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Captured Innocence

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine

Invited by the head master of a school Delilah thought she would only be lucky to get into, she soon realizes that the school isn't so lucky. In fact, she's sure she's walked straight into hell.
Students are treated like slaves by other students. Treated like dogs. And her welcome is not one she would have ever expected.
Delilah soon finds herself struggling to get out of a place she had so easily walked right into. Even after calling the police, she finds there is little hope of ever leaving.
And her worst fear is not only that she'll be enslaved and treated like a dog for the rest of her life, but that she may not have much of her life left.
The only thing she knows is that Shane Jacobs is to blame. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 23, 2010    Reads: 277    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

This wasn't right. She should be dead. Delilah was awake, and she expected to see Shane when she opened her eyes. She expected to find that he had saved her after all. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. She felt a hand stroke her cheek, it was warm. "Ah, you're awake." a soft voice murmured. "You've been sleeping for a while now."

The voice wasn't right, and neither was the touch. What was wrong with Shane? Why didn't he feel right? What was wrong with his voice? "You're still alive, Delilah. I saved you. You're going to be okay. You're one of us now, and you're mine."

She forced her eyes open, gasped. She sat up quickly, didn't feel a head rush like she should have. "What are you-"

"Hush. Take a moment to get used to it. Your head and the knife wounds have all been healed up nicely. You're never going to be hurt again. You're indestructible now."
She placed her hand to her stomach, no blood like she remembered. "Why did you save me?" she whispered.

Charles smiled at her, leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers briefly. "Shane wasn't going to save you."

"But I'm not your-"
"It doesn't matter. You know what happened to my innocence. She left me. You'll never satisfy me like she did, but you will satisfy." he smiled so gently, she felt safe for the first time in a long time, really safe.

"Where am I?" she whispered. "Where is Shane?"

"You're at my new home. Shane has no idea about it. Not that he would care. I came back and found you bleeding, Shane was intent on letting you die. But I couldn't just let a pretty thing like you go to waste now could I? He thinks I took you away to dispose of your body. Oh, if only he could see you now." Charles murmured, ran his hands down her sides. "So beautiful and healthy." he leaned forward again, this time pressing his lips against her neck then the top of her breast. "It's too late for him now."

"He doesn't care about me." She whispered. "He was going to let me die."

"Yes, he was." Charles replied.

None of it was true, he thought. Shane wasn't going to let her die. It didn't take him long to decide he was going to change her. Charles was lucky to get her first before he came back. Shane would never know what happened to his precious Delilah. Charles had done an extraordinary job of covering up his tracks. He'd been waiting for this day for a long time after all. Waiting for Shane to find his innocence, pretending to despise her, waiting for him to slip up so he could take her and make her his own in the name of revenge.

It had been Shane's fault that Clara left Charles. And he vowed not to let the fault go unpunished. Finally, Shane would suffer like Charles did for all those years, he would pay for driving Clara away from him. He'd lost his oh so precious Delilah. Charles had made her his.

He would take her into his bedroom every night and go to work everyday, watching Shane sulk and know that he held his innocence in his arms. Shane would be oblivious, still think that Charles was his loyal friend. That was the best part.

Shane was finally getting what he deserved. Charles found it impossibly hard not to tell anyone of his genius revenge. He crawled over Delilah, feeling all of those years he deprived himself of sex, so he could focus on making sure Shane paid. Now he could finally release himself-

"No." Delilah replied. "No, I can't. It's too much right now. Please, understand."
Charles wanted nothing more than to rip her throat out. Didn't she know anything about men? Hadn't she learned anything from Shane? He felt so frustrated, because he had to play good guy. She would try to escape if he showed his true feelings. She had already nearly killed him.

"Of course." he whispered back, forcing himself to smile sweetly. "I should go anyway, I have to work. We don't want Shane knowing you're alive, what if he tries to kill you?"

She nodded. "Okay."

He kissed her cheek. "I'll see you tonight."

