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As the crow flies

Novel By: Charlie Gibbs

Private investigator Annie Pendle always knew she was different. After all her mother was a witchangel and her father a demon. So when Shaun McAllister asked her to find his wife, a wife who by all intents and purposes didn't exist. She knew she'd have to draw on all her powers to succeed. View table of contents...



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As the crow flies

chapter one

It is said crows fly straight to their destination taking the shortest distance between two places. People on the other hand like to take detours, they veer off into the unknown sometimes never knowing where they are going. Then there are those who come into your life and are there forever, but it's the ones who just stay a while and then leave who have more of an impact.

Annie got out of her car and looked across the moor. She loved this place, it had been her home for the past twenty five years and she couldn't think of anywhere else she'd rather be.

Things had changed in the last few months though, revelations was such a good word to use. The finding out that her mother was a Witchangel and her father a Demon had shook her up quite a lot. She'd known that Wendy wasn't her real mother from a young age and had steeled herself for the truth, but this was bigger than she ever could have imagined.

Seven women had gone missing in the past year and Annie had followed the story closely, most of all because one of the missing was her best friend Zoe. Her career as a police officer had come to an abrupt end even before she could start when she put three of her colleagues in hospital and upset her boss. She retrained as a private investigator and the jobs came in, not thick and fast as she'd hoped but steady. Lost cats and cheating husbands paid the bills and everything seemed to be going well until Wendy told her the truth about her parentage and who she was in the world.

"No wonder I'm so bloody strong" she squealed "men run away, am I a freak?"

Wendy reassured her that she was far from being a freak in fact she was revered by the local witches who had a burning especially for her.

"Now that does freak me out" she laughed "where are these witches?"

"Right here" answered Wendy "I'm head of the coven"

"Wendy the witch" she laughed, but Wendy didn't find it funny, her real daughter Zoe was still missing with no leads even from the highest power.

At birth Zoe had to be forfeited to make way for Annie, it was Wendy's destiny to bring up the daughter of Isla Blake and Timur Le roy but her own child had to be raised by others and now she was one of the seven. Wendy had to keep the secret from Annie until the time came when her powers would be strong enough to fight the Witchfinder, who was most definitely making his way back into the lives of the coven.

In her new career Annie Pendle came across some of the hardest villains you'd never wish to meet, to her though they were contacts, much to the annoyance of her ex boss Colin Hare. He ran his department with an iron fist, everything was by the book and if you did something wrong you paid for it. Annie on the other hand needed to keep on the wrong side of the law to actually get a result.

Blonde and tall she knew how to work it, she made sure she dressed for each occasion and when a certain local businessman Shaun McAllister asked for her help she knew exactly the man he was. His wife was in a rest home after having a breakdown, it was rumoured they'd had a seance that had gone disastrously wrong and she was now haunted by visions although living in an old manor house in the middle of nowhere probably didn't help

She pulled up outside the huge gates and rang the bell, the iron clanked as it slowly opened to reveal a dark crumbling building, she drove around the fountain that barred the way to the oak door. As she got out of the car she couldn't keep her eyes off the fountain, four elephants danced as if in some disney film their trunks positioned as if to pour water on a poor unsuspecting visitor at any minute.

The door opened and a small man stood in the porch, a tortoiseshell cat peeped its head out then thought better of it.

"Miss Pendle" he called to her.

"Please call me Annie" she walked slowly towards him her long legs making the journey quicker than she wanted.

They went inside and he had a pot of coffee ready, Annie noticed the damp smell and how dark it was inside as it was out. They sat in the study surrounded by papers, Shaun was a local who had his money invested in many schemes that kept paying off, he was like midas and he wasn't scared of taking a risk. Which is why Annie was intrigued by his request.

"I need you to find my wife" he asked rather embarrassed.

"She's in the nutho... rest home isn't she?" Annie tried to hide her red face by looking out of the window, the tortoiseshell cat was sat at the ledge, she put her paws up to the glass as if she could see something no one else could.

Shaun cleared his throat.

"Yes Perdy is resting but I mean, oh how the hell do I put this, apparently I had a wife before her, the medium told me she's still alive but I don't remember her, do you understand?"

If Shaun had sat her down and told her this a few months ago then she would have laughed in his face, but not now.

"Her name was Caitlyn and we were married when we were eighteen, I inherited this house and money from an uncle I never knew I had and we lived here" he shrugged his shoulders and waited for her reply.

Annie tried to ask the usual questions but this case was too unusual, she asked to look around the house and he took her on a tour, the cat followed.

"That's Tequila, I've had her forever and she seems to respond to me more when I mention Caitlyn, she must remember her cos I certainly don't".

Annie said she'd take the case but how she'd proceed she didn't have a clue, time to call up a few old friends she thought 'I wonder if Bruce Willis is sober?'.





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