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Captured Innocence

Novel By: Cherie Arlavine

Invited by the head master of a school Delilah thought she would only be lucky to get into, she soon realizes that the school isn't so lucky. In fact, she's sure she's walked straight into hell.
Students are treated like slaves by other students. Treated like dogs. And her welcome is not one she would have ever expected.
Delilah soon finds herself struggling to get out of a place she had so easily walked right into. Even after calling the police, she finds there is little hope of ever leaving.
And her worst fear is not only that she'll be enslaved and treated like a dog for the rest of her life, but that she may not have much of her life left.
The only thing she knows is that Shane Jacobs is to blame. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 30, 2010    Reads: 324    Comments: 11    Likes: 1   

Broken bonds felt strange, even saying the words. Delilah stared at her hands, turning them over again and again. They longed for something her brain could no longer understand. She was so confused, so distraught. What did they want? What could she give them?

She knew she was losing her mind. But that was beside the point. Shane had left her with icy veins again, and she no longer felt the need for Charles. At this point, it was like she was her old self. Stronger maybe, but herself. The bond between Charles and Shane had evened out.

And now, though she was a little on the crazy end of her rope, she felt like the human Delilah used to feel. Fear, yes, but the wanting to escape had returned. To go back to a normal life she once held, once took for granted without even knowing it could be. She'd had sweet parents, and a nice home. She'd always been thankful for that. That she'd never been taken off the side of the street by a wacko serial killer or some sort.

She'd always been thankful that those bad things had never happened to her. But this, she couldn't ever had been thankful for this not happening to her before. She had never known it could. And now that it had, she felt that it was partly her fault, for not knowing about it, and not being thankful that it hadn't happened when she had the chance.

She shook her head at her illogical guilt. She knew none of this was her fault, and maybe it wasn't even Shane's. It was that river wasn't it? It was whatever made her glow to Shane when he saw her. But what was it exactly that caused all of this? The river? Well, who made the river that way? Shane had been alive for a long time, and even he didn't even have the answer to that.

Though her two bonds were "evened out", or rather Shane's constant poison injections had broken Charles' bond., she felt a need for him. She was in love with him after all. She supposed she didn't hate him as much, after all that had happened and finding out that Shane had, indeed, intended on saving her. He really did love her. Her bond with Charles made her blind to that before, but she knew better now.

Now that she wasn't obsessing over the creep, and breaking Shane's heart by doing it, she again, wanted the bastard dead. She was going to end that rat's misery once and for all. The sonofabitch needed to die. Shane entered the room, a blanket in hand. She already had four on her bed. All white, as usual.

She looked up at him, pursed her lips. "Shane," she murmured.

He looked at her, waiting for her question.

"I don't know what I eat...if I do."

He grinned, leaned down and kissed her softly. "You eat food, Delilah. Just not as much as humans. You'll be hungry in a few days."

She nodded. "Are you going to keep biting me?"

He made a face. "I'm afraid I have to until the process is complete."

She rubbed her neck, sighed. "Alright."

"There is another way, Delilah. It's a bit easier. Less painful. I will have to bite you a few more times, but not nearly as much..."
"Just tell me Shane." she replied, eager for a way to be bitten less.

He smiled, crawled onto the bed, and kissed her. She kissed him back, surprised at the other solution to the problem. Kissing, it was that simple?

"No, not quite that simple, but part of it, yes." Shane replied.

She pulled back, looked at him with big, surprised eyes. "How did you-"
"We're bonded Delilah. I can feel what you're thinking."
"I'm not getting anything from you. Doesn't surprise me." she murmured jokingly.

Shane cocked an eyebrow. "You will, in time."

"So what exactly do you have to..." she realized she could already feel what he was thinking. She opened her mouth, closed it again. "Oh."

He grinned. "What's the matter Delilah?" he kissed her neck.

She huffed out a breath. "I'm not sure, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore." She kissed Shane.

He laid her down on the bed, "Are you ready Delilah?" he whispered.

She nodded. "Yes, I'm ready."

Charles stormed the house, breaking things, swearing in three different languages. Damn Shane, Damn him! He slammed a fist into the wall, making a hole. Then he knelt down, and sobbed. Revenge hadn't been the only reason for taking Delilah. Clara, she looked so much like his long lost Clara.

There were obvious differences of course, her lips weren't as full, her legs not quite as long. But she was so much like his Clara. And now she too was gone. He covered his face with his hands. Why did he deserve this? Why couldn't he be happy?

Shane had been alone for three thousand years. What did it matter if he went another few hundred years without someone?

"Charles." a soft voice summoned.

He jumped up, spun around, ready to attack his intruder. But then he saw the face, too much like his own memories, and had to conclude that he was losing his mind. Clara was dead, he was sure of it.

"I've gone insane." he murmured.

She shook her head, smiled. "No, you haven't. But you might if you do not keep your distance. You're traveling dangerous grounds, Charles."

"What are you-"

"I've come back to be with you. And to warn you. No, do not come to me." she said when he took a step toward her. "We will reunite when I finish. I've missed you Charles. But Alexander was impossible to kill for a long time. He's dead now."

Charles sighed. "You never told me he was behind your leaving."

"He would not allow me to tell you. If I had not gone with him he would have killed you. That is over now though. Stay away from Delilah Charles."

He blinked. "How do you know-"

"I know everything about Delilah. She's my child. I had her before I ever met you or Alexander. I was a teenager when I was pregnant and I gave her to a nice family when she was born. But I've always looked after her, always done my best to protect her. Never touch her again Charles, or I'll kill you myself."

He nodded. "I knew she looked so much like you." Forgetting her command to stay back, he ran forward and gathered her in his arms. "Clara, my Clara."

She kissed him softly. "Charles, I've missed you."
"Shane has her now. He has Delilah."

"She belongs with him. He'll take care of her."

"He hurts her. He nearly raped her-"

"She's fine, Charles. I would never let her be hurt by him. Trust me." she kissed him again. "My Charles." She hugged him close. "We can be together forever now."

Clara swallowed, and knew coming back meant she could get rid of Shane. It was hard enough to give her daughter up to another family, but she wasn't going to loose Delilah to Shane. If Shane completed the bond then she would loose her daughter to him forever. She just couldn't let that happen. She would pretend to be back for Charles, snooping while she could. Then after getting her daughter, she would kill Shane and Charles, then go back to her beloved Alexander.


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