Then he was gone, just like Shane used to do... Shane!

"No!" she screamed. "Get away!"

Shane came toward her, a dark look set on his face. "I'll kill that sonofabitch." he growled. He grabbed Delilah's arms, jerked her off the bed.

"Stop! Please!"

"Not a chance. I will not let him touch you again." Shane hissed. "You are mine."

She jerked her arm away, actually able to free herself. But she pushed aside the new found interest in her strength and glared at him. "I don't want you! And I want him to touch me! He saved me, he cares about me! I understand that you made your choice, but be a man and stick with it Shane. You're just mad because he has me and you don't. You just have to have everything to yourself don't you?"

Shane glowered at her. "He tricked me."

"You were going to let me bleed to death. What do you care?" she shouted.

"I was going to save you. That bastard got to you first. I cannot believe he made me believe he was my friend."

"I think you're a child Shane. Even if you don't want it then still no one else can have it. Grow up."

Shane shook his head. "Charles didn't tell you that he believes I drove away his innocence. The only reason he saved you was to get revenge on me."

"At least he saved me." she whispered. "I don't want you anymore Shane. I want him."

"You do not love me anymore then?" he questioned.

She shifted from one foot to another for a moment. "No." she finally replied.

Shane was in front of her, pulling her chin up. "You're lying."

"I want him." she repeated. "I'm not lying about that."

"It is the bond he's made Delilah. You only think you want him. If he has created a bond between him and you, and you still love me, then it is obvious we belong together. Charles does not care about you Delilah."

"He's never hurt me either. He didn't try to force me to sleep with him did he?" she pointed out.

"Only so you wouldn't try to run away. He is lying to you, Delilah."

She jerked her face from his grip. "You lied to me, so what?"
"I never lied to you. I kept things from you, refused to tell you some things, but I never lied."

"I'm staying here-" Suddenly Shane's teeth, all thirty-two of them, were pressing into the skin on her neck. She cried out, tried to shove him away as the poison slid into her veins, making them painfully ice cold.

"Shane." she breathed, loosing her ability to stand. He wrapped his hands around her waist, keeping her standing so he could press his teeth even deeper, filling her body faster. She felt faint, and eventually, she blacked out. Shane seemed to always be responsible for her fainting since she walked right into hell.

"Shane! Shane!" Delilah screamed. "Help me!" she sobbed.

Shane was kneeling by her, holding her hand. He hadn't predicted this. Delilah had a bond to two masters now. He was doing his best to weaken the bond between her and Charles, and slowly he was accomplishing that task. Delilah, though, was suffering greatly.

Being taken away from Charles was driving her mad. Shane kissed her gently. "It's alright Delilah, I'm here."

Tears streamed down her face. "I need him, Shane. Please."

"I can't, he's dangerous. It will pass soon." he promised, wiping away the tears.

"Please." the look in her eyes was a broken one, made his heart hurt.


She rolled over and sobbed. "It hurts."

"It will be over soon." he whispered, tucking her sweaty hair behind her ear. She would only sit and cry now, wouldn't move much more. Shane tucked his face into her neck,kissed it softly. "I promise."

"You shouldn't have done this." she whimpered. "You made a mistake. I belong with him. I want to be with him Shane."

"You do not want to be with me?" he asked, thinking now that maybe it was too late, he'd never tried redirecting a bond before. There had never been a reason to.

She pulled his face back, stroked it softly. "I need you both. I want him more though, I need him more."

Shane swallowed back the hurt. "I will break the bond soon. You will not need him anymore-"
"I don't want you to break the bond!" she cried. "I just want him. Take me back Shane. Take me back."

"I cannot do that." he breathed. "I cannot be without you."

"You have to." she whimpered. "Take me back to Charles, he's the one I want."

Author's Note:

This chappy is a little on the short side, first off. Sorry about that. I may rewrite it later. But this is what I got for this chappy, hope you all like it. BTW, things are about to get complicated, not that they aren't already, te he


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