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Trials of Time

Novel By: Charles Mausolf

Time travel? Well it's a law not to do it. Research? Don't think about it.

It started two wars, but will a third war start or will a battle across time begin? View table of contents...


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Time travel, people mock the idea of its possibility. Others embrace it. For whatever you believe though this is how our story begins. A man named Thadius Burtaldo found a way to time travel. He was a scientist that was looked down on for his research for many of years. Until one day he proved his findings. He showed these findings to his city government, but was betrayed.

It is believed that the information of his work, and success spread quickly among crime lords and corrupt politicians. Over the course of several months the city tried to contain the information leaks, to no avail. This brought Thadius many problems, research was stolen, death threats hidden behind opportunities. Bribes came from large companies wanting to further the research. Once word got out his friends one by one turned there backs on him.

His pregnant wife was scared for him, his attitude was changing. Nervous and short tempered, he was always looking over his shoulder. He had full right to be, letters from all over the world asked him to destroy the work and never speak of it. Had several attempts on his life, people recognized him on the streets and ridiculed him. They called him a heretic, and a lire out for fame. Several times he came home beaten and spat on.

This continued for many weeks, but it was not all bad he had the child, and for sometime he thought things would pick up. The world would forget about what he did and live a normal life. That was not to be. One faithful night they say, one of the attempts succeeded. However it took the life of not only him, but his wife and child. The city reports stated they never retrieved the bodies.

Once the word of his death came out, hell broke loose. Thadius may have been gone, but that left a hole. It was a race to get the research and all his equipment. Things stared out fairly small, crime lords took sneak attacks during transporting of his research that was to be locked away. Most of them were successful. This caused more problems then anyone could have imagined.

For a long time the fight was kept to the streets. Local authorities had to deal with the problem. But soon other city's that were less friendly, made deals with the criminals. They worked together to get what was now broken research. The raids split it up. Now no one had a full copy of the research, only small peaces and some of the equipment. Among those that did not have anything to do with this eventually dubbed this the "Broken Key of Time".

The city's after talks that failed several times finally took up sides. Each city made there alliances and now was a full scale war. Two different agendas, one wanted to use it, the other destroy it. This war lasted for many years, cities where destroyed, history lost forever. Families torn apart and friendships broke down. Hundreds of cities were lost, and millions of lives ruined.

Eventually after no side gaining head way for long, talks started once more. An agreement finally came to pass. Peace was restored, so ended the "First War of Time". But the problem of time still remained. During the war was a group called the Warriors. This was an elite team made of Enchanters that would hunt down the Broken Key of Time.

Now you're asking what an Enchanter is. People as far back as written history remembers has always had people who held powers. There are two main types, the Enchanter, and the Augmenter. Together they are known as Alchemists.

Enchanters have held remarkable talents in controlling different aspects of life, like the elements. Wind, fire, water, earth, ice, and electricity were the main gifts seen in people. However there where other gifts, more rare ones not seen as often. But the enchanter always held great potential to do mass destruction. Thus the favored out of the Alchemists.

Augmenters on the other hand did not hold such abilities. There powers were limited, so much to the point people thought of it as a waste. They could not generate large amount of power, as well had no use in combat or in any other area. For many a year's people tried to find a use for them. But there skills lied in changing existing matters around them. However there ability to do so was limited. Take gold, people tried to use the power to change other materials into gold. Shortly after though it would return to its original form. Now less precious metals would hold, but it was easier to mine the materials. One Augmenter could probably change only a few square inches a day. After so long of working they gave up on the Augmenter.

Now after the war, the Warriors continued to search out the Broken Keys of Time. Eventually they became a large scale organization of people that freelanced in the hunting of such things. They would take jobs and be rewarded for there successes. Even none Alchemists got into the game to make a living. In the end they were nothing more then bounty hunters.

Despite all the precautions a second war broke out as several cities were said to be once more looking for the Broken Key. It started and ended much the same way as the first war. The Warriors were reestablished as the official force to hunt down the Broken Key. Cities took sides, many were killed in the three year war. However, this time the warriors were fully disbanded at the end do to corruption within the ranks. Each city was left to there own devices to hunt down criminals who broke a world wide law of no time research. Bounty hunters became the tool to find and hunt them down.

Several years after the second War of Time is where our story begins.


Last Recording

My name is Thadeus Bertaldo. This is the last video log I will be doing. After today I will be dead. I leave this behind to tell my story for anyone that will listen. Right now there are armed guards and Enchanters outside this room about to break in here to kill me. So I will make this as quick as I can.

For years I worked for a company that dealt in and developed theoretic technology. I was head of a division that was working on transport technology. We had little funding but we got by on what was given. With in the last few months we were able to transport small objects short distances.

It was a time to celebrate. We made the world's first transporter. Granted it would be years before it could go any real distance, but it doesn't matter. This meant I could get the funding I needed to improve the device. More funding meant better living for my family as well. It truly was the best time of my life.

Fate is cruel however. There was an accident one day, a power serge fried the machines. The transport however was successful, just not as we planed. We sent a small glass cube through the machine, but it didn't show up till the next day during repairs. At first we thought it was just stuck in the buffers, but the buffers were empty before we started repairs. We thought at first it was a malfunction in the computers. However after studying the data we found that the cub had the wrong atomic time. It was slower then our current time.

It took us about a week to reset the conditions of the power serge. We sent an electronic clock this time. When it came back it showed a time difference of about 26 hours. At the time we thought we came across something that would change the world for the better. So our sights changed to perfecting the system that we accidentally stumbled on.

Looking back now we should have forgotten it. Let it be. Our curiosity got to us, I guess. So we developed systems, and programs to control the time wormhole, if you will. Say the least we perfected the system, and announced are findings to our company. Make a long story short, corruption followed. After a time I was hunted for this knowledge. Currently there are people from another company here for me. They killed my family and now are after me. I have about two minutes before there Enchanters get in the door. Funny, how things turn out.

That was the last thing said as the picture cut out. No one is sure what happened to Thadeus, his body was never recovered. Some people think he escaped and to this day is in hiding. Others think he is dead, some believe that he went to a different time. In the end it does not matter, what he left behind nearly destroyed the world.


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