free hand. She was too weak to fight him off, the blood loss starting to get to her. Taking the cup the priest cut her arm long ways, taking great care to hit the artery. Her blood came quick, draining into the cup to its brim.

He took a sip. "Hmm… An actual virgin? Didn't think there were many left in this world at her age. This is a treat, perhaps I should have tasted her first. This was such a waste."

I couldn't take it. This bastard was going to die tonight. Humans were cattle to be butchered to him. My vision was blurring as more pressure was applied to my back, it was hard to breath. Seething hate and malice was keeping me from passing out.

Then I felt it. A calm, a subtle understanding, of what I am not sure. Channeling this surge of feelings, I found the strength to push back. The lesser were not strong enough to hold me down anymore. I fought back as I rose from under there grip. They slammed at my back with there fist, there teeth dug into my sides, and arms. One plunged into my neck, but I felt no pain. Swiveling my knee up I got a foot under me as I grabbed one of there heads crushing it. He went up faster then a campfire doused with kerosene.

With one last push the ten or so lesser flew off me into near by walls and pews. Such power I felt derived from someplace dark within me. It swelled and pulsed inside me fighting to get out as my body felt hot, almost ready to burn me up where I stood.

The priest looked unconcerned as I got up. "Well…." He finished the cup. "This is interesting."

Stalking down the walkway of the church, windows breaking out, lesser that lunged at me turned to ash as I past. It felt great as this power flowed out uncontrolled as it leaped from every pour of my body. "You are an abomination. A parasite that feeds on the weak."

"Parasite? All things are parasites. We feed off the blood of humans. Humans feed off of animals and plants. Animals feed off of other living things. This world is a parasite that feeds off one another, my boy." He licked the rim of the cup. "You, are a parasite."

I scoffed. "Perhaps." I was in no mood for a philosophical debate. Feeling the power rise I took to a sprint, things slowed down for me. The pews past what seemed like forever. I could see the windows as they cracked slowly and shattered outward. The undead vampire looked unmoving as I approached. Was this another of his powers, it was like my brain could not keep up with my body.

After a moment of pushing myself through this, best way to say it, fog, I thrust my hand out for his head. He had only moved a few inches since I had entered this state. Grabbing his head I put all my strength into it. One touch from him and I dropped from the 'slow motion'. He stood in shock as one eye looked past my hand.

"H-how… did you move so fast!?" He stammered, that took me by surprise. But I would deal with the questions later. I crushed his skull with my bear hand as I plunged my other through his heart, the brain matter I could feel on my finger tips. It was like squeezing jelly, not pleasant. His body went up in flames threatening to burn me in the process.

Hyperventilating I held part of the fully dead vampires crushed scull in my hand. No vampire can live through having there skull, and heart crushed. I was shook to my core at what I had done. Not the killing, I mean that I liked, he disserved it, but the power I felt. Looking down the hall to see the lesser in piles of ash and steaming flesh. I had not simply thrown them off me, I ripped them apart without ever touching them, as I could see body parts burning, a leg here an arm there.

She gasped, she was still alive? Hand shaking I wiped it clean on my duster. I hated that sent of ash on me.

The girl looked at me pained, she looked grateful but seemed to know her coming fate. I pulled the knives out of her hand and feet. Her legs fell bent over the edge of the alter as she moaned. She should not have to die, but if I pulled the one out of her torso too soon, she would die the instant I did. My heart pounded at my chest at the thought. The feeling of a human dieing shouldn't bother me this much. There were millions of them, why does this one death seem to bother me. I want to convince myself it's just adrenalin, but it was more then that. It was painful to watch her lie her like this.

"Do you want to live?" I asked, was making a mistake with this. This was against the rules.

She nodded with tears in her eyes. I could tell she was in pain. The pheromones probably wore off with him dead.

"I don't want to die."

That voice, it hurt. It hurt me to hear her say those words in such pain. "What is your name?"

She chocked on her own blood. "Sara."

Sara, I like it, it was different. "Sara, do you want to live? I can give you a chance at life."

She nodded, but she was confused at my words.

"If I save you, your life will never be the same. The next few months if not more will be hard." Hard was an understatement.

"Please." She spat up blood all over her face, I watched the deep red liquid slowly dye her blond hair. "Please…" Sara urged me on.

Something told me to stop, something ells told me to forge ahead. The Council would be upset, and may even want me to end her life. Well, we can't have it ending one way or the other. "You will need to drink my blood. Can you do that?"

"What do you mean?" Sara's eyes rolled back in her head for a moment dealing with the pain.

"Drink my blood. To save you, we must be linked temporarily for the 'Turn'." Linking is simple task for any vampire, other then a lesser. Drinking of the blood and using it as a path to share a small part of ones aura, is the easiest way to create a link. Even the undead vampires have an aura radiated by there dead soul. However any links brought during the life of a vampire expire once they become undead, and must be re-linked with the new aura. Before then though the undead can detect there old aura when they were alive.

"Drink and you will share my gifts, you will heal in time. Only if you drink though." My heart raced as I ran my wrist along one of my fangs letting the blood slowly drip from the new wound. I forced my aura to gather around the opened flesh for the aura link.

Bring my wrist to her wound in her chest I let my blood mix with hers'. Sara was fading. I pulled the knife from her belly lifting her to sit up. She had to drink of her own will, and directly from the cut. The few drips were so she would not to die as I pulled out the dagger, she at best had a few seconds before her heart stopped. Slowly she began too suck on my arm taking in my aura, it filled her mouth as she began to share my power. I could feel the pull, it was sickening, and I wanted to throw up. If she was too survive though I had to endure, so I forced every bit of aura I had to give.

The more she drank, the more she wanted. It was going to take sometime after this for me to recover. She was taking a lot of my aura, as well as this new aura I just unleashed that I could still feel linger in my veins. I could see it as its black milky color mixed with mine. Fiercely she grabbed my arm and drank it all in. I was not expecting that and I wavered a moment before she stopped, throwing back her head in bliss. Sara took a large amount of blood from me, as well as aura. Not a pleasant feeling of vertigo. I fell beside the alter turning my back to it leaning up against it. Passing shortly as my remaining aura evened out, I got to my feet.

Her wounds I could see were starting to repair themselves. For her first drink she was healing faster then any I had seen, let alone heard prier at this stage.

She said nothing as her eyes fell on me, confused I assumed, on what happened. I took my duster off and wrapped it around her carrying her out. Grabbing some nice satin cloth to help clean her off, I dipped it in the holly water as I made my way out. At the steps of the church I looked at the people, they all had passed out. I wondered how hard the priest had pushed them, they could have been awake for days. Sitting down on the steps leading to the street, I started to clean her face of blood, before my sight went lazily to the collapsed town's people.

This, I was going to need help with.


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